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Preparing for the journey, Savonranta, Finland travel blog

Preparing for the journey

A travel blog entry by myrri

Whatever makes you leave the comfort of your own home and head for other side of the globe I'll never know. A couple of years ago USA sounded like a good idea and off I went. A couple of years later Japan started sounding interesting and well, I guess ...

Almost there..., Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Almost there...

A travel blog entry by jagrant


Well, we're almost at our final destination and are starting to get a little bit tired of living out of backpacks... only two more nights in a hostel and then it's our own personal rooms =) Unfortunately I only have a few minutes of internet access ...

Vårdö church and camp, Vårdö, Finland travel blog

Vårdö church and camp

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


Last few business visits, city markets, and fun!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Last few business visits, city markets, and fun!

A travel blog entry by jlewku

... business tours.  It was a fun experience though!    Friday we went to two more business visits, The Bank of Finland and the OMX stock exchange (which just was acquired by the Nasdaq).   Afterwords we tour the city markets and had ...

El día en que abandoné mi sociopatía. Especial..., Rovaniemi, Finland travel blog

El día en que abandoné mi sociopatía. Especial...

A travel blog entry by loboestepario


JYVASKYLA-ROVANIEMI (6 de junio de 2010) No se como describir el día de ayer. Hasta Rovaniemi todo trascurrió con normalidad. Desayuné en el hostel de Jyvaskyla, hice el equipaje y encaminé las ruedas de mi moto hacia la famosa población de ...

Zen and the Art of Education, Rovaniemi, Finland travel blog

Zen and the Art of Education

A travel blog entry by moonrise

... a physical one by motorcycle across the western United States, and a mental one through philosophy and metaphysics. I brought it with me to Finland last year along with a few other "comfort books", with the vague notion I might want to reread it at some ...

Oh my god, we're in Finland!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Oh my god, we're in Finland!

A travel blog entry by samlisa


... . The opening ceremony was short and sweet, and the first half was nothing special. The second half was a marked improvement with Finland showing Denmark how football should be played. They won 1-0. Mike joined us on our stroll back to the centre to find ...

Luosto Fun Day 2, Luosto, Finland travel blog

Luosto Fun Day 2

A travel blog entry by dujr


Final Day in Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Final Day in Helsinki

A travel blog entry by superhamster


... spent maybe 40 minutes or so in 70oC heat and after having a cool shower, felt super relaxed! Fair to say I think I'm hooked! Finland has been amazing and I've really enjoyed my time here. It never feels like I stay in any place long enough, especially ...

rainbow flatwarming and line dancing, Rovaniemi, Finland travel blog

rainbow flatwarming and line dancing

A travel blog entry by moonrise


mmm just got back from haruno's, our favourite pizza place in rovaniemi. it is really expensive to eat out here (except for the super cheap cafeteria lunches at school), and not many options anyway (two Chinese restaurants but no sushi or Indian). but ...

Pieces of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Pieces of Helsinki

A travel blog entry by renard


... ) and the orthodox church and then going to the 'squirrel island', a museum island which has old buildings from all over Finland in display and a large lot of really friendly squirrels, who instead of running away from you like the normal ones just come ...

Last night in Finland, Kuopio, Finland travel blog

Last night in Finland

A travel blog entry by dujr

Jun 13, 2009, Utö, Finland travel blog

Jun 13, 2009

A travel blog entry by mylifesjourney


last day at konnevesi, Konnevesi, Finland travel blog

last day at konnevesi

A travel blog entry by hannahrowland


my last day at konnevesi saw us catch a couple of birds for the cheesy final picture, and an afternoon of fun ... horse ...

Sweden Rock Cruise day 2, Turku, Finland travel blog

Sweden Rock Cruise day 2

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


Last Day of Festival, Vaasa, Finland travel blog

Last Day of Festival

A travel blog entry by canandlids


... a sauna stays in the sauna). We were really heated up and sweating.  Doug said they used to hold a contest somewhere in Finland where they would have a contest to see who could last the longest.  Some guy died recently in the contest and that ...

Those Germans, Nurmes, Finland travel blog

Those Germans

A travel blog entry by mjozwell

Whaaaat ! Brazil. I Can't believe that ...

Suomi-land!!!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by rora_8


... thing and all. That evening I left with a bunch of AIESECers to go off to a retreat at Lake Saimaa which is in eastern Finland. Saimaa is the largest lake in Finland and it is close to the border of Russia. It was amazing! I have really been ...

Man-Hel, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jonnytheroth

Travelled on the tinyest little plane to Helskini, lovely views of the wetlands and lakes surrounding Helsinki, first class got hot breakfast behind that grey curtain that separeates us and ...

Missä mun laukku on?, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Missä mun laukku on?

A travel blog entry by jomakah

Kuten jo Münchenissä epäiltiin, laukut ei sit tulleet mukana. Käytiin kentällä tekemässä niiden katoamisilmotukset. Olis tietenkin ollut helpompaa jos ne meille annetut laukku tagit olis kertoneet jotain meidän laukkujen reitistä. Oltiin ite ...

Geenimutaatio?, Pori, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jomakah


Nyt on kamat pakattu, kämppä siivottu, tiskit tiskattu ja kuuma kylpy sekä lasi valkoviiniä odottamassa. Ei siis hullummin siihen nähden, että bussi lähtee tasan 10 tunnin päästä. Tässähän ehtii jopa nukkua! :)  Jostain kumman syystä ...

Helsinki!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by lnlineurope


... just ran by a bunch of Aussie wankers. Eg - when we got there, one of the staff goes 'Why the fuck are you in Finland?' Goodo. I dont care if people swear or whatever but this guy just thought he was so cool for doing so. We decided that these guys ...

Sami see, Sami do, Rovaniemi, Finland travel blog

Sami see, Sami do

A travel blog entry by simonlant

... before circling around and heading back towards the hostel. We cooked in the hostel kitchen for the dinner, due to the restaurants being rather expensive in Finland and we also had a fairly early start the morning ahead so we had a quick route to our ...

Day 1 Manchester to Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Day 1 Manchester to Helsinki

A travel blog entry by oldhamguy


Friday 2nd January Manchester to Moscow via Helsinki   Got picked up by mum and dad at 7.30am and arrived at the airport about 8.15am as there was no traffic hardly. Phil was late as usual and got there about 8.45am. Started our Round the ...

The middle of Nowhere! Bad and Cold, Muonio, Finland travel blog

The middle of Nowhere! Bad and Cold

A travel blog entry by maplefanta


... as the hours went and my flu-cold got annoying as well as my tiredness and my will of getting out of there and reach Finland. Plus my reserve of water was already running low. At least some of my luck came over by a norvegian caravan who was going ...

The land of a thousand lakes, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

The land of a thousand lakes

A travel blog entry by andrewjerome


... been writing for about 23 years now (I think we started when I was 5 or something). In that time, I have visited her in Finland three times prior to today. Right now, Finland is unseasonably HOT! And to make matters more interesting, Finns don't have air ...

Eka merkintä ennen reissua, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

Eka merkintä ennen reissua

A travel blog entry by piedrop

Rokotteita otettu ja matkakuumetta. Jusan koneella Ivalossa. Piti lisäillä tämmönen reissu blogi ohjelam, vaan tuskin reissun aikana kauhiasti tulee kirjoiteltua, mutta ...

Cold, Wet and Scary, Somewhere between Estonia, Finland and Sweden, Finland travel blog

Cold, Wet and Scary

A travel blog entry by tomma


Looking over the edge of the ship was like looking death straight in the eye.... I have new found respect for sailors and the sea in general. In the middle of the night Chris and I went up to sit on the deck of the ship. I have never seen such a strong ...

Kotona, Pori, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jomakah


Elikkäs, siitä kun lähdin Helkan luota Kathmandusta on nyt vähän yli 30 tuntia. Ja oon kotona. Matka oli pitkä niinkun olettaa saatto, mutta onneksi oli seuraa tarjolla. Muuten kaikki meni hyvin, mutta rinkka on ilmeisesti tällä hetkellä ...

Um dia na capital da Finlândia, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Um dia na capital da Finlândia

A travel blog entry by henriquefontes


Quem conhece um pouco da história dos concursos de beleza, sabe que a Finlândia produziu até os anos 1990 inúmeras competidoras de se tirar o chapéu, incluindo uma Miss Mundo e duas Misses Universo (a primeira Miss Universo da história, eleita em ...

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