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The Long And Winding Road, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

The Long And Winding Road

A travel blog entry by zoeandnick


Tanzanians start the day early - we got up at 5.15am in order to catch the coach to Arusha. Ubongo bus station is a sight to see in itself - a crazy, sprawling mess of coaches and minibuses packed tightly together, men of varying levels of officialdom ...

Arrival in Africa, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Arrival in Africa

A travel blog entry by jimmywillgo


Most people in the immediate village worked for the Lodge/Coffee Plantation. Along our walk we learned about the little village and ran into a bunch of school kids. They of course latched onto us, "Myzungu" (whites) and wanted their picture taken. We ...

Goodbye Arusha   Hello Zanzibar Tanzania, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Goodbye Arusha Hello Zanzibar Tanzania

A travel blog entry by boothy58


... 10), all dressed neatly – most in jumpers – something I find really hard to understand here in Kenya and Tanzania.  People wearing jumpers and big coats and mammas having beanies, jumpers and big thick rugs around little babies.  I ...

The best part about travel is the opportunity to g, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

The best part about travel is the opportunity to g

A travel blog entry by eliassoka


All you need on your journey is an open mind, an open heart and the open road. Where the road will take you, is a discovery worth experiencing. May this adventure live in YOUR open heart for many more years to come.  Also The best part about ...

August entries, Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania travel blog

August entries

A travel blog entry by eclipseyes

... at at all.  We were all humans, curious about each other, and there's no reason to react defensively.  I really love Tanzania.  It's an easy place to love.  Anna told me today how that didn't follow through, and when she ignored a man ...

Another Brick in the TravelBlog, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Another Brick in the TravelBlog

A travel blog entry by explorerer


This is a test -- Alex Pilon TravelPod @xaptronic ...

Art, gemstones and Masai, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Art, gemstones and Masai

A travel blog entry by gypsy_jetsetter


Visitors come to Arusha for a few things, to prepare for the Kilimanjaro climb, purchase Tanzanite (with the promise that it will be worth twice as much back home), and as the gateway to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.  We set up camp and switch ...

Living a Simpler Life, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Living a Simpler Life

A travel blog entry by alexbarmakian

... were two rows of two long desks which held about three people per bench. They sang what appeared to be the national song of Tanzania. Then a small boy walked up to a hanging chalk board and recited 1- 50 so the class could repeat after him. It was really ...

First day of Safari, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

First day of Safari

A travel blog entry by traveldawg71


Story will come soon. For now enjoy the pictures. ...

Serengeti  and Ngorongoro safari, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Serengeti and Ngorongoro safari

A travel blog entry by aandameetworld


The Safari continues! Dusty, dusty, dusty! Watching as daily my nice white shirt turned browner and browner - and no chances to wash it! Barely enough water at the campsites to wash ourselves! The dust is so fine it is not even gritty in your mouth. ...

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