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Chuy, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by stubo

Getting to Chuy was easy. We hopped on the 8am bus and were in Chuy an hour later. We planned to camp here while we saw a fort and Sarah tried to obtain a Brazilian visa. This plan went out the window..... We went past the campsite which was ...

Three beaches of Uruguay, Punta del Este, Uruguay travel blog

Three beaches of Uruguay

A travel blog entry by jennyroberts


... of people...and still no Aussies! Mark and I picked up a bus bright and early in Chui and got officially stamped into Uruguay with ease. The bus conductor commented that Uruguay was empty now and when we arrived in Punta del Diablo his prediction was ...

Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by rballesca


No blog entry here.  I just wanted to increase the percentage of countries I've been to on this trip, as stated by travelpod.  Here are some pics ...

Our final country......Uruguay, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay travel blog

Our final country......Uruguay

A travel blog entry by porradasa


... a couple of times on the trip......but today it saved our asses....Thank you gel. Tonight we will spend our first night in Uruguay relaxing in the tranquil colonial town of Colonia del Sacramento.  Tomorrow we will put a new tube in my tire (just to ...

Dorms!, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by caroline_little

After our first dorm experience (not as bad as we thought) in Colonia, we battled a thunder storm and monsoon rain (it seems to follow us) to catch the bus to Montevideo, the Uruguayan capital.  Just before we caught the bus we got an email to tell ...

Lovely, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by jessi330


Woke up early today, mad rush to shower and get out of the rooms. Breakfast consisted of non-sweetened corn flakes and orange juice - that really tastes like sunny d - which is not orange juice and bread. I ate mostly bread. They were out of coffee. ...

Near Puma Sighting, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

Near Puma Sighting

A travel blog entry by mish_brendan


... true and that Argentina WAS playing rugby here tomorrow. We looked it us on the internet and to our disappointment, Argentina was playing Uruguay tomorrow but in american football, not rugby... Thought it was too good to be true.  That being said, we ...

Uruguay - Colonia de Sacremento, Colonia Del Sacramento, Uruguay travel blog

Uruguay - Colonia de Sacremento

A travel blog entry by seanandalexa


We left the hostel in BA early to catch the quick ferry to Colonia de Sacremento, in Uruguay. Apart from being a nice colonial town to visit, and another stamp in the passport, we also had another motive for the trip in that we could withdraw some more US ...

Dancing on the bar in Montevideo......., Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

Dancing on the bar in Montevideo.......

A travel blog entry by willb

Arrived in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, on the 15th and stayed for a few nights. We hired some bikes to do a made up city tour by ourselves, quite a nice city but really small for a capital. We cycled around the coast to relax on a few of the ...

Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by wavey


... been officially visited. Sadly for the Uruguayos, I didn't go because of the irresistable lure of the wonders of Montevideo or Uruguay, but rather because I needed to renew my tourist visa in Argentina and so had to leave the country and return. The ...

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