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Fiji, Nadi, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by feschi


Bulla and welcome to ...

Lomawai Secondary School, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Lomawai Secondary School

A travel blog entry by erinandpaul07


... vanilla ice cream that I have ever tasted!  And for those of you who complain about slow service in the states... you should come to Fiji... it always takes about an hour to get our food... "Fiji time."  It's ok though, I'm not in a hurry here! ...

Fiji family, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Fiji family

A travel blog entry by tildiz


4 days with the most awesome Fiji family ever!! They're so friendly and kind and everything. Feels boring to leave them already, but we will be in touch :) thanks once again for letting us live with you and thanks for food and everything! :) Even though ...

Bula (Hello) from Fiji - 2, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Bula (Hello) from Fiji - 2

A travel blog entry by champa


Some more pictures ...

2end day, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

2end day

A travel blog entry by mlcleoni


... the Fijians first landed and established hem self's. We didn’t waste time so we kept moving we next went to Nadi hindu temple, they said that this unique Hindu temple, the largest in the southern hemisphere, reflects an architectural style rarely ...

Vinaka Fiji and goodbye just about, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Vinaka Fiji and goodbye just about

A travel blog entry by lauracollett88


... they should all evoke a strike and protest naked! She is now my Fijian Facebook friend and I'm sure the next time I'm in Fiji I would have some free accommodation, although I would probably end up paying for it with the amount of children on that small ...

Arrived safely!, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Arrived safely!

A travel blog entry by gemmatthews


Hello everyone! Have arrived safely in fiji (after a bit of a turbulent flight which nearly meant no food as the attendants couldnt get down the eisle!) Luckily we got fed, oh and despite the turbulence, I wasnt sick! I am so happy as it lovely and ...

Mulo Mulo, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Mulo Mulo

A travel blog entry by erinandpaul07


Today I went to Mulo Mulo Secondary School with 9 other people in the mountains.  Paul went a separate place.  We saw about 400 kids there.  It was a great busy last day of clinic.  At one point during the day I had my own fan club of ...

Leaving Paradise, Headed for Home, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Leaving Paradise, Headed for Home

A travel blog entry by katieb

... the rain. I've done a pretty good job of managing to get rid of the majority of each country's currency as I leave, and Fiji was no exception. The market was tiny compared to those in Thailand, (then again the weekend market in Bangkok is so massive ...

Naviti Island to Nadi, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Naviti Island to Nadi

A travel blog entry by kas19

We woke to the last morning where we would here the friendly voice of our cruise director inviting us to breakfast. We emerged from our airconned haven to the hot humid halls of the ship. So hot and humid that sunglasses and camera lenses immediately fog ...

First Landing Resort Fiji, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

First Landing Resort Fiji

A travel blog entry by kas19

We celebrated our last day in Fiji by sleeping in. Around noon we emerged to another scorching hot day. We ate pizza on the patio, walked across to the foot shaped island on our resort before taking up permanent residence at the pool. At the entrance we ...

Go-Nadi, Nadi, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by ayc17

... what little sun we could before hitting winter in Australia (their winter is a lot better than ours anyway) and flew to Nadi , which contains the only international airport on the island. Nadi contains a proportion of the hostels on the island as the ...

Tau Village, Tau Village, Fiji travel blog

Tau Village

A travel blog entry by erinandpaul07


... up in a hut where someone actually lives.  It was a surreal moment to be in a place where many people that come to Fiji will never set foot.  It took awhile for people to come but once they came after they were adjusted they stayed.  Soon ...

Fantastic Fiji, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Fantastic Fiji

A travel blog entry by mlckirsty


My family and I finally arrived in Fiji after sitting on the boring aeroplane, listening to the screeching babies. On the second flight we were lucky enough to find and purchase a business class ticket for all of us, so the noise wasn't as bad. We arrived ...

Electrifying Nadi, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Electrifying Nadi

A travel blog entry by mlckirsty


... more than 60,000 laborers from India were sent over to the island to work at plantations. On October 10th 1970 Fiji became independent. A new constitution in July 1998 provided a multicultural cabinet and raised the prospect of a coalition government. In ...

oooh one more thing!, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

oooh one more thing!

A travel blog entry by halfeatenapple

... for now! so... now naomi (who i met in india and also lived in melbs!) is stuck with me for a few more weeks as after fiji we head to usa for a road trip to the big old canada with her mate kelly! Hope that's all clearish! have a superb weekend! x ...

Bula !!!!, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Bula !!!!

A travel blog entry by molehole


... resort 4km from ariport. I wasnt worried about the rest of my stay as there were so many discounts offered on the internet for Fiji Island resorts that I knew I could leave it literally till the last minute. This was a good job as ...

Fiji, Nadi, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by izzyanderson

... in the morning then order two side dishs for dinner! mash potato and vegetables actually does fill you up!! we wanted to go to Fiji and not drink for a few days until Katie Holdstock came to see us. however as always this didnt work as we met loads ...

Fiji - I've arrived!, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Fiji - I've arrived!

A travel blog entry by lucy.chip

I've made it to Fiji! And it's all lovely and warm and beautiful. Reminds me of Thailand a bit but it seems the locals are a lot more friendly! Just got into my hostel (well more a resort with a dorm room tucked out of the way) and it's right on the ...

Fiji Over!, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Fiji Over!

A travel blog entry by cdaberer


... ! Then it was a 2-hour ferry trip back to Port Denerau and Nadi, where I am spending my last day in Fiji. Today I visited Nadi Town, which I quite an experience. There are panhandlers and scammers everywhere and people will not leave you alone on the ...

Fiji! Finally!, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Fiji! Finally!

A travel blog entry by amyface91


... all the hostels were. But Nadi really could not compare to the stunning islands we visited!  So that was Fiji, me and Susie said our Goodbyes in Nadi airport, she went off to continue her travels whilst I headed back to NZ, first Auckland then back ...

Nadi – Gateway to Fiji, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Nadi – Gateway to Fiji

A travel blog entry by schabby


... Traurigkeit des Abschieds von Neuseeland besiegt und so bin ich am frühen Abend voller Tatendrang in dem kleinen Flughafen von Nadi angekommen. 100% Luftfeuchtigkeit bei 32°C – hui! Gleich einen Einblick in die Fiji-Mentalität erhalten: Das ...

final days in fiji, Volivoli - nadi, Fiji travel blog

final days in fiji

A travel blog entry by halfeatenapple

... what a bargain, it costs me 30pound to go 10mins down the road back home, so we sat and sat and sat and eventually arrived in nadi, where sadly i said bye bye to the lovely kiwi's, i really will miss those guys, but i think my tummy and face needed a few ...

Back We Go, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Back We Go

A travel blog entry by tomcaesar


... again, that being Mr Bones. If you haven't seen it, it's a cracker. Once I got into the bus station, I had a little look around Nadi town, but with a big bag on my back I wasn't there for long before getting a taxi back to the hostel. "Oh Mr Tom, welcome ...

Fiji!!!! wooooo....Nadi, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Fiji!!!! wooooo....Nadi

A travel blog entry by katandhel

    So we have landed in the long awaited for FIJI! Had a tropical welcome with people singing and playing guitars when we got off the flight....def seemed like paradise! Got a shuttle to our hotel for the night - loads of bugs roaming ...

Nadi, Fiji, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Nadi, Fiji

A travel blog entry by stillinger


... .  It only took us 5 hours to fly from Charlotte to LA, a 4 hour layover in LAX, and a 10 hour flight from LA to Nadi, Fiji- but we made it!  Shane always says it is "just a days travel" but this trip was a bit more, considering we lost a ...

BULA!, Nadi, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by cariandbob


Bula! Hello in Fijian! We loved Fiji! I cheated b/c we are now in Auckland, but I wanted it to put a pin in the map! We found out standing in the check-in line in L.A. that there had been a coup in Fiji, so we changed our plans, and headed to a small ...

The nice people of Nadi, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

The nice people of Nadi

A travel blog entry by lucyholliday


The people of Fiji are all really nice. We got welcomed by a group of men playing ukeleles and that distracted me from the heat for a while. It was verrrrrrrrrrry humid. Even inside the airport. We checked in via the transit desk and then went and waited ...

The Tropical Awegasm!, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

The Tropical Awegasm!

A travel blog entry by annaobeirne


A big Bula from Fiji!! I'm now back in Nadi after having spent a very lazy 12 days on 6 different islands. I arrived in Nadi last Friday evening and had a lovely surprise of having my own room and bathroom!!! My STA travel guy had booked it when I ...

Bula...... aka Hello!, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Bula...... aka Hello!

A travel blog entry by halfeatenapple

... a tad hungry but i'm sure it'll pass, the resort is waaaaayy to expensive to eat here! I also though i'd teach everyone some fiji whilst i'm on't line and all, so here goes, try dropping it into your everyday conversation: Bula - Hello Ni Sa Moce ...

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