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Living a Simpler Life, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Living a Simpler Life

A travel blog entry by alexbarmakian

... were two rows of two long desks which held about three people per bench. They sang what appeared to be the national song of Tanzania. Then a small boy walked up to a hanging chalk board and recited 1- 50 so the class could repeat after him. It was really ...

First day of Safari, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

First day of Safari

A travel blog entry by traveldawg71


Story will come soon. For now enjoy the pictures. ...

Serengeti  and Ngorongoro safari, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Serengeti and Ngorongoro safari

A travel blog entry by aandameetworld


The Safari continues! Dusty, dusty, dusty! Watching as daily my nice white shirt turned browner and browner - and no chances to wash it! Barely enough water at the campsites to wash ourselves! The dust is so fine it is not even gritty in your mouth. ...

Internet  Down :(, Arusha, Tanzania, Tanzania travel blog

Internet Down :(

A travel blog entry by ninaafrique

... . Hotel is a mammoth step up from South Sudan house. We worked yesterday meeting with one of the partner organizations here in Arusha then spent the afternoon at a farm just a short drive outside of town. The farmer learned conservation agriculture from a ...

Sub Saharan Africa, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Sub Saharan Africa

A travel blog entry by soohyung


... to spend a day in Arusha before tackling the mountain the following day. We checked into the Ilboro Lodge, and we did a bit of exploration on foot of Arusha--which is apparently the second largest city in Tanzania and located at the base of Mount ...

The most amazing days ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

The most amazing days ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A travel blog entry by sarah_alban

... – very cool!) so we got to have a game drive that afternoon then another in the morning before we heading back to Arusha and the truck. We headed off, and still my spirits were low with nothing but zebra and wilderbeast. I’m playing it down a ...

The Day to Day, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

The Day to Day

A travel blog entry by benandalesha


   So far we are loving our time living in Arusha. In Minnesota the number of warm sunny days and the number of days I get to hang out with Ben are about the same, so to be in a place where the weather is great and I get to see my husband daily ...

A few thousand words, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

A few thousand words

A travel blog entry by rachoudshoorn


... we waited for a bus and drove back. Oh, wait, we first had to convince a random border patrol to sign us back into Tanzania, as we were already stamped in as 'entered Kenya'.  Nevertheless, I have been to Kenya people! They let goats run across the ...

Final Week :(, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Final Week :(

A travel blog entry by jeknow


Hi all I know I have been horrible at this blogging thing and I apoligize I am also several weeks behind in my journal but it is all in my brain somewhere haha.  Anyways wanted to let you know I will be camping again my final week and then I will be ...

Habari! Safari!, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Habari! Safari!

A travel blog entry by acjones81


... ( Safari- Through a friend from Uganda, I was introduced to Jimmy. He is a safari guide for a high end company based in Arusha, Tanzania and knows the business inside-out. Through him, we found Victoria Safaris which could not have been more perfect. We ...

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