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Monkeys and antiquities, Ayutthaya, Lopburi and Phitsanulok, Thailand travel blog

Monkeys and antiquities

A travel blog entry by mimmik

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... like a sleepy little town, nice to wander thru, good food at the night market (including the best omelette I've had so far in Thailand, made by a really nice guy and his mum, who was the wok master!). Itinerary decision: Lynda and I are off on the ...

The Kanchanaburi Province, Kanchanaburi, Thailand travel blog

The Kanchanaburi Province

A travel blog entry by scottwoz

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... Then there's the food. The Kanchanaburi night market is well worth a sly visit. Naturally we sampled what is boasted as 'Thailand's best fried mussels' - they weren't so great, though there were plenty more sumptuous snackeroos to keep us going for at ...

Lions Elephants and Bundials, Kanchanburi, Thailand travel blog

Lions Elephants and Bundials

A travel blog entry by catters

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... seen All of these were amazing and things I could talk forever about. A picture tells a thousand words so I have tried to put a few that capture it on here. It has been real good to get away from the islands and get into the adventure that is ...

Crashing back to earth, Bangkok, Thailand travel blog

Crashing back to earth

A travel blog entry by baldtel_on_tour

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Well i wasn't expecting that!!!! Ok, so an unexplained chain of events happened, when I went to the cash machine. I didn't get any money out. Actually, the machine wouldn't let me take any more out. Bugger!! I tried every machine in the area. ...

Back in the Magic Kingdom, Chiang Mai, Thailand travel blog

Back in the Magic Kingdom

A travel blog entry by christinasworld

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... me of bee keepers covered black with honey bees that with the slightest movement clump to the ground. Welcome back to Thailand! Chaing Mai seems a bit like Bangkok only smaller but seedier but that's only my first impression. There's beauty here I ...

Couch Surf Ko Phangan, Ko Phangan, Thailand travel blog

Couch Surf Ko Phangan

A travel blog entry by you_know_zo

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So, having said our goodbyes on Ko Tao, we took a short ferry ride over to Ko Phangan... the Thai island famous for its Full Moon, half moon, black moon etc. parties... Unfortunately we didn't time our trip right for any kind of party...  However, ...

Temples and Buddhist worshipers, Bangkok, Thailand travel blog

Temples and Buddhist worshipers

A travel blog entry by keithandkim

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... the only sound was the few whistles from the uniformed officers. I looked at Kim and said " I think the King of Thailand is coming", we watched as the convoy of royal vehicles whipped through the intersections. There were probably 12 red mercedes coupes ...

Peace of Pai, Pai, Thailand travel blog

Peace of Pai

A travel blog entry by stevejames

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Home Run!, Phayakkhaphum Phisai, Thailand travel blog

Home Run!

A travel blog entry by alasdairm

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And the cow is alright! Continued trying to teach some tongue twisters today with some of the younger classes which turned into a complete mauling of the language but they still had fun though which is the main thing. Some commotion outside the ...

Aye, Aye it's the jungle of Khoa Yai, Khoa Yai National Park, Thailand travel blog

Aye, Aye it's the jungle of Khoa Yai

A travel blog entry by wordsworths

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Khoa Yai is a national park full of jungle, wild animals & waterfalls. Possibly the scariest journey yet in terms of not being sure where we were going nor how we were going to get there. Started off well on Khoa San Road; the taxi meters lined ...

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