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Departure time!, Rothesay, Canada travel blog

Departure time!

A travel blog entry by vmitch87


Sooooo it begins. First entry as I leave home to venture on a backpacking trip across SE Asia. I'm so excited it's ridiculous. It's  also bittersweet because I'm sad to leave my friends and family behind again. I had such a good visit with everyone ...

Power of Expectation Mgt- The Scone Experiment, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Power of Expectation Mgt- The Scone Experiment

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel

It was a friend's birthday.  After contemplating for very long whether to go for the surprise party, we decided no.  So we had an impromptu late night baking session.  Decided on an Apricot Oatmeal Muffin recipe.  Made it.  Next ...

Quebec - Kingston, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Quebec - Kingston

A travel blog entry by kaytoka


... good crepes and enjoyed our side trip very much. We stopped at a very beautiful provincial park at Trois riviera and enjoyed a nice walk about and then pushed on to Kingston for the night. It was a bit longer as we had to make sure to avoid the ...

my day, Kingston, Canada travel blog

my day

A travel blog entry by kyleejpedersen

lalalalalalallala ...

May 1, London, United Kingdom travel blog

May 1

A travel blog entry by jae

May 1 Got up early and had breakfast. A bit different than I'm use to, but very good. We walked over to Euston rail station to get a paper travelcard so we could use the 2 for 1 offer at the Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill Museum. We both really ...

Europe Bound!, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Europe Bound!

A travel blog entry by madeleineross

5:05 am in Kingston. We are on our way to get Emma at her house, then heading to the airport. Our plane takes off at 6:45 am. London, here we ...

Sunrise, Kingston, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by madeleineross

Watching the sunrise in the Kingston airport, feeling like a big playa. Waiting for the pick up to escort us to the plane. Here we ...

Settling in, Greenwood, Canada travel blog

Settling in

A travel blog entry by chris-fernie


When I awoke on Wednesday morning, I took a tour of the yard and was disillusioned at how neglected it looked. The lack of rain and the absence of a doting owner definitely showed.  But, my first priority was to get my motorcycle safety ...

Holiday!, Kingston, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by mgbmdri

Tomorrow, I'm going away! I'll be back next week. I'm so excited! Anywhoo, I'm going down to the US. I haven't been out of the country in ages. I'm looking forward to it. I'm going with my Mum to Pennsylvania for the National Sheepdog Finals. ...

Montreal to kingston via ottawa, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Montreal to kingston via ottawa

A travel blog entry by dryreacher


Well it rained all day today. I had planned to drive down the st lawrence riverside but because of the weather i diverted to ottawa and did a tour of the parliament and then the governor generals residence. I had a personalised tour of the gg ...

It's not so glamorous after all, Kingston, Canada travel blog

It's not so glamorous after all

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel

... , the romantic stroll down the streets of Old Quebec City and the festivals I will get to celebrate with my host family here in Kingston. These are the moments that will go up to Facebook (making those of you who haven't been through this jealous XD). But ...

I bought my Bus Ticket for the 22nd Dec, Kingston, Canada travel blog

I bought my Bus Ticket for the 22nd Dec

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel


I can't believe how fast time flies.  I am already preparing for my departure from Kingston.  I really really feel very accomplished and satisfied with my exchange experience. I went through all 4 stages of Cultural Adaptation.  1.The ...

23 Days!, Kingston, Canada travel blog

23 Days!

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn

... it off. Okay, not so much putting it off as haven't been able to find one I like. I went to ALL the outdoors stores in Kingston, and none have a pack close to the size I want. So tomorrow I think I'm going to head to Ottawa to try to find one. I vowed ...

Calling Kingston home, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Calling Kingston home

A travel blog entry by lolly


... was a great place for childhood.  In a lot of ways, these memories have created a sense of 'home' for me in Kingston.  Memories: green lawns and backyards, neighbour kids banding together to find a home for a lost dog, planning to 'run ...

The Journey Before The Voyage, Kingston, Canada travel blog

The Journey Before The Voyage

A travel blog entry by saiklor_abroad

Here marks my first entry in a travel log that I hope will document a tumultuous and amazing journey to change who I am and how I see the world. That or I'll get some nifty t-shirts from interesting places, either way! Below is a short explanation of ...

Beautiful Sunset, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Beautiful Sunset

A travel blog entry by gilmer


While driving through Kingston on the 401, we saw a beautiful sunset. I made sure that Frederick took some photos for my travelpod. ...

On the way to Montreal ..., Kingston, Canada travel blog

On the way to Montreal ...

A travel blog entry by aspqrz


Another boring travel day ... overnighted in Kingston, and saw Fort Henry, another major British stronghold to protect British North American from Cousin Johnathon. The Fort was quite interesting, and Kingston seemed really nice ... it has a lot of old ...

Here we go..., Kingston, Canada travel blog

Here we go...

A travel blog entry by ktowndoyles


Every year when March rolls around we can't wait to head to Vermont's best kept secret - Bolton Valley.  This year we are glad to have the Casey family joining us for the trip.  The temperature at Bolton has stayed on the cool side and the ...

One last time, Kingston, Canada travel blog

One last time

A travel blog entry by janet.gilbert


We were treated to Betty's ;Red River cereal again and headed off to the Greenwood GC to play with Dean and Betty's regular group who call themselves Jerry's kids.  There were 18 of us in all.  I played with Steve Greenwood and Audrey and ...

My cottage on Rideau Lakes system, Kingston, Canada travel blog

My cottage on Rideau Lakes system

A travel blog entry by chrisbiber


One of my favorite spots in Eastern Ontario is of course the family cottage. I go there even in the winter, despite the fact that it's not ...

Bleh., Kingston, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by wanderlustking

Didn't like Kingston much. I liked the odd stores, and I bought clown socks at one place. The super 8 motel was horrible. I didn't really like the trip. But it was wonderful nonetheless because it was fun and new ...

16 Sleeps!!!!, Kingston, Canada travel blog

16 Sleeps!!!!

A travel blog entry by adnannie


Wow, so the countdown is on............only two weeks until we leave for Moholoholo Animal Rehab Center in South Africa! It seemed such a long time away at the beginning and here we are.....very exciting..........a little stressful getting everything ...

Again, another new blog..., Kingston, Canada travel blog

Again, another new blog...

A travel blog entry by sibir


Ich han de neui blog gfunde und er isch mim orginal blog aehnlicher als de woni jetzt benuetze. ich wird ueber wiehnacht alli mini itraeg und foeteli da druf ...

Coffee Mate and Honey, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Coffee Mate and Honey

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel

Xin Yi happily told me she got free coffee from school.  But she told me that the free drink was weird: 1. It is damn sweet 2. Calorie count is by tablespoon LOL ended up we realised it is actually a coffee sweetener. EPIC  Imagine drinking ...

17 Days and counting..., Kingston, Canada travel blog

17 Days and counting...

A travel blog entry by mgbmdri

The big weekend in New York is approaching. There was a snag this weekend, where the trip was almost cancelled, but all is well now. I'm so excited to be able to get back to NYC. It was only 2007 when I was last there. I can't wait to show my ...

Cranky week, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Cranky week

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel

... really? Idk.) I am angry that I am still in my comfort zone, not doing enough to experience the moment here. I am angry at kingston for being small and boring.  But I am most disappointed with myself, because I know the problem is not the place or ...

Early Thanksgiving in Kingston, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Early Thanksgiving in Kingston

A travel blog entry by ifphoto


... of days earlier than officially planned. Our first "event" was an early Thanksgiving dinner at the Veri's house just north of Kingston, ON. Andrea, Giulio, Julia and Justin were our hosts. Attending were Joyce & Gord on the Simmonds side and Colin, ...

Début de l'aventure, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Début de l'aventure

A travel blog entry by jpdelisle


Partir de Kingston n'est pas compliqué, un taxi à 5:00 du matin et on décolle à 5:45 :) Titavion avec un pilote qui porte une tuque... Mais c'est ...

This is an Important Post, Kingston, Canada travel blog

This is an Important Post

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel

So much has happened in the past week.  Thanksgiving was amazing. We cooked and feasted. Cleared the 25lbs turkey (which Greg calls a Dinosaur), maple squash and mashed turnips and potatoes. I love the cranberry sauce with the turkey and I had tons ...

Money & Budgets, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Money & Budgets

A travel blog entry by rachieks

My bank account feels like it has a massive hole where the money keeps leaking and leaking! I know this is the nature of going on a trip but it's not something I'm used to.  I have the money saved for this trip (no financing required) and I've made ...

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