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In the Begining..., Bangalore, India travel blog

In the Begining...

A travel blog entry by adventurlandia


... is. When I traveled to Colombia, the streets were lined with graffiti and there was an air of revolution and grit. When arriving in Bangalore, there is a mess of color and people and commotion. Yes, it is alive. Yes, there is noise. Yes, there is just SO ...

Culture Shock - Bangalore, Bangalore, India travel blog

Culture Shock - Bangalore

A travel blog entry by caseygcrosbie


... in India.  For the last month, I had been existing on street food and navigating via Lonely Planet guidebook. But Bangalore is the capital of India's growing IT economy. Call your local phone company with a problem? It most likely will be picked up ...

Looking Back, Bangalore, India travel blog

Looking Back

A travel blog entry by sabtravels

I can safely say that this has been the most engrossing trip of my life so far. Before I set out on this journey, I knew I was in for something special - but like I've said earlier, nothing really prepares you for the raw beauty of this frontier ...

Bangalore, Bangalore, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by cvp123

... visited and one which u wish u never leave.. U have to stop me here...I have not talked abt the flavour of bangalore...Weather...Climate... whichever way u call... Its perfect.. If there is one reason I wud never want to leave this city... then its ...

Reflecting, Bangalore, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by bevin


... "purified" and want to do everything possible to maintain this state of being going forward.  One day and one night in Bangalore and I'm still grinning so it's good so far :).  Crazy good things happening...but I guess that's to be expected ...

Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore, Bangalore, India travel blog

Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore

A travel blog entry by dantheeducator


... but we are in something of a rush and we really can't afford to buy anything. Sorry." "Great carvings. Only availabe on Bangalore area. have a look." You get the idea with that. This continued for a while till we convinced him we were serious and he ...

The weekend is over, Bangalore, India travel blog

The weekend is over

A travel blog entry by jel2862

... the day. Well it is time to call it a night. It has been a long day but before I go I want to say my food tonight was agreeable to me. Removing the India seasoning worked so hopefully I will try this a few more days and then try adding them ...

BVAWT033 - VOBG, Bangalore, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by bva

VOBO - HAL Bangalore International ...

Bangalore, Bangalore, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by raquel_chiel

... halt at red lights and there are few beggars around. The place is full of Western brand shops at near European prices. Bangalore is India's IT-capital and business must be booming for people to be able to afford all this. According to one newspaper, ...

Bye bye Bangalore (Bengalaru), Bye bye India, Bengaluru, India travel blog

Bye bye Bangalore (Bengalaru), Bye bye India

A travel blog entry by roaminallover


... our trip across Asia. Our three months in India have come to an end , culminating in a few days in India's third biggest city Bangalore. Known for its burgeoning IT industry Bangalore is considered one of the places to find young, affluent Indians. With ...

GOA is not Magilligan or Bettystown, Bangalore, India travel blog

GOA is not Magilligan or Bettystown

A travel blog entry by muppet

... in my life and the three of us where extremely nervous. I was going to do the pope thing when I landed:) We arrived in Bangalore last night and our hotel is in the thick of things. Initially this city looks a hundred times more developed than Mumbai. ...

Muthyala Maduvu (The Pearl Valley), Bangalore, India travel blog

Muthyala Maduvu (The Pearl Valley)

A travel blog entry by vphebbare


I am Vathsalya Lakshmi staying at Jagadish Nagar, Bangalore, India with my husband PraveenKumar Hebbare. We zeroed in on "Muthyala Maduvu" also known as "The Pearl Valley" for our weekend outing on 20 July 2008 as it had rained during ...

Vacation Over, Bangalore, India travel blog

Vacation Over

A travel blog entry by jdn86


Today was the last day of the trip, so we ate breakfast and then left Mysore.  We were flying out of Bangalore Airport, which is inconveniently located 40km outside of the city.  The drive should only take around 3-4 hours, but with the ...

Westernised India, Bangalore, India travel blog

Westernised India

A travel blog entry by ann_ho


... cant believe it! just as we were settling in and things were getting easier we have to say goodbye. arrived in bangalore yesterday, got a sleeper coach here overnight. it was surprisingly comfortable and we slept most of the 12 hours here. ...

Life in Bangalore, Bangalore, India travel blog

Life in Bangalore

A travel blog entry by jel2862


... Julia in Mysore. There are so many beautiful Sari's that it is very hard not to buy them all. Finally on the subject of Bangalore traffic. The traffic is bad here in the city. I will not complain about US traffic again!!! Also you can see so many ...

A Week in Two Days, Bangalore, India travel blog

A Week in Two Days

A travel blog entry by mim301


... takes two days in Bangalore to find it. It began and ended with a 6 hour bus ride to and from Coimbatore City to Bangalore, but in between, we literally fit a weeks worth of adventures into about 48 hours. First was meeting my adopted Indian family. I ...

Love Affair with Everywhere-Bangalore, Bangalore, India travel blog

Love Affair with Everywhere-Bangalore

A travel blog entry by lifeasanomad


... guy to bring the bottle just so I could see that it was actually an Indian bubbly:)) Rim Naam at the Oberoi DELICIOUS! famous thai place in Bangalore. it definitely lived up to its ...

Mission: Aborted, Bangalore, India travel blog

Mission: Aborted

A travel blog entry by fgimelli


... one of the canals, soaking up the humid Keralan air and that glorious sun "God" provided his own country with before heading to Bangalore (known as Bengaluru since 2006). As the IT capital of India and now much of the world, or as Thomas L. Friedman ...

kemmenekundi, Bangalore, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by cvp123


... is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. After having dinner at Bangalore, one by one, everybody were dropped at their home locations .With a heavy heart, aching limbs and a refreshed mind, I ...

Bangalore parte deux, Bangalore, India travel blog

Bangalore parte deux

A travel blog entry by birkborkasson


... India - that we wanted to stay a couple of days there to go on a nice backwaters houseboat tour. We were picked up in Bangalore after a horrible flight via Mumbai, which got us to Bangalore early Monday morning. We planned to check in to the hotel and ...

Choking in Bangalore!, Bangalore, India travel blog

Choking in Bangalore!

A travel blog entry by jambo-claude

Poooooh, yuk, choke, choke! But the coffee was ...

Bangalore, Bangalore, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by ktandash

Enjoyed time relaxing in parks and wondering around the city. We think it will be very nice here in a few years time once all of the developments are finished, but we quite liked ...

Bangalore, Bangalore, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by tgreenspan


... $70 tickets from Chennai to Calcutta. After stopping in a coffee shop for breakfast, we headed to Cubbon Park for a stroll. 'Bangalore's Central Park' is about the same size as the original, but like the botanical gardens it could use a little landscaping ...

Contrasts & Children, Bangalore, India travel blog

Contrasts & Children

A travel blog entry by babadon


In some side streets you see houses and cars, some even covered.  Up the street, garbage strewn, and shockingly, lots of plastic.   We attended a Pentecostal School that is a mission from Toronto.  Great work in giving these poor children ...

Bugsgalore (roachorama), Bangalore, India travel blog

Bugsgalore (roachorama)

A travel blog entry by tallbird_lankey


... sleepstarved passengers would have had a whip round and paid for passage via a toll road instead. Upon arrival in Bangalore we thought we'd do something original: trust the rickshaw driver's commission-laden recommendations and let him tuk tuk us ...

Bangalore Baby!, Bangalore, India travel blog

Bangalore Baby!

A travel blog entry by philspencer31


... volunteering I have been doing. If I finish my task then they said they will show me around HOPE foundations projects here in Bangalore. Tuesday at the office was long, I edited about 500 stories as well as Emailing lots of children’s photos around ...

Changes, Bangalore, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by tayka

... !).  I just wasn't really in a beach mood and wanted to go to a city.  Luckily we managed to change our tickets to Bangalore.  A few hours before our bus journey I changed my mind again, but this time it was too late to change our tickets to Mysore.  ...

Things I've learned thus far, Bangalore, India travel blog

Things I've learned thus far

A travel blog entry by adventurlandia


... to see the painting. They’re walking to class. The girl is getting her MBA. They want to know what I’m doing in Bangalore. Wow. cool! They go about their way wishing me luck in my future…The shop workers are from what I can tell an ...

Fireworks and a train to Bangalore, Bangalore, India travel blog

Fireworks and a train to Bangalore

A travel blog entry by joe_cox


The Rikshaw Journey: Travelling by rikshaw rarely makes you feel safe. The night Ellie and I left to catch our train to Bangalore was no exception! The rikshaw we luckily hired basically had a hand held torch for a headlight, and no completely no horn. ...

My Bangalore Birthday, Bangalore, India travel blog

My Bangalore Birthday

A travel blog entry by mrsjo


... simply wonderful. We walked around the glossy hassle free streets with big cheesy grins on our faces. I don't get stared at in Bangalore, well subtly maybe (and what girl doesn't enjoy that?) but not in that awful stalkery way that it happens everywhere ...

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