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Cafayate, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by edc


... wine from the bodegas up the road. All accompanied by more traditional music and dancing. Considering the number of cows that live in Argentina, they still haven't quite got round to inventing proper cheese. One bit Dave had was a bit too much like a pale ...

I´m getting me a goat!, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

I´m getting me a goat!

A travel blog entry by jspen

Cafayate is a small, very pretty town centered around a lovely plaza circled by cafes and restaurants and the usual tourist shops selling pretty, shiny things. It is the home of the Torrentes white wine, a wine that has a slightly gasoline flavour and ...

Day 173 - Cafayate, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Day 173 - Cafayate

A travel blog entry by al_fey


... to visit with a car) and we've had a wonderful time relaxing here. Well, not including the punctures!  We'd thoroughly recommend the town to anyone travelling through the north of Argentina: two thumbs up! Lots of love, Al & Katie ...

Cafayate; days of wine, icecream and waterways, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Cafayate; days of wine, icecream and waterways

A travel blog entry by jenandtony


... most towns that we’ve visited we have managed to fit in a stop at a local heladeria (ice cream parlour) and Cafayate was no exception. However, Helados Miranda takes it all a stage further and produces some very good ice cream made from ...

Quebrada de Cafayate, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Quebrada de Cafayate

A travel blog entry by worldtaste


... to take a tour and to return the day after. As we were in Cafayate we booked also a tour to go to Quilmes ruins. In Cafayate, I met also a french girl: Alice that I met in San Pedro de Atacama and she went with us for the appetizer and for the diner. ...

A long and testing adventure, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

A long and testing adventure

A travel blog entry by muzz_travelling


... . Surri is an Incan god, the protector if niños (children) and we call her ¨Surri de Cafayate¨ a very powerful name here. From Cafayate, Adam the Hollander, the two Swedish, Surri the dog and I took a bus to Angastacio and walked for 3 days and covered ...

Day 172 - Salta to Cafayate, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Day 172 - Salta to Cafayate

A travel blog entry by al_fey


... to be ever-changing and spectacular, but it couldn't quite match up to those lofty expectations! As you get closer to Cafayate you wind through a very scenic mountain range which reminded us a bit of Tupiza, with strong colours and shapes of rocks ...

Back On Track, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Back On Track

A travel blog entry by lyndshane


... , combined with us landing in wonderful Cafayate, has lessened the sour taste we’ve had in our mouths with regard to Argentina. It may not ultimately be wholly one of our favourite countries but it will be one where some of our favourite gems are ...

Another first!!, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Another first!!

A travel blog entry by peterludford


Another first for the two of us.  We are now in the north of the country in a place called Cafayate and have just been whitewater rafting on level 3 rapids!!! (they go from 1 to 5) To put this in perspective for you, I once got a certificate for ...

Cafayate, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by bugs1983


... nbsp;   easy i suppose , and their are so many tourist you are not as "special" Overall thoughts .   Argentina is a great country , really easy to travel, not expensive so much to see (Patagonia , ...

Cafayate, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by pieterrick

De volgende dag weer vroeg op om naar Cafayate te rijden, een stadje 300 km ten zuiden van Salta. Cafayate staat bekend om zijn witte wijnen die daar worden geproduceerd. De weg erheen is werkelijk prachtig. We rijden eerst een stuk door groene bergen. ...

Why are little goats called kids?, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Why are little goats called kids?

A travel blog entry by esteban


We just spent a few days sampling the life in Cafayate. It`s a nice little town about 3 hours from Salta by a road which winds along yet another beautiful red canyon. The town itself is in a wide, sunny valley, making it perfect for grape growing,with the ...

Wine country #2 - Happy in Cafayate!, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Wine country #2 - Happy in Cafayate!

A travel blog entry by thestewarts


Well, if we loved Chilecito then we absolutely adored Cafayate! 3 buses later (Chil - La R, 3hr P25 La R - Tucuman, 6hr P126, Tuc - Caf, 6hr P95), over the amazing (and windy!) Anconquila Road, where the landscapes get even more dramatic, the cacti ...

Further into the Mountains, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Further into the Mountains

A travel blog entry by gazwilliams


We took the early morning bus to Cafayate. A beautiful little town in the mountains which got really quite hot in the afternoon, that was a nice change. The area is famous for vineyards and growing the Malbec grape which apparently you can no longer get ...

Canines and Canyons..., Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Canines and Canyons...

A travel blog entry by rosalindandceri


... to our destination, knocking up the fast asleep owner and refusing to even take a bottle of wine for his troubles. Bless! Cafayate turned out to be a beautful and peaceful end to the slightly nerveracking journey, and we managed lots of shopping and ...

Said Idiots Get Lost in the Desert, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Said Idiots Get Lost in the Desert

A travel blog entry by davidbowmaker

... down. The photo he got was canny but not as good as the one I took of a German idiot half way up a pole. We reach Cafayate in time to do a vinyard tour. Our tour guide is as camp as christmas and I burst out laughing when Tobias whispers, "I think ...

Land Nummer 15, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Land Nummer 15

A travel blog entry by pura-vida


... Sack Holzkohle, damit mann für das anstehende 'Asado' jederzeit gerüstet ist! Eine weitere Köstlichkeit testeten wir in Cafayate: den Wein! Nach Mendoza ist Cafayate die zweite Weinhochburg des Landes und da liessen wir es uns nicht entgehen einer ...

Argentina - the Empanada Trail Continues, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Argentina - the Empanada Trail Continues

A travel blog entry by commuter

... blankets, sort of like kibble for tourist puppies.  I found a picture that gives you a good idea, see  There are both men and women working the looms, and all ...

Day 322 - 331: A Road Trip Across Argentina, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Day 322 - 331: A Road Trip Across Argentina

A travel blog entry by djmorton


... we ever going to appreciate the beauty of a vinyeyard again. New Zealand, Australia and America doesn't have anything on Argentina. Argentine vineyards. Cafayate is located in the southern part of Valles Calchaquíes, with an altitude of more than 1,800 ...

Wine-tasting and the

Wine-tasting and the "Quebrada del Cafayate"

A travel blog entry by garygapyear


... ... so went back to the hostel and crashed out for a few hours. Become rather addicted to "empanadas" during my time in Argentina ... these are little pasties traditionally filled with beef , chicken or ham & cheese but also with a number of other ...

Time to chill out - if we hadn´t been before!, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Time to chill out - if we hadn´t been before!

A travel blog entry by ollieinamerica


... took us on to the local bar where wee chatted the evening away! Daniel was a ping pong addict and got me involved in a few Argentina vs England matches and, I´m afraid to say, England lost 5-1! After another chilled day it was time to leave - Salta here ...

Cafayate, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by emsadventure


... , ate their cheese, it was good cheese.  Then in the afternoon the same group of us took a tour to the Quebrada de Cafayate which was spectacular.  The area around Cafayate is like desert with loads of huge cacti but its quite hilly.  The ...

Torrontes, Malbec and other good stuff...:-))), Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Torrontes, Malbec and other good stuff...:-)))

A travel blog entry by claudiaroger


... far as we wanted to drop by another winery ;-). After a very hot and strenuous uphill ride we enjoyed yet another interesting tour and tasting. Yep, this - together with some delicious meals - is what we had imagined Argentina to be about. We love it ...

Cafayate, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by stubo


... is so stunning! It is also only a 3 hour journey in a small van which they call ´The Sprinter´ It really does as well! I got into Cafayate and had no map - but the hostel I wanted were giving out free maps as soon as I got off the bus - handy! I ...

Cafayte, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by mikeandmary


... Quilmes, by 1825 all trace of these people had died out. The area was later, in 1875, the site of the largest brewery in Argentina and still today the name lives on in the beer. Even today there are still problems with the site, the area was given as a ...

Ruta Vino here we come......, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Ruta Vino here we come......

A travel blog entry by samandtom


... plaza, so we didn`t hang around after lunch and got back on the `road` to begin leg two of the journey to Cafayate. After a slight turn around just outside Cachi we got ourselves back on route down an even more deserted, unserviced dirt track and began a ...

Red wine and cooking, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Red wine and cooking

A travel blog entry by vmcelani


... nap!   Was able to get up a little later and got to walk around the little town square and enjoy another small Argentina town.  I can´t explain how quaint these places are.  All have a plaza in the middle with tons of trees and little ...

Snakes, sips and spewing, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Snakes, sips and spewing

A travel blog entry by harrisonhines


... just bits of cake and dry toast with tea / coffee. Recommended. - Stayed at: Hostal del Angel, San Martín 162, Cafayate. Tel: (03868) 422212. Nice enough place with same central location as the other one. Has a back garden for sunbathing. ...

Our first Argentinian steak!, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Our first Argentinian steak!

A travel blog entry by michael_lizi


We were on a roll with the hire car so decided to hold on to it for a couple of days and explore the area south of Salta.  We ended up in Cafayete, which is a very pretty village renowned for it`s wine!  The journey to Cafayete was beautiful ...

Awsome Scenery, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Awsome Scenery

A travel blog entry by watties


... We have managed to drag ourselves away from Mendoza and although initially decided on Tucuman we caught a bus not long after arriving to Cafayate. The journey from Mendoza i think is the worst so far, the bus was crap and it all felt pretty dodgy even our ...

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