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Into the Jungle, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Into the Jungle

A travel blog entry by jameshammond


... ;bombarded by the same lines of English that they all knew by heart "Hello", "Good Morning" and "How are you?". Across Tanzania English lessons are always taken in the morning and every time a teacher enters a class room in any school the class must ...

Last Entry from Africa :(, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Last Entry from Africa :(

A travel blog entry by mjsunshine


... driving, and walking places by myself don't even phase me anymore, it has all become part of the daily routine of living in Arusha.  I think it will be difficult to determine what my top moments are from the trip, but when I get back I will create a ...

They call them Dalla Dalla, Usa River, Tanzania travel blog

They call them Dalla Dalla

A travel blog entry by rachoudshoorn


... and asked me to 'retell' her the story. So she could tell Dad. And probably because she couldn't hear me, try phone Tanzania once- I challenge you! Oh, and probably because Dalla Dalla ride stories are just that incredible... read on. Ok the story of the ...

first week is over, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

first week is over

A travel blog entry by mariskabassie


... has a computer by the way but not been able to use it as it is broke. Ben is a student in the capital here in tanzania but currently on leave as uni does not start till november, he told me when we did the sightseeing tour that he makes money with ...

Hverdagsbilleder fra Tanza, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Hverdagsbilleder fra Tanza

A travel blog entry by jakobogagnete


... de gamle. Billed 1) Foerste billed er hundehvalpene paa hostel. Kareem og Teddy. Nuttede, ikke? Billed 2) Det allerfoerste snap fra Tanzania. Lige steget ud af flyveren og blev modtaget af en meget smuk solopgang. Billed 3) Sidste billed er taget med ...

Arusha, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog


A travel blog entry by radcliffe-riley


Dik Diks in the Bush, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Dik Diks in the Bush

A travel blog entry by josadventures


This morning we took a tour around the coffee plantation connected to our lodge. Despite not yet being in the bush, there was still a strange whiff about, which Elly discovered was the very beans themselves, which were being picked by African women, who ...

YOUR MOUNTAIN IS WAITING, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog


A travel blog entry by lozhan


... legend and my idol! And Mount Kilimanjaro was also in honour of the children at the Naserian School and Orphanage here in Tanzania, East Africa where I have been living and volunteering since the 1st April 2012. I was sponsored to climb the mountain by ...

The first of 46 days of overlanding and camping, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

The first of 46 days of overlanding and camping

A travel blog entry by ashjen.parkes

... .  So it was on-off all day. The countryside started off quite barren but it green up a bit once we crossed into Tanzania, which also has more hills and mountains.  One of the coolest things we saw though were the Masai people in their ...

TIA ---- This Is Africa, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

TIA ---- This Is Africa

A travel blog entry by daniellenew22


So far I have posted about all the amazing things we are doing here in Arusha. But now is the time to write about all the quirky and unfortunate things that have happened to Bhreagh and I in the past 6 weeks. Danielle gets attacked by a Nairobi Fly..... ...

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