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The good, the bad, and the ugly, El Ranchito, Dominican Republic travel blog

The good, the bad, and the ugly

A travel blog entry by margaretkirlin


Hi everyone! It has been quite a while since I have posted so I will do my best to catch up on what has been going on. It is hard to believe that I am in my last week of community training. On Monday, I will be receiving my assignment and find out ...

Trinidad, just a man and his pig, Trinidad, Cuba travel blog

Trinidad, just a man and his pig

A travel blog entry by themooners


When things go pear shaped in Cuba one just shakes their head and says "well, this is Cuba". We got a taste of this at the bus station while trying to hop a bus for Trinidad. We were told the bus was full and we would need to get a taxi. The taxi would ...

Cienfuegos - Refinery, Cienfuegos, Cuba travel blog

Cienfuegos - Refinery

A travel blog entry by nigeljbennett

May 27     Visit to Cienfuegos refinery.  Dylan, Rogelio and his local guy Hennessy visited the Cienfuegos refinery where they also had been using our equipment full time since 2008 in their API separators to remove surface oil and ...

Cienfuegos sea side town, Cienfuegos, Cuba travel blog

Cienfuegos sea side town

A travel blog entry by nigeljbennett


... rooms are all air conditioned for sleeping.  We would highly recommend this spot for travelers that wish to experience the "real" Cuba and live with a local family. Cienfuegos is a nice town,  it has the longest boulevard in Cuba and the center ...

en la casa de las dos hermanas, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog

en la casa de las dos hermanas

A travel blog entry by rubyfunk

... lots to the two sisters. The younger one is married to an Italian and both of them have very strong and interesting views about Cuba. I think this was also one of my favorite things in Cuba, not only in Baracoa but in Havana too, the chance to really ...

Socialism etiquette, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Socialism etiquette

A travel blog entry by ayc17

... .org/gallery/14brib5sm/ Photos: Peru  Photos: Colombia  Photos: Panama Photos: Cuba ...

Crazy diving!, Isla de la Juventud, Cuba travel blog

Crazy diving!

A travel blog entry by krox

What a crazy day! The dive centre picked us up outside the hotel in the morning. There are a lot of divers here. A large group from Germany and a few older guys from Spain, a couple from France, one solo traveller from Switzerland and ...

Rum and Cigars - what else?, Pinar del Río, Cuba travel blog

Rum and Cigars - what else?

A travel blog entry by thearodgers


... learning how the cigar comes to be. It is all a very lengthy process. We were told that about 80% of the tobacco grown in Cuba is from Pinar del Rio province. All the cigars made at this factory were hand-rolled. Inside the factory-cum-museum we were not ...

Your wife has a long nose, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba travel blog

Your wife has a long nose

A travel blog entry by easties

three ...

Final Cuba Libre and farewell to Rach, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Final Cuba Libre and farewell to Rach

A travel blog entry by lingo83


... though, the ones who only stay in resorts and never even realise they're in a Spanish speaking country.  But I guess Cuba tourism encourages it by only allowing travellers to go to certain places, or at least making it very difficult to do anything ...

Old Havana, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Old Havana

A travel blog entry by krox

... , but they'll do for now... The flight went fine, but the steaming up the cabin before take off part, was true. In Cuba there was a line for everything and everything from picking up luggage to clearing customs went at a very slow pace. I think it ...

Entrenamiento, Matanzas, Dominican Republic travel blog


A travel blog entry by jbires


I am wrapping up my 5 weeks of training in Matancitas and will be heading back to the capital to tie up any loose ends before finally being inducted in as a volunteer and moving to my new home for the next two years. My time here has flown by. I ...

Last day at sea!, Caribbean Sea, Cuba travel blog

Last day at sea!

A travel blog entry by momentsintime


Day 16 Temperature: 28 Celsius Weather:   Partly cloudy skies It's amazing what a change in weather can do to a person!  This morning when I got out of bed, I felt much better!   I felt terrific!   I felt on top of ...

Dancing the night away, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Dancing the night away

A travel blog entry by brendadekater


Hey everyone, This is just going to be a short update.. But I hope you guys enjoy the reading! haha Anyway, this past weekend me and Martina decided to discover other parts of Havana and therefore we went to Havana Vieja on saturday.. it was really ...

My Tranquil Mountain Village, El Ranchito, Dominican Republic travel blog

My Tranquil Mountain Village

A travel blog entry by margaretkirlin


Hi All! Here I am in my new training site, so I thought I would give an update on my life here in the DR. I have been in El Ranchito, a small village of about 800 people, for two weeks. It is up a mountain from Santiago, the second largest city in ...

Arrived in Cuba, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Arrived in Cuba

A travel blog entry by dstean


Cuba is fantastic.  I arrived in the dark, yesterday evening after a journey via Jamaica and their very chotic departures system.  Converted some money, jumped in a cab and arrive safely at Parque Central hotel in Havana.  The hotel had ...

Matanzas City, Matanzas, Cuba travel blog

Matanzas City

A travel blog entry by cookcorn


... enough time to make it to Trinidad by bus and we certainly didn’t want to get into the resort territory of Veradero (Cuba’s answer to Cancun).  The buildings here are mainly 19th century and I can imagine in its heyday it was another ...

Französicher Einfluss, Cienfuegos, Cuba travel blog

Französicher Einfluss

A travel blog entry by senderjung


Eine von neun Weltkulturerbestätten Kubas ist die Innenstadt von Cienfuegos. Wir wohnten in einem schönen und großen Kolonialgebäude direkt im Zentrum. Die Straßenzüge sind harmonisch und gepflegt. Der typische Verfall der Häuser hinterlässt auch ...

Biking In Cuba, Vinales, Cuba travel blog

Biking In Cuba

A travel blog entry by tdv95


... we both leave Vinales wondering what the fuss is all about- the setting is beautiful but the authenticity of our previous stops in Cuba was much more enjoyable.   As our visit to Cuba winds down, we'll be leaving with wonderful memories of the ...

Some descriptions of the countryside, Vinales, Cuba travel blog

Some descriptions of the countryside

A travel blog entry by thearodgers

We pass plowed fields and billboards with military notices. When the sun passes temporarily behind a cloud it is breezy, even a bit chilly. Green banana trees, gray pavement with blotchy brown and black potholes, houses painted cheerily ...

Old sins cast long shadows, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Old sins cast long shadows

A travel blog entry by mistytravels


... a smile I replied: Taxi – no gracias, Cigar – no gracias, Preciosa – graaaaacias, Cuanto tiempo en Cuba – demasiado (I was surprised at hearing myself answer still smiling but with a sigh – “too much”)… I ...

Surreal, Cayo Jutias, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by lolly


... ride back and since all the windows were open, everyone got a little wet which was quite refreshing. From here on in, before I leave Cuba on Saturday morning, I plan to have some ice cream and maybe head to ´la playa´ one last time. This whole trip has ...

a kubai szivar hazája, Vinales, Cuba travel blog

a kubai szivar hazája

A travel blog entry by asomogyi77


reggel elindultunk a kubai szivar hazájába, Pinal del Río tartományba. autópályán mentünk, egy nagy busszal, ahol mindannyian elfértünk. így folytattuk az ismerkedést a kubai történelemmel, iparral, mezőgazdasággal, jelen ...

Hello Cuba!, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Hello Cuba!

A travel blog entry by kit10


... first Australian stay at their house. They reminisced about the TV shows Skippy and Flipper, which is apparently still shown in Cuba. And everyone thought that Australia was a cold country. The people of Cuba are so relaxed and friendly. Everything is ...

Feb 11, 2013, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Feb 11, 2013

A travel blog entry by lithobolia


Lost my mojo!!, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Lost my mojo!!

A travel blog entry by syrena


Been in Havana for a few hours now and I have lost my balls! Being in Cuba makes me as nervous as I was going to Ecuador nearly a month ago. Got to the hotel, dropped my bags and settled into my room. The hotel seems to be full of families. Not quite the ...

Cuban cafe and a swim with the fishes..., Soroa, Cuba travel blog

Cuban cafe and a swim with the fishes...

A travel blog entry by thearodgers


... either a car or a plane crash). There, we also learned that Las Terrazas was actually the first biosphere reserve of Cuba. Apparently the people of this village used to live all over in the Sierra Rosaria mountains, until the government built a more ...

What is and is NOT included, At sea, Cuba travel blog

What is and is NOT included

A travel blog entry by akmshain

A cruise offers plenty to eat, that's for sure. Big breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, plus afternoon tea and room service. You could eat round the clock if you wanted. And most, but not all, of it is included in what we paid for the cruise. For ...

Havana: Rum, Cigars & Salsa, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Havana: Rum, Cigars & Salsa

A travel blog entry by tahliejohn


... he got too stressed out, he could have a cigarette. Everyone else did. Ha ha It is literally like stepping back in time in Cuba. The infrastructure is old and falling apart, but the city is so full of history and culture. The cars are all old or ...

itt vagyunk, élvezzük!, Guardalavaca, Cuba travel blog

itt vagyunk, élvezzük!

A travel blog entry by asomogyi77


bizony, ez egy  5 csillagos szálloda, közvetlen tengerparton. van egy fő épülete, és mellette a hatalmas területen elhelyezkedő több, tulajdonképpen apartman ház.  a házak gyalogosan remekül megközelíthetőek a ...

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