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Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by siripatana


Surabaya is ...

Finding The Best Graphic Designer - Tips On Gettin, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

Finding The Best Graphic Designer - Tips On Gettin

A travel blog entry by avelinagunder

Writing unique content, and placing that content on your website, are some of the tricks that Internet Marketers learn early on when they begin this type of business. Although very important, the positioning of graphical elements on your website ...

Hash at Finna, Tretes, Indonesia travel blog

Hash at Finna

A travel blog entry by thedunckleys


Long, traffic-jammed journey to Finna on Saturday morning - but checked in (to another fantastic "cottage" similar to the one we stayed in before)and booked the grass court for some tennis in the afternoon. Then,down to the bar/restaurant for a light ...

day 9 New years eve, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

day 9 New years eve

A travel blog entry by leandglenn


... the fire works off.......I don't like this and it  worries me and it worries the animals and our cats however everyone in Surabaya and everyone in our street is setting them off so I/We just go with it. I am exhausted though, new medication and late ...

Adventure in Baluran National park Forest, Situbondo, east java, Indonesia travel blog

Adventure in Baluran National park Forest

A travel blog entry by jelajah


room for rent, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

room for rent

A travel blog entry by hertine_rusnani

Room for rent   For rent 5 big rooms all accomodated with: - AC - luxury furniture with springbed - bathrom and toilet inside - hot and cold water.   Location new house in a exclusive area: - CP ...

Shopping in Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

Shopping in Surabaya

A travel blog entry by erikj


... " Tunjungan Plaza " (for the ladies), and to refill on any depleted basics if needed. We have to say that the Novotel Surabaya was a nice surprise, with luxury bathroom, a large swimming pool and waterglide for the kids. The food served at their Jangalla ...

Train to Banyuwangi, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

Train to Banyuwangi

A travel blog entry by erikj


... a ride of 7 hours. The Mutiara Timur Pagi train is on time, and its EKSA class was less run-off than the Argo Willis to Surabaya. Loads of people were there, not to board the train, but to see the Indonesian pop-star Ane Asanti who was taking this train ...

Short Visit to Surabaya, Kupangindah, Indonesia travel blog

Short Visit to Surabaya

A travel blog entry by lily34


... my weekday.. Suddenly feel kinda bored with that day, and suddenly searching for ticket to fly out from Jakarta at weekend. Why i choose Surabaya? It is because i had a cousin living there and i am sure that i won't get lost at Surabaya, East Java. It ...

Arrived in Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

Arrived in Surabaya

A travel blog entry by minggaang

We planned to travel around the city as none of us had ever been here. So here we are, riding the becak, from one chemist to another trying to find the bug-who-twisted-her-knee a cure or temporary relief...... Got to find something to eat. And the ...

Liarrr, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jeuhjori


Nog steeds beviel het reizen in de 4vorm en dus zijn we met Martijn en Jessica doorgereisd (dit keer Executive class, airco en vrij draaiende bankjes, hoe leuk!) naar Surrabaya waar een collega van Martijn werkzaam is bij een Phillips vestiging. Ester ...

Train, Ferry, Bus, Bemo, Bali!!, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

Train, Ferry, Bus, Bemo, Bali!!

A travel blog entry by rvfdan


... get to Bali via Java I wouldn't recommend the train if your in a hurry , after a good nights sleep in the Mecure Surabaya its was a relatively early start 8.00 am and a short cab ride to Surabaya station to catch the 0900 Mutiara Timor Executive Express ...

Airport Stop Over, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

Airport Stop Over

A travel blog entry by brodieandalana

We got into Surabaya around 8pm and only using the city as a stop over between Denpasar and Ambon. We had a little trouble finding our hotel as google maps led us astray. Our taxi driver had to pull over and ask for directions, in what seemed ...

surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by kinanthi

2th di ...

mrs, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by arief_chiester

hello ...

Celine Dion in Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

Celine Dion in Surabaya

A travel blog entry by bekkeringpacker


... een jongen van zo’n jaar of twaalf die heel enthousiast, in gebrekkig Engels, maar nog altijd beter dan mijn Bahasa Indonesia, vraagt waar ik vandaan kom, me een kop koffie aanbiedt, zijn gitaar pakt en onder de heldere sterrenhemel een Indonesisch ...

And here we are..., Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

And here we are...

A travel blog entry by laulauandmont

... sort of demonstration! Anyway, we eventually made our way out & took a cab straight to our hotel. There's a lack of cheap accommodation in Surabaya so we decided to book a decent(ish) hotel for the one night we'll stay here so we can get a good nights ...

August 24/25 Back in Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

August 24/25 Back in Surabaya

A travel blog entry by eileen.tan


We spent these days with family, eating and eating. The four of us stayed in serviced apartments and were able to relax and go swimming. We went shopping at Tunjunggan Plaza, a mall, with my parents and cousins and some aunts and uncles. The four of us ...

Aug 20, 2004, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

Aug 20, 2004

A travel blog entry by tamam-packer


asrama telkom, Ketintang, Indonesia travel blog

asrama telkom

A travel blog entry by annomalay

asrama ...

Wisata Alamani Anyang Mangrove Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

Wisata Alamani Anyang Mangrove Surabaya

A travel blog entry by surabayojalan

kawasan Wisata Anyar Mangrove (WAM) surabaya. merupakan objek wisata yang masih tergolong baru ini berada di daerah Gunung Anyar surabaya, lokasi WAM kurang lebih sekitar 2 km arah timur kampus UPN Veteran, Lokasi wisata mangrove ini tidak jauh dari ...

EVACUATION, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by thedunckleys

Well, new experiences are what we wanted, and we certainly have had one today! We were evacuated last night from the apartment because the mother of all storms caused a river to materialize in the road and the basement car park and electrical ...

When in Java, do as the Javanese, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

When in Java, do as the Javanese

A travel blog entry by olindy3


... lab), I have never seen so much commotion caused by two dogs. Apparently, dogs are not a common animal to see in Indonesia, because there was a near stampede of screaming Muslim women, who cowered into a corner in alarm. Fortunately, they all could see ...

Surabaya Stopover, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

Surabaya Stopover

A travel blog entry by HardieK

... be more interested in the nearby island of Madura, where women have the reputation (among Indonesians) as the hottest in all Indonesia, and the men have the reputation as the meanest, maybe because they’re protecting their women.  There is ...

Shop & Eat!, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

Shop & Eat!

A travel blog entry by thefantastic


... colonial powers based their office and where the locals stormed in to tear the Dutch flag's blue part off to reflect the Indonesia flag. It was a terrific stay! Loving the whole colonial feel. Would have swam in we brought swimming costume. But overall ...

Nog 20 daagjes Suro in Boyo, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

Nog 20 daagjes Suro in Boyo

A travel blog entry by grace2011


... not 1459 km. Nog 2 weekjes en dan is het tabee tot de volgende keer. Ik heb genoten van mijn tijd in Indonesi'', vooral Surabaya, maar het leren kennen van familie is een ander verhaal.  Tegenwoordig is het hebben van familie niet zo erg belangrijk, ...

Tuan Tembakau, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

Tuan Tembakau

A travel blog entry by adrianizulivan


... kehidupan layak akibat wabah penyakit melanda negeri. Liem Seeng Tee, anak itu, kemudian ditipkan ke rumah kerabat di Indonesia. Ia bekerja serabutan hingga menikah. Perkenalannya pada tembakau dan industri rokok terjadi ketika ia menjadi buruh pabrik. ...

Visiting to Kota Kembang BANDUNG, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

Visiting to Kota Kembang BANDUNG

A travel blog entry by oky


... the workshop document management system in the telecom PDC 2009 bandung. My visit was the second time since 1994. departs from surabaya with executive class train Argo Wilis at 07.30 hours on Tuesday morning. expensive trains worth 205 thousand rupiah is ...

BALI TRIP, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by rintahanastuti


... lots of different words for "you" depending upon the relative status levels of the speaker and the listener. RELIGION While most of Indonesia is Muslim, Islam never got a strong hold on Bali. Bali was converted to Hindu back a little later than 1000 ...

My last days in Indo!, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

My last days in Indo!

A travel blog entry by lisannelee


... the farmers etc and the people who really work)! My last day in Indo consisted of me taking 3 buses and a taxi to get to Surabaya airport (it took 16 hours) and then spending the next 8 hours at the airport waiting for my flight, landing in KL for 9am ...

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