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Vicarious Travel Through my Daughter, Cheney, United States travel blog

Vicarious Travel Through my Daughter

A travel blog entry by sarah.henry-mom

Since I have never traveled to Australia, my Great Adventure will have to come from our daughter's relaying of her experiences to me.  I hope that she (and all of you other ambassadors) will communicate frequently with your parents.  We will be ...

Blown Away, Kansas City, United States travel blog

Blown Away

A travel blog entry by paulej4


With the wayback full of luggage and Lily, we're off to Denver.  There is sooooo much to see ...

Departure in Style, Kansas City, United States travel blog

Departure in Style

A travel blog entry by ditchthecube


I got up at 7:30, checked my email and flight. I was not upgraded to business, but there appeared to be 5 seats available still. Could be my lucky day. After showering and repacking everything for air travel, I left around 8:30 and got to the airport ...

Kat in Kansas, Kansas City, United States travel blog

Kat in Kansas

A travel blog entry by kellyday

... to visit lots of good friends along the way, and also to visit areas we had yet to drive through before. First stop was Kansas City, Kansas to visit our darling Kat. Last time we saw this lovely lady, she was volunteering with her family in another small ...

Day 24: Topeka, Kansas, Topeka, United States travel blog

Day 24: Topeka, Kansas

A travel blog entry by aorseno

... we could avoid having to get back in the car. We walked to a Chipotle, ate dinner, and then went swimming back at our hotel. I'm trying not to stress about tomorrow morning, but I really don't want to be stuck in Topeka, Kansas. I just want to get ...

P2P Social -

P2P Social - "Getting to know you!"

A travel blog entry by wichitap2p


Today was the real beginning of our journey planned for this summer--our get together at Lunar Golf in Town West.  We had about 20 students and several parents come out on a cold, dreary day. But it wasn't cold nor dreary inside golfing!  ...

Hectic day, Greensburg, United States travel blog

Hectic day

A travel blog entry by theguild


So the President is coming today. Security is so tight, I had to finagle and sweet talk my way around some guards just to use the restroom. I don't even plan on trying to get close to him, I have too much work to do. Food doesn't cook ...

Gammeltag, Goodland, United States travel blog


A travel blog entry by muekay.faraway


... an zu regnen. Und zwar heftig. Deswegen erklärten wir den Tag zum Gammeltag in Rob und schwommen bergab Richtung Kansas. Zwischen Staaten- und Zeitgrenze fanden wir gegen Abend noch einen Laundromaten und konnten verhindern, dass einer von uns unten ...

In the

In the "Knick" of Time

A travel blog entry by fefefliesfree

On the day I was supposed to leave on the single most exciting trip of my life up until that point, I was running late as always. I had barely managed to pack all of my bags in time. (Yes, oh yes. I was the dreaded "overpacker" on top of the ...

Kansas City, Kansas City, United States travel blog

Kansas City

A travel blog entry by sian311


... the making of the frame to the guards and tanks, to the paint and through to the final assembly.  While in Kansas we also visited the Hallmark visitors centre where we learned about the impressive history of Hallmark cards and the creative processes ...

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