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Denmark, Denmark, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by marcia_octoman


Denmark Denmark, just 60km down the road from Albany was my next stopover. This pretty little town lies on the banks of a river that runs into the ocean about 18km away. I arrived late in the afternoon and took straight to the bank of the river. It ...

Vikings and forests, Aarhus Municipality, Denmark travel blog

Vikings and forests

A travel blog entry by xplorersarah


... to build the multistorey building, they found all these really old artifacts from when the town was first built. Now I'm on the train to Copenhagen for an overnight trip. Train travel is very expensive in Denmark - as is everything, but oh so worth it. ...

Meget tidlig om morgenen afrejse, Skanderborg, Denmark travel blog

Meget tidlig om morgenen afrejse

A travel blog entry by rosainasia


Ja nu skulle jeg forhåbentlig være godt udrustet til at rejse afsted. Her følger lidt billeder af mig og mit super ...

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by sianeth


... , bless him! Return Visit? Hmm, perhaps. Hard to say. Definately pick other places first. And moving swiftly on to Denmark. Experiences in Denmark: As for Copenhagen, a 7/10. Glad we went: Yeah definately, a nice place to spend time. Favourite ...

Wedding weekend pt.1, Aeroskobing, Denmark travel blog

Wedding weekend pt.1

A travel blog entry by byron_and_tracy


... . We finally arrived after 1:30 a.m. and had to be up at 7:00 in order to catch the 1:00 ferry at Fynshav, Denmark. I wouldn’t have gotten much shuteye anyway. The place just seemed unclean in ways I can’t quite put my finger on. The ...

My Kirkegaard, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

My Kirkegaard

A travel blog entry by lordcool


And so we enter...the DANger zone (bit of a pun for you). This entry will be short, like Danny DeVito, but less bald and feeble looking but ohhhhhh so just as annoying. It is short because the masterful photos I will post in the relevant album will ...

Beautiful Beautiful Copenhagen, Coopenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Beautiful Beautiful Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by zzmatt


There are children everywhere in Scandinavia. Children and bikes are my overwhelming memories. People on bikes ride bravely into intersections, expecting that cars and buses will give way to them. And they do! Several times, I have had my heart in my ...

Morning workout and off to a nap...., Aarhus Municipality, Denmark travel blog

Morning workout and off to a nap....

A travel blog entry by oreydc


A fun late morning workout... he's really talking a lot today! Then we took turns until he wentto nap ...

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by sophslife

... . There's no one who wants to get more caught up then me. However, Tivoli Gardens is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. We are leaving Denmark tomorrow, and are probably never coming back. If we do not go to Tivoli today, we never will. It opened on August 15, ...

Coming home, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Coming home

A travel blog entry by chrisser71


... a little bit, but only drowsed a little bit. When we landed in Kastrup it was under a grey December sky, but that is Denmark in December as I know it. Normally, I am able to clear through the airport and collect my luggage very quickly at Kastrup, but ...

Pining for the fjords?!, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Pining for the fjords?!

A travel blog entry by shiiuga


... night, I went out for a few drinks with a friend, before heading off to Roskilde the next day. Roskilde used to be the capital of Denmark, back during the Viking age. Along with the Sea Organ at Zadar, one of the things I had wanted to do most was visit a ...

Another day at sea..., Nyborg Strand, Denmark travel blog

Another day at sea...

A travel blog entry by rhillaryj


... one today, this time on the open see. Couldn’t see which country it belonged to, but we were off the coast of Denmark. I guess they were friendly… Later we worked out and then got ready for dinner at the Italian restaurant on the ship. It was ...

My Things, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

My Things

A travel blog entry by lordcool


Right, now little more than 2 seconds ago my attention was violently seized by an alarming thought. 'Tas (it has) been some period since I last wrote about the general cool stuff I get up to nigh every day in Copenhagen. Consequently, I have decided to ...

South West Loop: Day 8, Denmark, Australia travel blog

South West Loop: Day 8

A travel blog entry by travelnshit


... impressive in the postcards? We amused ourselves by taking photos of aforementioned gaps and rocks and of each other and headed off to Denmark for a BBQ by the river because we'd walked up some steps today and had earnt the right to a plate of fried ...

Nyborg, Nyborg, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by jrgo


...       One last cultural observation.  On our last evening there was a big soccer game between arch rivals Denmark and Sweden and some very unusual things occurred.  First there was a streaker, (unknown in Denmark) and then in the ...

Castles and Canals in Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Castles and Canals in Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by antabroad


... to tunnel, which makes perfect sense because they have some serious shipping going through the sound, but it looks bizarre. Entering Denmark was strange. I followed the signs for 'non-EU and Nothing to declare' and there wasn't so much as a Passport ...

24-26th, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by asma.f.syed


I'm really enjoying my time the blogging has been a bit slow... Today I'm solo in Copenhagen. Waiting to meet Huwaida at 4pm....decided to sleep in until 12pm. I think it was necessary, my body likes to act out when I'm exhausted by way of ...

Aug 31, 2015, Helsingør, Denmark travel blog

Aug 31, 2015

A travel blog entry by aspenchi


The Little Mermaid, Lego & bloody French Rap, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

The Little Mermaid, Lego & bloody French Rap

A travel blog entry by xplorersarah


... by their lack of Viking history. Moesgard Museum in Aarhus was much better for that. The Danish modern history exhibit is really fascinating. Denmark is the home of Lego and this shop didn't disappoint. Life size Lego people (taller than me) and a massive ...

The great Danes, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

The great Danes

A travel blog entry by docandsim


... so it was a bit of a rush to get to the airport by 10. Rebecca was kind enough to drive us to the airport, and get us there on time. The hospitality we received in Denmark was fantastic, it really did give us a wonderful perspective on life in ...

Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by gavin.porter


... , there were lots of nice sculptures to look at. In fact there were even more than usual as Århus is the cultural capital of Denmark. After a lovely meal by the river, we went for a walk along its banks. A couple of cocktails later, we headed back to ...

Reflecting on History, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Reflecting on History

A travel blog entry by annalise.m


... on what I'd seen and what I've experienced.  It's a bit cheesy but it's what I was feeling at the time: I am in Denmark.  How cool is that?!  While I've been feeling a little bored and lonely lately I need to stop, think, and reflect on what an ...

Harbour, Aarhus , Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by amyfisher


Today it was nice weather, so we decided to take the bus down to the harbour. They live quite close to the harbour, so it was only a 20min bus ride to the shore. It was really nice weather down there, and the boats, of course, are all beautiful. I ...

Another life food goal accomplished..., Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Another life food goal accomplished...

A travel blog entry by awesomed


... , even though we'd just eaten, we found a bakery so that I could accomplish one of my food goals for Europe - eating a Danish in Denmark.  As it turns out, Danishes are not, in fact, Danish.  They are from Vienna.  In Danish, their name ...

w w.Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

w w.Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by newblogger


Luckily for you all I am unable to add a sound bite to this blog or I might be inflicting a version of Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen upon you all. We had a lovely 3-4 days wandering around this very compact city. We bought a Copenhagen card which took ...

Chopenhagen, Chopenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by veikok


Vahepeatus ...

Copenhagen to Jystrup and THE TIPI!!, Jystrup, Denmark travel blog

Copenhagen to Jystrup and THE TIPI!!

A travel blog entry by sian_ripley


Waking up this morning, i realised it was our first day of cycling...yay for no uphills! Andrei headed back ito Copenhagen to fetch his bike, Grant and I took a two hour head start and arranged to meet Andrei 40km away in Koge.What a lovely little ...

Visitor #22 come (to riot town), Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Visitor #22 come (to riot town)

A travel blog entry by danskgirl

The riots continued again on Friday night and there was a few burnt out cars this time and the air was savager, C did a 4am walk as the noise was so bad (while I was in my usual sleep through an earthquake mode), it was expected to go on a 3rd night but ...

A ride to remember, Ringsted, Denmark travel blog

A ride to remember

A travel blog entry by finechina


I arrived in Ringsted, Denmark yesterday morning after taking two relatively short train rides from Sweden. Our friends from Nanjing live in a quaint town in the country and they picked us up from the station. As we drove through the lush hills, I noticed ...

Shopping in Denmark, Volstrup, Denmark travel blog

Shopping in Denmark

A travel blog entry by jrgo


Our experience in shopping here is a little different than the one stop for everything that we are used to. I guess WALMART hasn't invaded yet. We went a few miles down to the coast to buy fish (flounder) right off the boat. Later on we went to buy ...

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