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Meat is King, Montevideo, Uruguay, Uruguay travel blog

Meat is King

A travel blog entry by cdennison


We arrived in Montevideo, Uruguay after a sea day.  Yesterday, we had sushi & fish bbq on deck for lunch with lots of amazing fish.  We also had an interesting event leaving port.  There was a huge cracking sound on leaving the dock and ...

Sunny in Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

Sunny in Montevideo

A travel blog entry by dna_adventures


... with the dog walkers who have about 8 dogs walking together. Luckily they seem like well behaved dogs! The neighbourhood and area of Montevideo that we were in was a lot more well of and touristy. There were lots of new apartments built and it seems to ...

U.G.L.Y.- A book review., Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

U.G.L.Y.- A book review.

A travel blog entry by andyandott


U.G.L.Y you ain't got no alibi..... You ugly! You ugly! Well I have just read a story with an ugly deaf ginger guy in. ...... No not Mick Hicknall..., a totally mental priest, a womanising captain and a gypo. Now everyone fancies the gypo....who goes ...

Montevideo, Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

Montevideo, Uruguay

A travel blog entry by wendypaul


We arrived in Montevideo, Uruguay this morning. We all started the day in a different way. Wendy went for stretching and abs. Exercises and two times around the deck. Paul did his prescribed calf exercises and then went to the sports club. Eleanor had ...

Is someone bombing Montevideo?, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

Is someone bombing Montevideo?

A travel blog entry by gpalecek

Stacy Ginny and I were at dinner after our day on in Colonia.  We went to dinner in the center of Montevideo.  We were chatting with two brothers in castellano as they tried to sell us little flowers.  All the sudden it sounded as if a bomb ...

Ole!, Colonia, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by gbarr

The team sends a search party into an abandoned bullfighting ring, this and many more thing as we wait for our ferry back to Buenos ...

Itīs beautiful here!, Colonia, Uruguay travel blog

Itīs beautiful here!

A travel blog entry by tiggerbird


Iīll get round to updating later on.... got a boat here from BA and it only took an hour!  Itīs really beautiful here and so so ...

Montevideo, with stories through the walls, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

Montevideo, with stories through the walls

A travel blog entry by traveese


... just as one could write off the country itself in comparison to its larger and more famous neighbor, Argentina.  But Montevideo, Uruguay, and Uruguayans all have secrets of their own, and it was surprising that we uncovered so many interesting ...

Montivideo, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by badgers07

Tuesday 22nd January, Punta del Este/Montevideo, Uruguay - Max temp 29C Rating - Suitable for all   We all jumped out of bed nice and early this morning (Garvo only had to tell me twice to get up) and filled our boots (and stomachs) at the local ...

Uruguay's Capital, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

Uruguay's Capital

A travel blog entry by andresturner

Our bus from Colonia to Montevideo was only about an hour and a half.  We pulled into the huge terminal of 'Tres Cruces' ahead of schedule, found a hostel for the night, and got insight on a restaurant where we could take in Uruguayan cuisine, to say ...

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