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Daintree, Daintree National Park, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by angusbaptist


At the Daintree we camped on the beach. Did you know that the Daintree is the oldest rainforest on earth. At the Daintree we saw dolphins and monitor lizards climbing up trees. We also saw fireflies. We also saw cassowaries crossing the road with their ...

Brekky and Daintree, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Brekky and Daintree

A travel blog entry by thestulbergs


... ", as they call it. It was by far the best meal we had in PD during our stay. After, we drove up to Daintree Rainforest and spent a few hours bush walking through Mossman Gorge - home of the aborigine people, who continue to live there. Stepping out ...

bloomfield, daintree,  The Bloomfield Track And Daintree, Australia travel blog

bloomfield, daintree

A travel blog entry by kimstac


... coconut laden beach. Molly saw her first croc in the creek, a small estuary croc about 3m. It was a very pretty place along the Daintree, where the rainforest really does meet the sea. Stacy went on a dive boat for the day to Mackay Reef- the diving was ...

We've been really busy today, Wonga Beach, Australia travel blog

We've been really busy today

A travel blog entry by matt_terry_173


What a busy time we've had here at Wonga Beach, yesterday we went to Daintree Village, we ended up having lunch there that was all because there isn't much there, we went and looked in a gallery, we had missed the markets and there was only another café ...

14 inches in 12 hours, Daintree National Park, Australia travel blog

14 inches in 12 hours

A travel blog entry by ccfrew


... raining we decide to head down to the Daintree. What an awesome place !! The rainforest is such a contrast to anything else in Australia ,especially from where we had come in central QLD. There was a short trip via ferry across the Daintree River to the ...

Where Are All The Cassowaries?, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Where Are All The Cassowaries?

A travel blog entry by peteandliz


... the rear-view mirror, when Lizzie spotted a couple of kangaroos in a field by the side of the road.  We thought Australia was reprieved [cumulative kangaroo count: 2]; we shall see. A few hours, a couple of hundred kilometres and a car ferry later ...

Hello, T.K.!, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Hello, T.K.!

A travel blog entry by annagoesnz


... zum Glück auch gut unser ganzes Gepäck Platz fand. Mit diesem haben wir uns dann auf den Weg Richtung Norden nach Daintree gemacht. Wir haben schöne Buchten gesehen und vor allem gutes, günstiges Obst am Straßenrand erstanden, so gab es goldene und ...

die Ostkueste, Daintree, Australia travel blog

die Ostkueste

A travel blog entry by anna_australia

In 2 Tagen im Regenwald haben wir soviel gesehen und entdeckt und natuerlich hat es auch geregnet! Die Mosman Gorge, 4 verschiedene Boardwalks, Cape Tribulation und ein Krokodilcruise waren unsere Programmpunkte. Aber am schoensten war es ...

Daintree Youth Camp and Family Fun Night!, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Daintree Youth Camp and Family Fun Night!

A travel blog entry by thecronins

... ;John and Jody’s farm”. As I don’t have a clue where we are going, other than to just past the Daintree Village, I am assuming rainforest, but that is only a guess…I wonder how I will go at sleeping on the ground again?  Mum ...

MV Trinity Bay, Daintree, Australia travel blog

MV Trinity Bay

A travel blog entry by polgs

Spent the day on board looking at the sights, coastal features and islands along the way. And eating too much. The food was very good and buffet style so we could eat as much as we ...

The Daintree Rainforest, Daintree Rainforest, Australia travel blog

The Daintree Rainforest

A travel blog entry by smbeck


... the trees that must have been blocking the road. Lots of leaves and vegetation still on the road. We drove right to Daintree Village. Tiny little place. We booked our Crocodile Express river cruise and looked around. It is here where I spotted the ...

Surprise boat trip, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Surprise boat trip

A travel blog entry by petermaryanne


... stories of our travels to date. We retired around 8.30pm as there are a fair number of mosquitoes and March flies about. (Danbulla, Mareeba, Mount Malloy, Mossman, Daintree River, Newell, Wonga, Thornton Beach, Mt Hemmant and then to Cape ...

Daintree Village, Daintree Region, Australia travel blog

Daintree Village

A travel blog entry by c-in-oz


... capacity and had been unable to accommodate everyone wishing to stay at this location at times. We started the next morning with a Daintree River cruise with crocodile express. We walked from our camp down to the boat ramp departure point, a distance of ...

spiderfobia makes me drink, Daintree, Australia travel blog

spiderfobia makes me drink

A travel blog entry by izakur


before i go to bed, belive me, spiders everwhere bleahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nar man oppnad dorren pa kvalle hoppar det saker till hoger o vanster, scary, huge frogs and gekoss borjar planera vad jag ska gora...ok, jag ska absolut snorkla har for det har jag ...

MOSSMAN GORGE & DAINTREE, Daintree, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by shered


... especially when combined with a cyclone which appears to happen here on a regular basis. Salt water crocodiles are a serious matter in Australia. Croc warning signs are posted everywhere near the ocean, and for good reason, the crocs can get up to 18 ...

simmar som en fisk, Daintree, Australia travel blog

simmar som en fisk

A travel blog entry by izakur

yo! klange sen ingen text fran mig, har skriver jag nu, som vanligt lite stressad pga dalig net o skit! idag hare jag simmat massor! tammmy ar inte bara a teacher hon e aven swimteacher! sa ni kan tanka er vad vi hittar pa i vattnet! den stora fagel emu ...

A New Beginning, Daintree Region, Australia travel blog

A New Beginning

A travel blog entry by maja.flower


... ;wow Firstly Eclipse2012 was probably one of the best festivals I have ever been to, so many cool people from all around Australia and world made surviving the desert environment that much easier. After the party we spend a few days around the Daintrees, ...

Port Douglas and Daintree National Park, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Port Douglas and Daintree National Park

A travel blog entry by dan-ellie2015


... a walk later if it clears. And tomorrow we start our journey to New Zealand so the next update will probably be when we get there! Australia has been amazing and we have done and seen so much in 7 weeks but we are very much looking forward to NZ and what ...

Dominic in the Daintree, Daintree Region, Australia travel blog

Dominic in the Daintree

A travel blog entry by godboldsgonorth


... especially the things ways up high in the trees that are usually impossible to see from the ground. Facts on the Daintree Rainforest:  1   Cassowaries are really important to the rainforest, because there are so many plants in the ...

Dont forget to be Cass-o-wary!, Daintree Rainforest, Australia travel blog

Dont forget to be Cass-o-wary!

A travel blog entry by beritjansen


... , and then the rain started up again. This whole region is very special to Aborigines and this was actually the only place in Australia where we saw aboriginal people en masse. Its very sad to me that the local culture here, much like Native Americans is ...

Crocs oder so, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Crocs oder so

A travel blog entry by annikaandlion

... ;nger und verzogen uns direkt nach dem Aufstehen und warfen den zwei Weibern gleich noch einen bösen Blick zu! Unser Ziel war Daintree da wir ja heute unsere Krokodil Tour dort hatten wollten wir da dann gleich auch schon frühstücken. Auf ...

Barbs, Thorns & Leeches, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Barbs, Thorns & Leeches

A travel blog entry by ecoodysseys


... of pool. Magnificent sight of tree-covered slopes rise steeply on every side of the gorge we were in. This is Daintree wilderness, an area of no recorded history of anyone previously venturing into. Lunch with support group, then afternoon nap. Chris ...

Daintree National Park, Daintree Region, Australia travel blog

Daintree National Park

A travel blog entry by eefieenbjorn


Hey, Vanmorgen vertrokken we met een jeep richting het Dainttree National Park. Onze eerste stop was aan de Daintree river, waar we een boottocht op maakten. Op die manier krijg je het regenwoud vanuit een ander perspectief te zien. Het doel van de ...

Daintree rain forest, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Daintree rain forest

A travel blog entry by davidianatasha

with ...

Daintree, Daintree, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by georgg


Today I drove north from Cairns to the Daintree National Park, which is a large area of tropical rain forest and wetlands. The drive up along the coast was beautiful. On the way up I stopped over at a really interesting Wildlife Habitat place, to ...

Ettie and Sadie: Daintree Rainforest / Cape Trib, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Ettie and Sadie: Daintree Rainforest / Cape Trib

A travel blog entry by sherri74


We booked as excursion that would take us to some sites such as the animal sanctuary in the morning, drives us to to the daintree/cape trib and pick us up a couple of days later to see some other sites on the way back. Our next morning we were picked ...

What's wrong with Noel, Helenvale, Australia travel blog

What's wrong with Noel

A travel blog entry by gail_hart


We headed off from Cairns about 9.00am. We travelled up through Mareeba,  Mt Mollloy, and Mt Carbine. We stopped at Lakeland Downs for lunch. This is where you turn off to the Peninsula Development Road, the road to Cape York. We were heading north ...

Cairns and up to the Rainforest, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Cairns and up to the Rainforest

A travel blog entry by meltin4


My first stop in Australia was Cairns - a small laid back city on the coast, home to some people and thousands of bats. From here I took a trip up into the Daintree Rainforest. We went on a boat ride in search of crocodiles and spotted a tiny baby ...

Daintree, Brahman,Crocs and Passion Fruit, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Daintree, Brahman,Crocs and Passion Fruit

A travel blog entry by leesa.n.dagzy


... and married. When he went back to marry her and found out this news he married her younger sister instead. He brought her back to Australia and built her a castle and amazing gardens, half her luck. He found some land on the mena creek right next to this ...

On our way  at last, Wujal Wujal, Australia travel blog

On our way at last

A travel blog entry by wanderingwatson


... and water. A great change after the long, straight dusty road going out west to Boulia and Mt Isa and back. After crossing the Daintree River on the ferry its a good drive to Cape Tribulation - sealed road then dirt with a couple of steep climbs and ...

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