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Last Night in Maine, Machias, United States travel blog

Last Night in Maine

A travel blog entry by gretchen.swain


So this entry is a practice one so people can see if they want to receive the emails or not. When I'm in Spain, I'll try to update at least once a week depending on wifi availability. I'm headed out tomorrow with my parents to ...

Day 28 - The Cruise - Bar Harbor, Maine, Bar Harbor, United States travel blog

Day 28 - The Cruise - Bar Harbor, Maine

A travel blog entry by tallypez


... off one of my favourite meals of their trip.  I will also mention that it was at this point we also discovered people from Maine also eat lobster ice cream - yes, they actually have chunks of lobster mixed in with their ice cream.  I will leave ...

Indian Summer - wo bist Du?, Rockland, United States travel blog

Indian Summer - wo bist Du?

A travel blog entry by rahelundpeter


... gefördert haben, sind wir eh noch zu südlich. Der Peak des Indian Summers/Fall Foliage liegt weiter nördlich in Vermont, Maine und New Brunswick (Canada). Wir unternehmen noch einen Abstecher an die schöne, zerklüftete Küste von Maine nach Port ...

Portland is Quiet, Portland, United States travel blog

Portland is Quiet

A travel blog entry by mndlx


After being in New York for 6 days Portland ME seems extremely quiet and laid back. I believe Darren told me that the population is only 60,000. Compared to the 3.8 million population of NYC, it's nice change of pace...we just have to stop trying to ...

K2FK Day 8, Calais, United States travel blog

K2FK Day 8

A travel blog entry by jbalicki


... Everyone else biked all or part of the day biking 56 miles to Greenland Cove Campground on East Grand Lake which borders Maine and New Brunswick. A very unpopulated section of Maine here in northern Washington County. Swimming was "grand" but the coldest ...

Juillet 1993 : Virginia Beach, on revient ! (pt.1), Camden, United States travel blog

Juillet 1993 : Virginia Beach, on revient ! (pt.1)

A travel blog entry by travellingjon

... je m'avance. Je me souviens aussi, et plutôt précisément, de notre bref passage (une heure ou deux) à Camden, dans le Maine. C'était notre premier arrêt depuis notre départ depuis Québec. J'y avais acheté un paquet KitKat à 69 cents. Bien moins ...

First few days at camp, Brooksville, United States travel blog

First few days at camp

A travel blog entry by georgestrick

Been loving life at camp! Only been here 2 days but have already got stuck in with everything. Over winter, everything gets buffeted by the seasons so we have to get it all back to a presentable condition before the kids arrive. The last 2 days I've been ...

Camden & Rockport, Maine, Camden, United States travel blog

Camden & Rockport, Maine

A travel blog entry by ecks-adventures

Left Dave & Julie's about noon today, and they suggested we drive out to the coast and see the quaint little villages of Rockport and Camden, as we headed north towards Acadia National Park.  Camden and Rockport were indeed pretty little coastal ...

Maine, Squirrel Island, United States travel blog


A travel blog entry by travelingval


Arrived at the airport, Michelle, my sister had just arrived from LA and was waiting with the rental car, drove from Portland to Boothbay and then took the ferry to Squirrel Island. No cars, trucks, bikes, phones, tv, just the sound of the ocean. We ...

Where it all began, Van Buren, United States travel blog

Where it all began

A travel blog entry by owens8


... when he went there. He climbed into the van and took us on a tour of the town, reminiscing about his childhood growing up in Maine as we went along. He showed us what the different buildings in town were, the expansive potato, wheat, and barley fields. He ...

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