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Utila Usmella, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Utila Usmella

A travel blog entry by mschwartz

Not much to say on Utila except it disappointed... More to come. ...

It's been a while..., Comayagua, Honduras travel blog

It's been a while...

A travel blog entry by avion90


... sounds. And the smell of horse poo and burning garbage, have yet to become undetectable. "Portia you're in El Rosario, Comayagua, Honduras." I tell myself. "This all seems foreign because it is." I awoke to the sound of my neighbor's radio. Yes, it was ...

Premiere journee a Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa, Honduras travel blog

Premiere journee a Tegucigalpa

A travel blog entry by kev25


Hola mis amigos, Je suis arrive hier au Honduras apres un vol tres tranquille. Mes premieres constatations concernant ce pays est la difference entre les riches et les pauvres. Lorsque je regardais par le hublot de l;avion, c;etait vraiment frappant. ...

Un petit bonjour !!!, Tegu, Honduras travel blog

Un petit bonjour !!!

A travel blog entry by kev25


... idee de la parler convenablement. Bon je vous laisse, d;autres nouvelles suivront. Voici mon adresse postal si avait envie de converser Casa Clara Lauzon APDO postal2393 Tegucigalpa, Honduras C.A. Bonne fin de journee Je vous aime Kev ...

Copan Ruinas, Copan Ruinas, Honduras travel blog

Copan Ruinas

A travel blog entry by ccchrissie


Set on a hill in a pretty lush hilly region, Copan was as attractive as I remember the first time I came here - 8 odd years later, there are more international restaurants and hotels, but they have not ruined the character & friendliness of the ...

Another day another robbery!!, Tegucigalpa, Honduras travel blog

Another day another robbery!!

A travel blog entry by laurasimon


Ok, well things have taken another turn for the worse and if you have noticed by the map above, we are back in Tegucigalpa again!! I will explain all but you will have to be patient as this is quite a long story!! Most other blogs just feature a ...

Bienvenido a Honduras y Copa Ruinas, Copan Ruinas, Honduras travel blog

Bienvenido a Honduras y Copa Ruinas

A travel blog entry by demokedes


... in kriminala (gangov). Gospodarstvo: zelo pomemben je izvoz banan, vecinoma v lasti Americanov. Tudi sicer je bil Honduras zgodovinsko zelo pod vplivom Americanov, ki so ga izkoriscali za borbo proti Nikaragvi in njenih sandinistov. Civilne vojne z ...

Diving and relaxing, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Diving and relaxing

A travel blog entry by demokedes


Iz Copana sva se odpravila ze navsezgodaj. Avtobus (velik, t.i. Pullman Bus) naju je ze cakal ob šesth zjutraj. Velike nahrbtnike sva oddala v temu namenjen prostor spodaj. Najprej smo se peljali do mesta San Pedro Sula, kamor smo prisli okoli 10 ih ...

A Trip to the Lake, La Guama, Honduras travel blog

A Trip to the Lake

A travel blog entry by kimandmartin


... . This was a hotel that was highly recommended in our guidebook where we might have stayed if we hadn't come across information in Honduras Tips recommending out current accommodation.   It was one heck of a walk in (about 1.5 km) at the hottest ...

My First Dive with Diverīs Equipment, Utila, Honduras travel blog

My First Dive with Diverīs Equipment

A travel blog entry by pavel.jares


Rano jsme meli tradicne vyuku. Vysvetlili jsme si zakladni pravidla potapeni a odpoledne jsme konecne mohli vyrazit do vody. Ze zacatku se potapi na melcine resp. v 1,5 m hloubce. Poprve jsem dychal z tanku. Neznam ceske vyrazy pro vsechno to vybaveni, ...

la ceiba, La ceiba, Honduras travel blog

la ceiba

A travel blog entry by locaparacristo

wondeful place. mulattos.. beatiful facial structures from europe, but dark skin.. unbelievable gorgeous.. and ...

Onwards to Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa, Honduras travel blog

Onwards to Tegucigalpa

A travel blog entry by martinmcnally

... I say a house, rather and absolute mansion of a place. They are Italain envoys from the EU helping projects between Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Tegucigalpa was good fun and I headed then up to La Ceiba on the Caribbean Coast via San Pedro Sula. ...

Searching for Food on a Sunday evening, La Ceiba, Honduras travel blog

Searching for Food on a Sunday evening

A travel blog entry by deni367

It took 14 hours to get from Leon to La Ceiba, and as the last boat leaves in the afternoon, almost everyone stays in a little hostel next to the stadium in town. The trip there was good, I got a shuttle and had the pleasure of spending most of the trip ...

On to Honduras, Copan, Honduras travel blog

On to Honduras

A travel blog entry by jen8312


... and tortillas. It was delicious. I finally felt some rain in Antigua, which I actually quite enjoyed. We have now moved onto Honduras, which is a gorgeous country. We stopped at Copan for a night, which was just the right amount of time to see the ...

Back to the Carribean, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Back to the Carribean

A travel blog entry by jamesjames

A couple of days in El Salvador (home to the friendliest people i've met so far), a crazy 4 hr bus trip in which we covered 30 kms, and a visit to the ruins in Copan (which sadly lived up to the expected disapointment, after Tikal), and we're back on the ...

Diving in Utila and avoiding Felix, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Diving in Utila and avoiding Felix

A travel blog entry by phoedo


... us and who hadnīt gotten to do any diving or anything. Our next destination was the ancient Maya site of Copan, on the Honduras-Nicaragua border. Because we had left Utila so quickly, we gained back some of the time we had ĻlostĻ from our itinerary, ...

Beautiful Island, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Beautiful Island

A travel blog entry by jusnow


We are really enjoying Roatan.  It's a very comfortable island for us gringos.  Most everyone speaks English although not always well.  The resort, Fantasy Island, located where we are anchored in French Harbour is beautiful--pretty ...

Anyone for some fast food?, Tegucigalpa, Honduras travel blog

Anyone for some fast food?

A travel blog entry by neilandamy

This is a top pick!

Left as early as we could, didnīt see the point in hanging around...time to make a quick exit. Headed to the nearby...yeah right...bus station. Knew it would proabably be expensive, it was a luxury service....but just wanted to get out of the place. ...

Grime & Crime, La Esperanza, Honduras travel blog

Grime & Crime

A travel blog entry by jameshardy88


A short stop off for us on the way to Tegucigalpa, La Esperanza is a mountain town in th Intibuca region of Honduras. Famous for having the coolest climate in Honduras it would make a nice break from the heat we had become abit too accustomed to. Day ...

Honduras, La Ceiba, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by tour-46


Heading for the ...

And another country again, Copan, Honduras travel blog

And another country again

A travel blog entry by annarapp


... it was just half a day journey to Copan Ruinas in Honduras, the main purpose of my flight to Guatemala and travelling to Honduras. Since I was a bit more efficient at the border than the Gringos (Green(dollar)-go, Mexican expression for the not so much ...

Pumpkin Hill, Pumpkin Hill, Honduras travel blog

Pumpkin Hill

A travel blog entry by boatubia

... trip back in time.  First there were jeep rides, shark dives, and Mayan ruins to explore.   July 16 - 2007 Roatan, Honduras   The whale shark experience kept us thrilled for days, still does really.  Every time I think about it, I ...

Jewel Cay and under the sea, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Jewel Cay and under the sea

A travel blog entry by davidandem


As the whole purpose of our trip to the Bay Islands was to get lots of cheap diving in, we spent our 10 days there doing not much else. We booked our diving through Captain Morgan's ( who have a hotel on Jewel Cay, which is just off ...

Jungle Boogie, La Ceiba, Honduras travel blog

Jungle Boogie

A travel blog entry by john_and_jules


Our luxury bus ride to La Ceiba did indeed turn out to be luxurious. We had an inkling it would be after we had our bags searched, photos, scanned for dangerous weapons, all before we were even a 100 meters from the bus.  Heathrow security ...

Border crossings...a waste of time!!!, Choluteca, Honduras travel blog

Border crossings...a waste of time!!!

A travel blog entry by adventurescot


... by about 12 heavily armed security guards with massive big rifles etc. Finally after 5 hours and about $40 later I'm allowed to entre Honduras. I'm out of there like a shot only to be stopped at the gate again and told by the guard he needs a copy of my ...

A typical? day., Sico, Honduras travel blog

A typical? day.

A travel blog entry by allymeier


... . I think she had a good time. Its not your average tourist experience. This past week was of course Easter and here in Honduras everyone gets the entire week off for vacations. This is the big week of the year where every Honduran heads to the beach for ...

DM Training Comes to an End!, Utila, Honduras travel blog

DM Training Comes to an End!

A travel blog entry by nateandkiera


The thing that stands out to me most at Utila Dive Centre is the dedication to training divers. From day 1 of your training, you are given a staff t-shirt and told you are staff. Next thing you know people are asking you questions, looking to you for ...

Comayagua la magnifique, Comayagua, Honduras travel blog

Comayagua la magnifique

A travel blog entry by poledd


... , reprends la plume car dd n'a visiblement pas saisi l exceptionnel interet culturel de cette ancienne illustre capitale du Honduras. Effectivement oubliee par les touristes, sans doute effrayes par le lourd heritage historique de la ville, Comayagua nous ...

Copan Ruins, Copan Ruinas, Honduras travel blog

Copan Ruins

A travel blog entry by walkabout


Almost everyone told me that Copan is a disappointment after seeing Tikal. And in some ways they're right. Copan isn't hidden away in the forest, and there are no monkeys or crazy birds. And I would say it would be literally impossible to get lost in ...

Honduras - Gracias, Gracias, Honduras travel blog

Honduras - Gracias

A travel blog entry by saanddk

... to admit, I was not feeling particularly safe in these remote areas. That evening we decided to reevaulate our entire planned trip through Honduras and cut if short by making a dash (i.e 7 hour bus trip) to the capital, Tegucigalpa, the following day. ...

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