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"The government is shit"

A travel blog entry by meredyth


... that Tanzanians aren't benefiting. "Where does that money go? Nobody knows", he said. Around election time, the main political party (Tanzania was a one-party state until 1991) goes around doing a half-assed job at fixing roads and gives away free ...

Maji Ya Chai School, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Maji Ya Chai School

A travel blog entry by davidwshih

... Trip Advisor and connected with a British couple that have been working with a company called ACTT (Affordable Computer Technology for Tanzania) that provide computers for schools in Tanzania. ACTT is based in Moshi but due to our time limit, we asked ...

De raarste vraag die mij gesteld is in Afrika, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

De raarste vraag die mij gesteld is in Afrika

A travel blog entry by marliesstrating


... tutten, fietsen, goed ontbijt, gewoon lopen door de Albert Heijn en een beetje rond snuffelen. De alledaagse gewoonlijke dingen. Het leven in Tanzania is ook al zo gewend dat het normaal wordt. Af en toe moet ik me eraan herinneren dat ik hier zit. In ...

too much!, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

too much!

A travel blog entry by alisonburton


... out when i come home!!! you will love it! and i again got to use my pro skills at bartering!!!  we are going to the Arusha Hotel pool this afternoon its $8000 tish (like 5 Canadian i think) to use it for the whole day, and there are also ...

Im-Precision Air - Arrival in Africa, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Im-Precision Air - Arrival in Africa

A travel blog entry by jeanetteandpat

... , and hired us a down jacket so that we could climb Mount Meru while they chased the bag. Debbie and Arthur would be arriving later in the eveing, and tomorrow we would begin the ascent of Mount Meru, second highest mountain in Tanzania.   ...

August 2nd, Day 5, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

August 2nd, Day 5

A travel blog entry by taliasegal

... trip. For all of you from my trip he is doing well and told me to say hi to all of you! We continued on and arrived in Arusha, Tanzania at about six or so at night. The drive was awful. There is a main road that is paved but has many potholes and bumps ...

August 3rd, 2009: Day 6, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

August 3rd, 2009: Day 6

A travel blog entry by taliasegal

... very bright relative to the standards to the school. Unfortunately, Kenya’s education system is so much better and her scores in Tanzania do not compare to those in Kenya. Therefore, it is necessary for both her and Upendo to repeat a few grades in ...

Mt Kilimanjiro, and the Serengeti, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Mt Kilimanjiro, and the Serengeti

A travel blog entry by rio2012

... world''? should be (note to self to google it:) Finally over the culture shock of East Africa, (after 2 weeks!), and in Arusha ready to 'go safari' in the Serengeti tomorrow.  Not before going to the market, which was like a rugby ...

JAMBO!!!!!!, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog


A travel blog entry by theresnojustice


WOW!!!  i am in  tanzania.... it is my 3rd day in tanzania and i am loving it already... on friday i  set of for the airport where   i met all my teams mates and set of for my amazing adventure. the  flight was 8 hours to ...

Answers to Funny Things, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Answers to Funny Things

A travel blog entry by southernmegs


Ok's what everything means: Sam's sayings: 1. Have a touch on your bag = Hold your bags close. 2. Be jealous of your bag = Watch out for your bag (so no one steals it). 3. We are summarizing.= We're almost done. (He says this about dinner ...

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