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Happy New Year!, Bahar Dar, Ethiopia travel blog

Happy New Year!

A travel blog entry by tabasamu2010


... .  It was nice to have a decent shower after our three days at Tim & Kim without running water.  As Ethiopia is following a different calendar than the rest of the world, today was also their New Year Celebrations. We were looking forward to ...

Lost Ark? Why, It's Here in Axum!, Aksum, Ethiopia travel blog

Lost Ark? Why, It's Here in Axum!

A travel blog entry by eriklang


... there wasn’t much to do there, it’s nice to know that I’ve seen the battlefield every schoolchild in Ethiopia knows about.  I’d reserved my next day solely for the purpose of seeing the home of the Ark of the Covenant.  ...

Getting Stoned, Lalibela, Ethiopia travel blog

Getting Stoned

A travel blog entry by tabasamu2010


Day 71 Today: 99 km Total: 12,852 km  We drove to Lalibela looking forward to seeing the rock churches.  We have all heard about the great rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, but could it really be that good?  We arrived in Lalibela and ...

5 days of Accomplishments, Logiya, Ethiopia travel blog

5 days of Accomplishments

A travel blog entry by cangoafar


... from Canada, the other has been loaned to us by an NGO (Samaritan's Purse) operating with the same technology in southern Ethiopia. This is a marvellous development as it permits us to make twice the number of filters (hopefully now 6) in Logiya during ...

Addis Ababa 2.0, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia travel blog

Addis Ababa 2.0

A travel blog entry by lee.d.rosen


... more recent political changes of the emperor, the Italian invasion, the Derg and today's democracy.  It put into perspective how diverse Ethiopia is and how different it is from the rest of Africa in that it fought off colonialism.  If I hadn't ...

Saving Norway From A Caterpiller, Lalibela, Ethiopia travel blog

Saving Norway From A Caterpiller

A travel blog entry by gregd999


... of 5 metres away, and embalmed the dead bodies at the back of the cave. This was the third capital of the much larger Ethiopia, in the period before the capital became nomadic, and finally settled in Addis Ababa. Both the church and the palace were built, ...

Danakil Depression - Erta Ale Volcano, Mek'ele, Ethiopia travel blog

Danakil Depression - Erta Ale Volcano

A travel blog entry by lee.d.rosen


... and a recent MBA graduate at Cornell, working on a year long contract for Save the Children in Iraq and traveling through Ethiopia for 3 weeks.  I would wind up running into the Israelis later in Lalibela and travel with Veronica for a week in the ...

sad farewells, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia travel blog

sad farewells

A travel blog entry by marrakeshtocape

... the next dat. Double hmmm... Over the past month though, mainly due to fact that Alellan, whose also voluteering, has family in Ethiopia, and has been helping out in her Grandad's shop since September, I've heard alot of very interesting, and at times ...

Holes Everywhere, Mago National Park, Ethiopia travel blog

Holes Everywhere

A travel blog entry by tabasamu2010


Day 80 Today: 276 km Total: 14,570 km We woke up and everybody was ready for the Omo Valley.  The guide arrived and just after eight we were on our way to the Omo valley to visit the unique tribes.  The guide and I drove with Nick (the ...

TESFA Community Trekking, Lalibela, Ethiopia travel blog

TESFA Community Trekking

A travel blog entry by leahaston


... work, however, because our necks, faces, and the backs of our hands got fried. The hike itself was amazing. 90% of Ethiopia’s population are subsistence farmers and we got to see this lifestyle up close. It was a very unique opportunity to interact ...

Blown Shock Again, Konso, Ethiopia travel blog

Blown Shock Again

A travel blog entry by harryabroad


... is a concept).  So summarising we are all pretty dirty, dusty and smelly feeling a little over it by this stage.  Ethiopia has almost no infrastructure and hence things like ATMS are a pipe dream.  We bought a little Ethiopian money from ...

Day 32 - Bahar Dar, Bahar Dar, Ethiopia travel blog

Day 32 - Bahar Dar

A travel blog entry by charlesaclark


... at 6pm on Sunday. A few clicks South of Bahar Dar there is the most ancient and sacred of all the monasteries in Ethiopia: Debre Libanos.  I thought a visit was in order.  Only it was rebuilt in 1961.  Still quite ...

... festa di fine anno della scuola..., gambel, Ethiopia travel blog

... festa di fine anno della scuola...

A travel blog entry by sistercrystal


Alle 06.15 colazione veloce e poi subito a terminare il lavoro dei palloncini, in modo che quando i bambini arrivavano a scuola gią si trovavano tutto pronto, ma in realtą molti sono arrivati anche prima del previsto (qui l'orologio ovviamente non ...

Day 19 - Debre Zeit, Debre Zeit, Ethiopia travel blog

Day 19 - Debre Zeit

A travel blog entry by charlesaclark


... lots of St Georges draught and read about Sudan.  What Would Happen If There Were Bar Events at The Olympics? I think Ethiopia would do very well indeed.  Every little village has three things: a pool table, a table football/fussball ...

I am pestilence, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia travel blog

I am pestilence

A travel blog entry by genik


... is so incongruous with the usual Western image of this country. Its an incredibly green and fertile area, providing much of Ethiopia's exports such as coffee. The bus ride was pleasant but uneventful. We did hit a horse though which was pretty freaky. ...

Turmi - Day 6 of 10 - Omo Valley Trip, Turmi, Ethiopia travel blog

Turmi - Day 6 of 10 - Omo Valley Trip

A travel blog entry by bigadventure05


... not a tourist spectacle, it is a marriage rite. They make some giant urns of coffee. Coffee originated in Ethiopia and coffee ceremonies are an important part of life here. They perform a 'whipping ceremony' where the ...

Arba Minch, Arba Minch, Ethiopia travel blog

Arba Minch

A travel blog entry by jmckerricher

Our camp for the next two days is at a hotel in the hills overlooking a massive lake. Mountains rise above us and Maribu storks fill the air. It was another beautiful drive in; unfortunately I was asleep for a lot of it. I managed to let a small family ...

En route to the mountains, Shashemene, Ethiopia travel blog

En route to the mountains

A travel blog entry by genik

Selam everyone, This is just a short entry to take advantage of an internet cafe I've found here. And to kill time as well as there's jack all to do here besides drink beer and read. I'm in Shashemene which is a nowhere transit town at the nexus of ...

... il lavoro continua..., gambel, Ethiopia travel blog

... il lavoro continua...

A travel blog entry by sistercrystal


Giornata passata continuando i lavori iniziati nei giorni scorsi: io mi sono dedicata alla preparazione delle borsettine per i bambini pił piccoli con dentro un vestitino/completino, un paio di mutandine, una macchinina per i bambini, un peliches ...

Shattered Peace & Quiet, Arba Minch, Ethiopia travel blog

Shattered Peace & Quiet

A travel blog entry by harryabroad


Thankfully this is the first civilisation for nearly a week. We have camped in a hotel with a large camping area on the side which was very quiet, infact we are the only ones there.  Yeah Yeah!!!  This is a blessing as the constant crowds ...

Volcanos, caterpillars and x-ray machines, Aksum, Ethiopia travel blog

Volcanos, caterpillars and x-ray machines

A travel blog entry by roberton


... keeps setting off the scanner. We flew back to Addis Ababa for one last night then we got a plane to Dar Es Salaam. Time in Ethiopia is funny. They start counting the hours from sunrise so 10 o'clock in the morning is 4 o'clock in the their time and they ...

Eloise and Sam / and Eloise, Aksum, Ethiopia travel blog

Eloise and Sam / and Eloise

A travel blog entry by roberton


@ (alicia) We are just flying over Kenya and it looks very very nice and my mum and dad are trying to plan to go there to see Eloise and Sam but we don't know but we hope so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¿¡¿¡¿¡§ from @ : 1 2 3 4 5 ...

Perfect ride, flat bum and dirt, lots of dirt, Moyale, Ethiopia travel blog

Perfect ride, flat bum and dirt, lots of dirt

A travel blog entry by paigerrides


... at least. Oh it was a hill!!! 5% on average and did have some 2% to stop and take photo's. I really can't wait to leave Ethiopia.....seriously. A guy in a pick up truck past 4 riders ahead of me, (I watched him) and he slowed and stopped to watch me. ...

Gondar, Ethiopia, Gondar, Ethiopia travel blog

Gondar, Ethiopia

A travel blog entry by amberlinas


In the 16th and 17th centuries, the fortress-city of Fasil Ghebbi was the residence of the Ethiopian emperor Fasilides and his successors. Surrounded by a 900-m-long wall, the city contains palaces, churches, monasteries and unique public and private ...

Burger King, Gorgora, Ethiopia travel blog

Burger King

A travel blog entry by tabasamu2010


Day 65 Today: 171 km Total: 12,241 km    After a good night’s sleep on my double bed in a hotel you will only find in Africa, we started the morning with strong cappuccinos from the hotel restaurant. Slowly the caffeine kicked in and ...

Work trip to Adama (Nazret), Adama, Ethiopia, Ethiopia travel blog

Work trip to Adama (Nazret)

A travel blog entry by lizallen


... reached into his pocket for coins - so we did too. There are no pensions nor free hospital treatment for most people in Ethiopia and the elderly, blind and those maimed in the recent war against Somalia are left to beg in order to survive. Our host ...

A Very Long 8 Hours, and The Last King of Scotland, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia travel blog

A Very Long 8 Hours, and The Last King of Scotland

A travel blog entry by shyam_t


... seemed to be a throwback to the 70s, and reminded me so much of scenes out of that movie...though yes, that was Uganda not Ethiopia. Dale Morris, our photographer guide, was at the hotel waiting for us - we were the last of the group to arrive. He had ...

Night 40 - Gonder, Gonder, Ethiopia travel blog

Night 40 - Gonder

A travel blog entry by charlesaclark

Back to Gonder for a pizza, pick up some last minute supplies/parts and get locked in a bathroom.  I had to fashion a screw driver from the shower head to unscrew the door frame.  That didn't work so had to unscrew the window frame to escape ...

Doe, a deer, a female deer, Lalibela, Ethiopia travel blog

Doe, a deer, a female deer

A travel blog entry by evy_duville


... you coming to Africa? :) - I love the Ethiopian movies and music clips that they show in the bus for 10 hours...NOT!, - Ethiopia is a fantastic country, with amazing people, but to backpack alone, it would maybe be a bit lonely cause at most of the ...

Bush Camp, Moyale, Kenya travel blog

Bush Camp

A travel blog entry by jmckerricher

... is relative of course, just no meat is consumed. In my opinion the fasting platter is the best dish you can order in Ethiopia; its loaded with all sorts of cool vegetable and lentil dishes. I find that somehow ironic. Anyways, this crew eats a lot as ...

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