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Quebec City to Montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Quebec City to Montreal

A travel blog entry by ozdan_2006

... comfy and induced the sleeping ... it was like a long haul aeroplane minus the in-flight service and speed. Once back in Montreal, I checked back into the hostel and sorted out a few things with bookings for future hostels. I watched a big game of ...

Montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by jogo


Eine großartige Stadt. Ich komme in einer echt tollen Jugendherberge unter, das Frühstück ist klasse und die Leute, hauptsächlich Franzosen sind auch sehr lieb. Einer meiner Mitbewohner ist sehr schräg, er erzählt mir er würde mit Drogen handeln. ...

Still in Montreal and still having more mishaps!!, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Still in Montreal and still having more mishaps!!

A travel blog entry by emzeeb3


... enough and it is sooo hot at night and sweat pours off you just laying in bed having said that I haven't had any problems sleeping! I'd definately recommend staying here if you're coming to Montreal ( - and it really does look like ...

Few days before lift off, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Few days before lift off

A travel blog entry by bast2000


Profile: Name: Denis B. Age: 29 Height: 6'0" Weight: 195lbs Location: Montreal, Canada Destination: Nepal, Sud-Est Asia (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, ...), Australia, New Zealand and maybe South America. Duration: 5-6 months ...

The End., Montreal, Canada travel blog

The End.

A travel blog entry by katiecundale


Sooo long Montréal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Sooo long Montréal

A travel blog entry by mike_bright


Hey Everybody, Now only a few hours away from taking off to Africa and I'm all set!!! Over the next two months I will be traveling East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania) for a month and then going to South Africa for the second month. Some of ...

Shopping, Shopping and just a bit more....SHOPPING, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Shopping, Shopping and just a bit more....SHOPPING

A travel blog entry by chelseaj

... we have been trying to plan as much in while I'm here. Last weekend we were up north at the cottage and it was great. It was Canada Day on the Saturday and we just had a small gathering at Michelle's. On the Saturday we all went round to Jamie's and had a ...

day 13, Montreal, Canada travel blog

day 13

A travel blog entry by canadacaro

... the least. The first ride I went on was with Carys and Beth, we had to queue up (another expression that doesn't exist in Canada - imagine not having a word for queuing - what would the British do?!) . It was just a log ride that made you extremely wet ...

Departure..., Montreal, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by maplefanta

... what I will be doing with my life. The day was warm, sunny and the drive long but calm... things went all smooth in Montreal. Getting my bag to the check in and leaving back in town for lunch and relaxing by the Lachine Canal under a hard wind but a ...

Day 53 - Montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Day 53 - Montreal

A travel blog entry by thesullivans


... ’t have milkshakes in Canada so the kids had a strawberry ice frappacinino.  The kids thought this was fantastic. The drive to Montreal took about 4 hours (driving time was 2 hours).  We stopped at an IGA to do a big grocery shop, as we ...

Stage 1 In Our Adventure, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Stage 1 In Our Adventure

A travel blog entry by debbie.martin


Short stop over in this gorgeous east coast city... From here we depart to Paris for a nice 4 hour stop over; Sister has already checked into the private clubs for a shower and a nice place to lay down for a couple of hours before we board again to ...

Graduation...., Montreal, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by jfquebec


Et oui ils m'omt finalement donner mon diplome!!! je sais pas si quelqu'un a payer le doyen mais bon je suis maintenant bachelier Noury!!! haha jen reviens juste pas... en tk il me reste seulement 5 jours avant le grand depart.... hehe i got my ...

Departure from Montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Departure from Montreal

A travel blog entry by segacs

Leaving Montreal ...

Through Canadian roads, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Through Canadian roads

A travel blog entry by pamericas


We will post trip information here as soon as it starts. For 2010, we will continue planning the project and look for Sponsors that are willing to invest and support the Project. All indications in that regard is highly appreciated. Please contact us by ...

Vacances / Holydays, Montréal, Canada travel blog

Vacances / Holydays

A travel blog entry by siegfried_h.


Je suis rentré. Je retrouve difficilement mes marques. Je suis encore en Afrique quelque part. Je le sens. Mon petit tour en Namibie m'a ouvert des horizons que je ne soupçonnais pas. J'ai des idées de voyage plein la tête. Un tourbillon de date, ...

Le depart, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Le depart

A travel blog entry by elmajesty

Pas moins de 1 mois et demi apres avoir decider de partir, je suis pret. Un petit break de genie mecanique pour un an, un petit break du Quebec egalement! La famille Roberge a reserve une chambre d'hotel a l'aeroport Dorval en raison d'un depart hatif a ...

C'est un départ!, Montréal, Canada travel blog

C'est un départ!

A travel blog entry by tiwi

Réveil aux petites heures du matin (4h00), Chris, Charles, Henri et moi-même sommes maintenant dans l'Avion qui nous mènera à Chicago, notre première escale en direction de Bangkok. Dame Nature nous aura réservé sa première vraie tempête de ...

limited edition, Montreal, Canada travel blog

limited edition

A travel blog entry by skylab


... affordable. Glad that's over with. We then said our goodbyes to Owen as he had to head out. Teresa, Louise and I walked around montreal with no real plan besides heading down to Dieu du Ciel at about 8. It was still early so we just walked and walked ...

Return to summer, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Return to summer

A travel blog entry by segacs


Well, that's it, folks. I'm back on this side of the Atlantic, back in home sweet home Montreal. I arrived after a pretty painless flight from Amsterdam, on which I managed to doze a bit more, though I was still exhausted from the travel and in desperate ...

Overland sponsered by Tim Horton's Moccaccino!, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Overland sponsered by Tim Horton's Moccaccino!

A travel blog entry by rich_thomas

... Ipod mix that spanned Shinaya Twain, Led Zepplin and the irreplaceable, one and only Adam Ant! Fortunately even though we were in Canada, Celine Dion was banned in our vehicle for the sake of my sanity!!! For future  reference a car journey is too ...

Compte-rendu du voyage, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Compte-rendu du voyage

A travel blog entry by xjiefx


Bonjour les amis, Nous sommes lundi le 17 Octobre, nous sommes bel et bien de retour au pays et laissez-moi vous dire que c'est plaisant dormir dans son propre lit.  Malgré que le décalage horaire nous rend quelque peu la vie dure, nous dressons ...

trip to montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

trip to montreal

A travel blog entry by johnplayer


dear ...

Montreal--finally, Montreal, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by lrandal

... me the story of a colleague of his who got stuck in the Caldicott Tunnel and ended up peeing in a boot). Then to Montreal and getting desperately lost trying to find our hotel, my French woefully inadequate to coping with highway signs.  ...

Sooner rather than later, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Sooner rather than later

A travel blog entry by segacs

The dream of a trip around Southern South America has been at the top of my "list" for a while. Visions of snow-capped peaks, mountains and lakes, penguins, glaciers, wine and tango led me to decide that Chile and Argentina would be my next travel ...

Only one dodo !!, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Only one dodo !!

A travel blog entry by sergemichael


Already an update: Tomorrow (02/24/2009) is the big day: oooooooo la la !!! Excited, you say ...

Travels after exchange: Montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Travels after exchange: Montreal

A travel blog entry by nathaliezheng


Premier vol et arrivée à Montreal., Montreal, Canada travel blog

Premier vol et arrivée à Montreal.

A travel blog entry by alan_tdm1


... de connexion au WiFi, et en plus ca marche, c’est Noel ! Départ de Genève presque à l’heure dans un B767 de Air Canada, durée du vol : 7h30. Jutse apre sle décollage, j'ai une superbe vue de la rade et du jet d’eau sous le ...

Still En Route, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Still En Route

A travel blog entry by javaminit


... as the most pathetic "National Carrier" in world travel did not provide a single pretzel during the 5+ hour flight from L.A. to Montreal.  HOLD IT!!!! That's a lie.  You were more than welcome to read their 'menu' and order something to eat at ...

On the next episode of my travel show, Montreal, Canada travel blog

On the next episode of my travel show

A travel blog entry by segacs


I'm pleased to announce to anyone who doesn't already know that in just over a week, I'll be departing on my next travel adventure. This one will take me to the southwestern tip of a continent I've long neglected in my travels to date: Africa. It's not ...

Fancy Livin', Montreal, Canada travel blog

Fancy Livin'

A travel blog entry by angielajolie123

... on the waiting list. She told me to return at 9:15am to find out if I would be able to take the 10:30am flight to Montreal. Guys, I am sooooooooooooooo blessed. After a few phone calls and a 100 euro change fee later, I was told that I'd be able to get ...

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