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Dinosaurs, dinosaurs and more dinosaurs, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs and more dinosaurs

A travel blog entry by janmalc

... see the paleontologists at work through a glass wall. Malcy had hummed and haahed about going there once he learned how far out of Calgary it was, as he had originally thought it was in the city here. And all the way out kept saying things like "I'm ...

Two great weeks with our friends, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Two great weeks with our friends

A travel blog entry by steeles-rvtrip


...   dinner together at the Irish Pub.  We had some great competitive card games outside.After 2 days here, we drove to Calgary, where we booked into a nice hotel for one night so that Steve & Beth could have a good nights sleep ...

Wow!!, Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by mundodatata


Meu celular acabou a bateria.. Ixi, ia precisar dele pra usar como despertador amanha. Viu, o seu celular tem bateria? - Tem sim! - Posso usar? - Claro! Umas horas depois... - Voce colocou o celular para despertar pra amanha de manha? - Coloquei sim! E ...

Calgary, Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by 2jgstl


... could squeeze all of these events (ski jumping, moguls, snowboarding, all of the sleds) on a small hillside in suburban Calgary.  The alpine and cross country events were held near Banff, speedskating oval at the university, and hockey downtown at ...

Land - Calgary, Drive - Banff, Night - Lake Louise, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Land - Calgary, Drive - Banff, Night - Lake Louise

A travel blog entry by mattandjen


After a fun 3 days in Chicago we are off to Calgary. The day started at 04:40 which is far too early.  We were greeted by our taxi driver who was named Rex.  No relative to Sue. After searching O'Hare international airport for a good coffee, and ...

A journey of a thousand miles begins with..., Calgary, Canada travel blog

A journey of a thousand miles begins with...

A travel blog entry by kevinwanders


What did you fill in after the ellipsis, dear reader? "A single step"? Cliche. No, dear reader, the correct answer is "A kitchen fire". I was scrubbing my kitchen down, or rather cleaning it so that it wouldn't grow moss before I returned. And I ...

Its time to say Goodbye Canada... :(, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Its time to say Goodbye Canada... :(

A travel blog entry by ~cancostachica~

... Downtown gefahren, haben noch schnell kanadische Ahornsyrup Cookies als Gastgeschenk für meine Familie gekauft und haben das leere „Calgary Stampede“ von allen Himmelsrichtungen betrachtet! :D Das ist ein RIESEN Gelände, auf dem im Juli ...

Banff - Skiing at last!!, Banff, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Banff - Skiing at last!!

A travel blog entry by nickandmilly


    We're now in Banff for the next 12 weeks doing a ski instructor training course with The International Academy. There's 33 of us altogether - 12 snowboarders and 21 skiers, all of us Brits. They're such a great mix of people ...

"You're in for a long trip"

A travel blog entry by ejb2010


    Thanks for the reminder air canada kiosk man. Although he did have a cute sweater vest on. Here i am waiting at the Calgary gate. And i am already tired. I figure it's a food coma from the huge feast i had at home with mom, dad, Ann and ...

Yet another picture update, Calgary and Watford, Canada travel blog

Yet another picture update

A travel blog entry by erinreine


Yes, I have gotten more pictures developed, though I can't believe I didn't take more at New Years, they are so quality. When you have such a classy group of people together you really need to take advantage and get all the pictures you can. New Year's ...

On the Road, Calgary, Canada travel blog

On the Road

A travel blog entry by jakob94


Sweet Relaxation, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Sweet Relaxation

A travel blog entry by rbtravelcircus


...  few days roaming around northern Montana and southern Alberta, which is kind of out in the middle of nowhere. I've finally made it up to Calgary and man, it is nice to have a bed to sleep in tonight after 9 days in the woods. I will you all about my ...

Life of the unemployed, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Life of the unemployed

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife


Aah... life of the unemployed. I sit here at my computer, drinking my Hazelnut Vanilla coffee, and emailing friends and updating my travelpod. I am "attempting" to put in some of my past trips, but when I started I didn't realize what a big job it ...

Day 6: 3 flights, 4 airports = long day, Calgary and Edmonton , Canada travel blog

Day 6: 3 flights, 4 airports = long day

A travel blog entry by tan13_ocanada


... of under thick layers of clouds, but what I did see made me more keen than ever to make sure I see them before I leave Canada. We arrived in Calgary soon after 4:30, and I managed to get a great overall view of the city as we were coming in. As seems to ...

Leaving on a jet plane, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Leaving on a jet plane

A travel blog entry by alandliz

It's a snow covered landscape that we are leaving and headed for, hopefully, a snow covered ...

Mandatory pit stop., Calgary, Canada travel blog

Mandatory pit stop.

A travel blog entry by sarah_hope-j

... just that-EASY. So now I'm forced to seriously look at my life here and decide what it is I want from it. I don't know if Calgary can offer me everything that I want yet, and if that's the case then I'm not done exploring. Whatever it is I'm searching for ...

Back in Canada!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Back in Canada!

A travel blog entry by ryancanadian

I remember finally coming into Calgary and seeing the farm fields and roads of Alberta and in the distance the Rocky Mountains, and thinking, wow, this is a beautiful country. After 13 countries in Europe, I must say that Canada is truly a great country ...

we're off..., Calgary, Canada travel blog

we're off...

A travel blog entry by erin_marie


... i begin our journey to indonesia tonight - we'll journey to vancouver and hongkong before arriving in bali. and what a day to leave calgary! -5, snow, ice, wind. gross. anyways i refuse to send out mass emails - so if you'd like to keep in touch with us ...

The Night Before, Calgary, Canada travel blog

The Night Before

A travel blog entry by pjmartin


Here are some pictures of the Sunday night before we left! Thanks for rocking it out with us in the ...

Meet and greet, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Meet and greet

A travel blog entry by rossport


G'day all, Today we went into town and had a look around the Calgary tower is only 15 minute walk from our Condo, we did not go in as it was a cloudy day and i felt that the photo opportunities were not there so left it for the moment> this city is a ...

Calgary and Banff - My Birthday, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Calgary and Banff - My Birthday

A travel blog entry by lisa_liability


So my brother Luke came to visit from London for my birthday. I organised a party at home - on the ground floor of my apartment building is a series of entertainments suites: a dining room/bar, pool room and a home cinema. Invite said "Cocktails and Line ...

Another addition to the trip :), Calgary, Canada travel blog

Another addition to the trip :)

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

So, can any trip of mine ever just be going to one place then coming back home?  Uh, no.  That'd be a negative ghost-rider.  When I know I am going to be SO close to certain places, how can I NOT think about just scooting on over?  ...

Last day in Calgary, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Last day in Calgary

A travel blog entry by neenie60


... 3 watches, I also bought Charlie a beautiful western shirt. Continued walking down the mall and finally got a few postcards and a magnet of Calgary, hadn't been able to find one up until now. Then we went back to Bankers Hall and got some fruit for ...

Calgary, Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by hpallas

... a 4 hour lay-over in San Fran...and of course Air Communist wouldn't *think* of putting us on the earlier flight to Calgary or letting us upgrade with our system wide vouchers. Doesn't matter that we've spent thousands of dollars traveling, it is still ...

To work or not to work..., Calgary, Canada travel blog

To work or not to work...

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

Well, for kicks I went to an employment agency to see about doing some temp work. With working from home I thought it would be a good way to find balance between working from home and getting out. I went to the agency Friday (just over a week ago now) ...

nothing special here, Calgary, Canada travel blog

nothing special here

A travel blog entry by toroamarillo


... we parked more than 2 hours there. Da das Wetter schlecht war, sind wir nicht in den Banff Nationalpark gefahren, sondern haben Calgary besucht. Allerdings gibt es eigentlich nicht viel zu erzählen. Das Beste an dem Tag war, dass wir keinen Strafzettel ...

Packing, Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by lsteen


... put in checked luggage and what to take as carryon....and not forget something important! It will all come together. We leave Calgary on Tuesday, May 5 and fly direct to London - Heathrow. From there we catch our flight to Dublin, arriving about ...

Greed, Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by pwong


... thrown into disarray, and it was a royal pain in the ass.  But this time, it was different - a bump to an Air Canada flight, you say?  A flight that lands at Heathrow instead of Gatwick, and only an hour later than the original flight, you ...

The Committed, Calgary, Canada travel blog

The Committed

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

Well, for those of you who know me well, you'll probably be wondering what has happened to me. Yes, I, the commitment phobe, has not only gotten engaged (July 30th), but have now put an offer on a house. Yes, I am actually committing myself. Don't ...

Moving on..., Calgary, Canada travel blog

Moving on...

A travel blog entry by cazza_macca


I'm booked on a bus to Banff this afternoon at 1.30pm.  Thank God, Calgary is an awful place.  Can't wait to leave, woud not recommend anyone to visit here at all! Hoping to join a tour when I get to Banff which will take me round Banff and ...

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