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Lauterbrunnen - Switzerland, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland travel blog

Lauterbrunnen - Switzerland

A travel blog entry by kimba


Switzerland was amazing!! from the moment we crossed the border the views were breath-taking. We stayed in a little village and were surrounded by the Alps. We took a train up to Jungfrau, which is the highest point you can get to by train in Europe. It ...

Lausanne, Switzerland, Lausanne, Switzerland travel blog

Lausanne, Switzerland

A travel blog entry by alexengel

... in Lyon with Ben and Laura, we are sad to admit, have come to an end. Our new chapter, with Laura "aka Daria" in Switzerland, however, are yet to properly begin! Friends Daria and Ryan are settled in a lovely patch, close to Lake Geneva. Their student ...

Picnic in the Alps, Zurich, Switzerland travel blog

Picnic in the Alps

A travel blog entry by badefamily


Reinhard had a day out organised for us. We picked up their son Nico in Zurich and set off through the mountains. What spectacular scenery - small villages on alpine meadows, glaciers, waterfalls, lakes and high passes.The first spot was called Glanus, ...

Snow, snow, snow, Interlaken, Switzerland travel blog

Snow, snow, snow

A travel blog entry by alexcooper

... by something so playful. Once we had had our fun we caught the bus back to Grindelwald and explored the town there before heading home to Interlaken. Tomorrow we head to Zurich, our last stop in Switzerland and Jodes last stop before she heads ...

Last stop for Jodes, Zurich, Switzerland travel blog

Last stop for Jodes

A travel blog entry by alexcooper

... , 1.4km of shops. A lot of the stores were (again) out of our budget but it was fun window shopping. Our last day in Switzerland and we aimed to be much more productive than yesterday. Last night we mapped out a self guided walking tour of the city so the ...

Switzerland - cheese anyone?, Murren, Switzerland travel blog

Switzerland - cheese anyone?

A travel blog entry by bradman


... and Amber (are you back in TO yet?), rather than hitting Octoberfest in Munich, Tania and I decided to head to Switzerland. Numerous changes of trains, running to busses, and purchasing of expensive cable-car tickets later, we finally made it to ...

Bern baby Bern, Bern, Switzerland travel blog

Bern baby Bern

A travel blog entry by lashez


Stole the tile off Alanna. We were told there inst much to do here in Bern and with Switzerland being very expensive, makes doing things even less. We wanted to go to the Einstein museum but for CHF18 each that wasn't going to happen. So we wandered ...

Between 2 lakes, Interlaken, Switzerland travel blog

Between 2 lakes

A travel blog entry by lashez


... cards. After a few hours of Interlaken we headed back to the train station to catch our ride home. We have noticed here in Switzerland there are a lot of Chinese and Arabs and probably more burqas than iv seen my entire life to this point. Our hostel is ...

To the top of Europe, Jungfrau Region, Switzerland travel blog

To the top of Europe

A travel blog entry by lashez


Today we were up bright and early, around 5:30-6am to catch the train at 7am. We had brought the good morning tickets, which are cheaper but you have to catch the first 2 trains and leave Jungfrau by 1pm. We didn't wake up to the best weather. Unlike ...

Arrived in Switzerland!, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Arrived in Switzerland!

A travel blog entry by heatherabroad


... a full ride in first class for free!  Scott and I finally made it to Basel and met up with Anna and Taylor :) Switzerland is crazy : they have 4 national languages (none of which is English) and so no one is really ever speaking the same ...

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