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The Day Starts at 05:00, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

The Day Starts at 05:00

A travel blog entry by taishan

... Like a whirlwind, it was over almost as quick as it began. I'm a changed man, I learned so much about myself and Thailand and MuayThai. Knowledge and experience was my true Holy Grail. The End. I'd like to thank you all for reading this, and ...

Countdown!, Phuket, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by maxandtrudy


... the sunset on route.  It was bloody hard work as it was cross country but worth the effort to see unspoiled Thailand. Our guide showed us how to get rubber from a tree and we feed some huge cat and Koi fish in the ...

Way of the package tour, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

Way of the package tour

A travel blog entry by martin84

... wasn't as great as you might expect if you have heard of them but it was a tick off the list: 'things-to-do-in-thailand'. The next day I sat on the beach, watching the other people and reading a book. I ate some expensive 'western' food. Which usually ...

Arrivo a Phuket, Chalong (Phuket), Thailand travel blog

Arrivo a Phuket

A travel blog entry by globetrotterch

Il viaggio e stato abbastanza pesante...partire a mezzanotte da Hong Kong e avere solo due ore di volo (quindi non abbastanza per dormire) per poi dover aspettare 5 ore il volo dopo (anche quello di meno di due ore). Alla fine cercare la palestra...Che ...

Adventuring Phuket, Tambon Kathu, Thailand travel blog

Adventuring Phuket

A travel blog entry by remmel2015


When Leah and pj go to school we wondered the streets of Phuket. We went shopping, dentist appointment, haircut, surf house and meeting friends. Sew pj do Muay ...

From slumming to stardom, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

From slumming to stardom

A travel blog entry by aldo80


Went into Phuket town today and had a look around. Got a map and managed to get us totally lost again. But this time it was fate, walked down a street straight into a bbc film set with Tim Roth filming in the street. As Tim and me go way back, we were ...

A Family Affair, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

A Family Affair

A travel blog entry by travellingjess


... next to a group of men who make better women than I do! The next port of call on the Davis whistlestop tour of Thailand was Chiang Mai. We visited Doi Suthep temple which I'd already been to but it was refreshing visiting a temple with people who weren't ...

phuket so far, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

phuket so far

A travel blog entry by adairi

birds nest soup - 4 out of ...

The First Day At School, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

The First Day At School

A travel blog entry by j3ster


The firt day at school today and it was great........ Most of the poeple we have already met around the pool or in the lobby of the hotel but some were new faces to us. There are 31 of us mostly Americans a couple of Australians and a few others from ...

Phuket, Phuket, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by npointing


... crossing the crew made all of us move over to the starbord side to balance the boat, glad I had my swimming shorts on! mind you a bonus dip here would not be a problem. Passed through Phuket town en- route north stopping at Ranong for a day trip to ...

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