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A Tiny Airstrip and a Buffalo Hunter, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

A Tiny Airstrip and a Buffalo Hunter

A travel blog entry by nomadictendency


... (mostly from the southern USA) pay for the thrill of trekking and killing wild game (mostly buffalo). Since coming to Tanzania in the early 2000s, Quintin has pretty much carried on the family trade operating his own business called Rungwa Game Kiboko ...

get your tilly hat on...., Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

get your tilly hat on....

A travel blog entry by rachelmfw


...or make fun of everyone around you who's wearing one ha. :) The past ten days I've been in the middle of the bush in Tanzania with my mom and our awesome safari guide Shafino. my mom flew into nairobi a week and a half ago, we made it down to Arusha ...

Through the Lemosho glades, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Through the Lemosho glades

A travel blog entry by moealthani

It was a quarter to six in the morning and the hints of sunlight had just begun to creep through the wooden slats in our bedroom window. Despite the jetlag of the previous day’s travel, I’d woken up before the alarm I’d set for six. I ...

test, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog


A travel blog entry by ulldart

test ...

Safari, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog


A travel blog entry by wrightio27


Saturday 30th June, 2001 We travelled to Arusha, Tanzania where we had to find accommodation. There are heaps of people just waiting for bus loads of people to come with them to their hotel so it was no drama to find a suitable place. Sunday 1st ...

Lake Manyara, then Arusha overnight, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Lake Manyara, then Arusha overnight

A travel blog entry by john_abroad

... . The Masai are selling their traditional blankets everywhere we go.  Most are made in China. On our last night in Tanzania, stayed in a terrible hotel (tour guide ripped us off).  People sleeping in the lobby.  Hotel clerk gone at night - ...

Two men digging a hole... again!, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Two men digging a hole... again!

A travel blog entry by peterhogel


Ive been here a week… A good week! And today its time to go and get my hair cut…Ill probably  do that at the "Happy fellows hair cutting" place, it seems like a better idea then, and Im not kidding “Kunta Kintes hair ...

Penetrating the Impenetrable Forest, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Penetrating the Impenetrable Forest

A travel blog entry by owntheunknown


... believe, but my 54 day overland trip is now officially over. Today I took a bus out of Nairobi and back into Tanzania. I'm spending the night in Arusha and tomorrow I switch gears and begin my climb of Kiilmanjaro. I only have a week left in this trip ...

Tanzanian Summer, Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania travel blog

Tanzanian Summer

A travel blog entry by womblepeter


... trying to attempt to put you in the picture but on re-reading them I can only suggest that you plan a visit to Tanzania to experience this magnificent place for yourself.  ...

Vrouwen met baarden., Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Vrouwen met baarden.

A travel blog entry by marliesstrating


... zijn studie afgemaakt en zoekt nu naar werk. Hij is een maand in Dar es Salaam geweest en kwam nu naar Arusha. Hoewel hij nog nooit buiten Tanzania is geweest, is zijn Engels perfect. Hij heeft meteen allemaal ideen over wat wij moeten doen hier en wat ...

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