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Sunnies, Swimmies, Mozzies, and Crocs!, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Sunnies, Swimmies, Mozzies, and Crocs!

A travel blog entry by rubin


... avoid overheating in the direct sunlight.    Finally, we headed back to a west-facing beach in Darwin - our first actual beach in Australia - where we were served prawns and bubbly and watched the sunset.  The beach was in fact much ...

Indonesian Onboard Show, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Indonesian Onboard Show

A travel blog entry by kenee


It was 11:15 p.m., but worth it--as we began to watch the onboard crew's Indonesian Show, complete with dancers, vocalists and ...

Just Smile: Asia In Reflection, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Just Smile: Asia In Reflection

A travel blog entry by t_humble

... in Bangkok or Saigon. I've seen the end product many times. But now that I'm in the west again, as wonderful as country Australia is, no one smiles at each other. Leaving us all floating by in self conscious bubbles. I've tried smiling at people. The ...

Po cyklonie Tracy Darwin nie jest juz takie samo.., Darwin, Australia travel blog

Po cyklonie Tracy Darwin nie jest juz takie samo..

A travel blog entry by skleroz75


... samochod. Zbrodnia wydawalo by sie banalna, ale wstrzasnela lokalna spolecznoscia. Pare uciekinierow zlapano w Queensland I odstawiono do Darwin. Zapadnia w dalszym ciagu istnieje, samej szubienicy jako takiej juz nie ma. Prawdopodobnie mial na to wplyw ...

Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by bathoztrip


... with some friends we made at Adel's Grove while we were here, which was really great. We spent an afternoon together at Darwin wave pool - a crazy washing machine crossed with a swimming pool but we did end up body surfing and catching some waves on ...

Diabelskie osmiorniczki i inne przysmaki, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Diabelskie osmiorniczki i inne przysmaki

A travel blog entry by skleroz75


... ktorych bylam po tym co jadlam. Do dzis pamietam jak smakowal czerwony barszczyk w skansenie w Nowym Saczu 10 lat temu. Australia otworzyla moje kubki smakowe na kuchnie niemal calego swiata! Moja ulubiona jest kuchnia tajska po prostu ta kombinacja ...

Dilly Dallying through Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Dilly Dallying through Darwin

A travel blog entry by carpefeline


... nbsp;       Last night I ended up staying awake most of the night due to time differences between Australia and the U.S.  We are trying to buy a house in Florida and our daughter is signing the papers and we had ...

Australian football, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Australian football

A travel blog entry by vincent


Nigel, Stephane, an American who knows Nigel and I went to watch an Australian football game. It was a game between two suburbs of ...

Day 22 - Katherine to Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Day 22 - Katherine to Darwin

A travel blog entry by suzntez


... , so we must call in for a few quick ales, then we're on the road again and this time it's no stopping till we reach Darwin. We have already checked out the caravan parks and as there is an equestrian show in town we are unable to get a booking in the ...

Go back in Darwin !, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Go back in Darwin !

A travel blog entry by vincent

I arrived at 11am in Darwin. So I ate with Noy and Stephane something and came back on earth after this short but very pleasant break ! I had to work this ...

Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by becca_ind


Headed home to say goodbye to the folks and parents :) Darwin July 21-24. Arrive at 2am at Darwin International Airport. Sleep for most of the morning. Went for a drive into the city, and had lunch with dad at a Greek Restaurant. That night, we went to ...

More camping...., Darwin, Australia travel blog

More camping....

A travel blog entry by hotteawhereever


Well if 3 days in the outback where not enough off i went again...this time to Kakadu national park...2 nights and 3 days camping and hiking in the national park....the temperature this time was a cool 35 degrees...perfect! Again i joined a ...

Is everything deadly here?, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Is everything deadly here?

A travel blog entry by cousinbev


... here in Oz is deadly ... From the weather (cyclone Tracy), to crocs, sharks, spiders, snakes, jellyfish and even seaweed. Perhaps that's why the universe decided to make Australia an island! Darwin was low-key and the couple of days here were quite ...

Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by agnesdaria

... everywhere but you can't really see them...and no crocodile dundee neither!! VERSION FRANCAISE Et voila je suis au top: Darwin..ville tres humide, mais jolie (dommage que ca soit si humide..vous ets moite toute la journee c'est tres ...

Owl Sisters On Too-Ah 2011, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Owl Sisters On Too-Ah 2011

A travel blog entry by catchlove

October 19th - 21st Darwin Imelda, Mel and I spent the next three days chilling in Darwin and recovering from the last 18 days "on tour," as we like to call it. At one point we were pretending to be a European girl band called The Owl Sisters ...

Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

A travel blog entry by qiandjes


... of plain and less interesting. The one thing that is hard to get used to again is the ridiculously high cost of living, especially in Australia. It's more expensive here than it was in Japan. I mean $17 for a movie ticket in Darwin??!! The problem is that ...

Crocodiles down under!, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Crocodiles down under!

A travel blog entry by ~dream~rtw~


Hellllooo! 21st September 2010 I'm In Darwin NT Australia and its HOT! Its like living in a Sauna! I'm currently Sat in the hostel waiting for Jonny as we have rented a Camper Van for 3days so we can take a trip to Litchfeild national park and see some ...

Only a week to go!, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Only a week to go!

A travel blog entry by crocag8or

Well here goes, a travel blog! A bit over a week until we leave and I have decided to try to set this up. Hopefully its as easy as the package says. Stay tuned as I get this sorted out and then we can all go to France! But only 3 of us get to actually ...

Flying to Darwin., Darwin, Australia travel blog

Flying to Darwin.

A travel blog entry by smoore


We boarded a plane for the 4 hour flight to Darwin from Brisbane. We could fly from Brisbane to New Zealand faster than we could fly to Darwin in the Northern Territory! On arrival it was so good to see Karl Powell again, the same bus driver we had on ...

Arrival in Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Arrival in Darwin

A travel blog entry by vincent


coming ...

After approx 6000km in Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog

After approx 6000km in Darwin

A travel blog entry by worldtrip_kp


... had lunch.. Just next to us, two black parrots also had lunch.. Those parrots are huge.. When done with lunch we drove to Darwin.. We finally made it ;) After over 5900km .. We ended up in our final destination in Aussie. We are now staying here for two ...

Day 241-248 Darwin (Part 4 - Darwin Cup Carnival), Darwin, Australia travel blog

Day 241-248 Darwin (Part 4 - Darwin Cup Carnival)

A travel blog entry by millersofoz


... ’t possibly drink as well! If only he’d had a bigger day on the turps, perhaps he would have a fatter wallet? It seemed Darwin was full of Melbournians this weekend, Greg had many mates in town and he was keen to catch up with all of them. On ...

Game 2, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Game 2

A travel blog entry by alene


Our second game was on Friday night and we did very well against the NT, winning 3-0. Betty Bryant was simply brilliant in this game and got a trophy from the NT as Best on Ground but everyone played very well and with the slower game, we gelled as a ...

I picked up David at the Airport, Darwin - Pine Creek, Australia travel blog

I picked up David at the Airport

A travel blog entry by vincent

... ( about 22 degrees ) so it was easy for his adaptation. So after we went back to the NFIH for sleeping 3 hours before going in Darwin to rent the 4*4 ! The begining of our fabulous trip we picked the 4*4 at 10:00 AM and went back to the NFHI to fill ...

What we've learnt about Oz and Aussies, Darwin, Australia travel blog

What we've learnt about Oz and Aussies

A travel blog entry by peteandal


... beer/can of beer Long neck= bottled beer Tinny= can of beer Pot= half pint Fair dinkum= genuine/bona-Fidel's STRALIA= Australia Cobber=friend Galah= fool Flaming galah= flipping idiot Dunny/thunderbox= toilet Thong= flip flop Pot= half pint Strewth= ...

I'm feeling Territorial, Darwin, Australia travel blog

I'm feeling Territorial

A travel blog entry by charleslamb1985

... easy it is to make someone disappear out here. From here, the next place (literally) is the self-proclaimed UFO capital of Australia - Wycliffe Well. Both the locals and the cows round here seem to have a propensity for being probed by strange beings, so ...

Darwin - FInally we are WARM!, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Darwin - FInally we are WARM!

A travel blog entry by bheyl

... and tshirts we quickly changed.  Darwin is a city with a tropical feel.  It's right on the coast of Northern Australia.  Today we are just relaxing, swimming in the pool and seeing the city sites. Off to see Kakadu National Park ...

In Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog

In Darwin

A travel blog entry by yam_cina


I'm staying in Darwin in the house of David Mickel, an Ozi guy I found through the couchsurfing site. Together with Noam(Israeli girl) and Yoha(guy from Finland) we celebrate my Birthday and the 1st of June with is NT day, and in general a good ...

Random Nuggets Of Information #3, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Random Nuggets Of Information #3

A travel blog entry by travelnshit


... from here on in. The Top End City The first thing you need to know about Darwin is that it's hot. Its winter in Australia but Darwin doesn't do winter. It does the Wet (50C and close to 100% humidity, monsoonal rains, cyclones and flash floods) and the ...

Back to European style supermarkets...., Darwin, Australia travel blog

Back to European style supermarkets....

A travel blog entry by ian-sue

... was very comfortable and we crashed for a few hours. Woke up and went to the shop to get some food for dinner (yes, we slept all day!) in this big supermarket with known products and forgotten prices.... welcome to Australia! ...

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