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Date time in Cairo with my Habibi, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Date time in Cairo with my Habibi

A travel blog entry by bradborno


... ; They can play dumb, simply because you are dumb (when it comes to the language).   Standing 187 meters tall, Cairo tower is Egypt’s tallest building.  We lucked out with no bathroom attendants being present to guard the toilet paper in ...

Retour au Caire, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Retour au Caire

A travel blog entry by mleleu

La route entre Saqqara et le Caire longe un canal deau verdatre et stagnante. Les rives sont envahies de detritus qui tombent lentement dans leau a mesure que dautres les remplacent. Nous profitons de notre derniere soiree pour diner en pleiin air au ...

Khan and more (impressions), Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Khan and more (impressions)

A travel blog entry by oughtness


... I live. Found a very bohemian art gallery and a new friend not too far from here. Soccer match between Egypt and Morocco held in Cairo consumed the city for 90 minutes, resulting in no score and disappointed tourists hoping for excitement. Dinner in ...

Great day in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Great day in Cairo

A travel blog entry by southbaykg

... has been fantastic here, usually in the upper 80's almost no humidity (it's a dry heat). I was expecting the worst in Cairo - 100 degree heat riding a camel across the desert.....but it really has been comfortable. We decided to scrap some of the ...

18  hours in North Africa, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

18 hours in North Africa

A travel blog entry by mikelaurence


... It was time for a Nile cruise in Cairo, complete with a belly dancing show on board (truely entertaining).    Cairo was captivating with its chaotic traffic, 1,000 mosques, the calls of the muezzin broadcasted by megaphones throughout, and ...

Egypt, Cairo, Egypt travel blog


A travel blog entry by ambers


... . Many invited us into their homes, shops and offices to eat or have tea because they just wanted to talk. IT was a really neat feeling. Egypt is definitely a place I want to go back to and spend a lot of time and I credit that 100% to the vibes of the ...

Sightseeing & dodging cars.., Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Sightseeing & dodging cars..

A travel blog entry by freya691

... offer of a 2hr guided tour at a cost of 200EGP which we thought was pretty reasonable. He took us through a history lesson of Egypt and showed us the primary sites including King Tuts room and the royal  mummies. Pretty awesome stuff. We were getting ...

Cairo Again, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Cairo Again

A travel blog entry by katieb

... exhibit when it was in Chicago, and thought it was amazing. It doesn’t even compare to the quantity and splendor of Cairo's. Gilded thrones, beds, chariots, statues of kings, statues of servants, statues of gods, etc and even more amazing, King ...

Starting at the beginning ....., Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Starting at the beginning .....

A travel blog entry by purplefrog


... sometime after lunch we just wandered around for a few hours tryinhg to get our bearings. Had our first experience of "Welcome to Cairo, where you from? What's your name? Come visit my perfume shop". Pretty easy to fend off though and it didn't take ...

Desert storm, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Desert storm

A travel blog entry by jenshaw


Well we made it back to Cairo and checked into the Mayfair. Great little hotel. We visited the Egyptian museum and I finally got to see the treasures of King Tut. The tour came to Toronto when I was a kid and I always regretted that I didn't get to go. It ...

Evening in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Evening in Cairo

A travel blog entry by poohgirl1


... dizzy? I found it pretty amazing. The belly dancer was not so good, the belly funk dancers in Noah and Jesse's dance recital were actually much better! In all, it was pretty touristy but how can one go to Egypt and not cruise the Nile?   ...

Egypt, Cairo, Egypt travel blog


A travel blog entry by chris74


Cairo London, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Cairo London

A travel blog entry by traceywilson

Well Cairo is going to be behind me again, Taxi ride to the airport: car without locks, handles, window sinder an boot locks, luggage put on roof rack (not tied down) and at 4am yes in the morning I am off - I though this was supposed to be a holiday, and ...

Cairo, A City of Antiquity, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Cairo, A City of Antiquity

A travel blog entry by bumihills


... ; where we explored the many tiny alleyways and passed hundreds of shops selling souvenirs, food, copper and brass, among many other things.     Egypt  was a fantastic place to visit and we felt very welcome, safe and comfortable here. ...

Mumble Jumble---November 27, 2008, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Mumble Jumble---November 27, 2008

A travel blog entry by kamaj


... impressive and jaw dropping architecture Dahshur pyrimid---the very first true pyimid---AWESOME Also visited the old capita of ancient Egypt---Memphis---saw the huge remains of Ramses 2 statue. Sorry for the brief update without much ...

Sinai...with armored protection of course :-), Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Sinai...with armored protection of course :-)

A travel blog entry by greatescape

... Either way, we felt very safe. We pulled up to a the site of a 6 day war back in the 70s between Isreli and Egypt. It was crazy, we walked around the look out and officers bunker for the Isrelian army during the war. The conditions were totally crazy ...

World's Greatest Hotel, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

World's Greatest Hotel

A travel blog entry by nimby


Today was my last day in Cairo. I stayed the last couple of nights at the Sheraton Cairo.  It was amazing: great customer service, free breakfast, nice soft king sized bed, bathroom full of supplies and balcony overlooking the Nile.  Wow. Here ...

Travel Days are Bad Blog Days, Part 1 of 2, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Travel Days are Bad Blog Days, Part 1 of 2

A travel blog entry by turner72

... guy flying to Jordan to work for the UN, so that was a plus.  The minus was the impending 6 hour layover in Cairo.  I'm afraid I didn't handle this long stretch with as much savoir faire as I might otherwise have.  There's only so long you ...

4 lanes equals 8 lanes, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

4 lanes equals 8 lanes

A travel blog entry by harryabroad


We headed into Central Cairo to the Syrian Embassy today, thank god we took a taxi. To set the scene 4 marked lanes on the road equals at least 8 lanes of traffic.. 6 lanes = 12.. this is no joke.. and it is fast moving. Lybia, our fixer has dropped off ...

Sexy headscarves, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Sexy headscarves

A travel blog entry by lisaviro1981


... back looking like a bedouin (well, at least I blend in more now!), its back to a taxing 4 day week of work in Cairo. I arrived in Egypt having done my research and so wasn't surprised to see about 98% of the women covered, from a simple headscarf to a ...

See the Pyramids Along the Nile, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

See the Pyramids Along the Nile

A travel blog entry by wareameye


... to rest before the tour launches. My flights are on time (United from Chicago to Frankfurt, and Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Cairo), but I swear the blankets in Economy class on United are getting smaller and smaller. Pretty soon they'll start charging to ...

Cairo, Cairo, Egypt travel blog


A travel blog entry by natashamichaud

We had a wonderful time in Cairo. We went to the pyramids. I LOVED the sphynx and got a really good picture of us. Natasha had to take the pictures so there are more of me By the way, this is Burdelle doing to writing for this blog. There are only four ...

Pyramids, Cairo, Egypt travel blog


A travel blog entry by rossport


... they are just my intereptation of how i see the world thru the lens of my camera. Alas we are on the final legs in egypt today we head to the masterpeice the Three pyramids of Giza. wow what an awesome sight it is huge bulding blocks and like all of us ...

Camels and Pyramids. Giza, Memphis, Sakkara, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Camels and Pyramids. Giza, Memphis, Sakkara

A travel blog entry by lynnster


Today I rode a camel. Its name was Moses. He didn't spit on me once. I decided to try walking into a pyramid, but I knew I probably wouldn't go all the way. First off, you have to walk through a tunnel that's about four feet high so you have to bend ...

Free is the best price..., Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Free is the best price...

A travel blog entry by mike_bright

... visit the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and a "5 star restaurant" for the grand total of...wait for it....nothing.  I was free with Egypt Air as a promotion to encourage tourists to come back to Egypt. Now any time I have traveled and I hear the term free ...

Cairo - Baksheesh or Bust, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Cairo - Baksheesh or Bust

A travel blog entry by girlmeetsworld


... paying for. And what with the hawkers who can be really pushy it can be an altogether overwhelming experience. We also visited the Cairo Museum which I was so excited about. Again, however, it turned out to be a bit disappointing. So many treasures and ...

Near Cairo farm map pin, Cairo-Alex Desert Road, Egypt travel blog

Near Cairo farm map pin

A travel blog entry by eadamson

pin ...

Ole!, Cairo, Egypt travel blog


A travel blog entry by oughtness


... certainly would have died and I would have stayed the hell off the streets, as the US Embassy advised. Alhamdulillah, praise God, Egypt won. After nearly 120 minutes of play (the normal game is 90 minutes), Egypt barely won in a kickoff round, making ...

Finally off!, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

Finally off!

A travel blog entry by jmckerricher

The first day of the tour was filled with excitement. It didn't take long for the final preparations to be made and we got off to a good start. 9km off riding took us to the pyramids, where we had a brief ceremony and refreshments. I enjoyed them more ...

President Obama, Cairo, Egypt travel blog

President Obama

A travel blog entry by jes242


... flags and in gold lettering announced, "The Grand Shaykh of Al Azhar [most important mosque in Egypt] Dr. Mohammad Sayed Tantawi and The President of Cairo University Dr. Hossam Kamel Cordially invite you to an address by the President of the United ...

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