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Let’s go / Es geht los, Cham, Switzerland travel blog

Let’s go / Es geht los

A travel blog entry by infiniteroad

25.6.2012    Cham (CH)    Km: 53044                         Let's go / Es geht los Let’s go after a long ...

Gimmelwald and Balmers, Balmers, Switzerland travel blog

Gimmelwald and Balmers

A travel blog entry by exploreamerica


Ken joined us again and we traveled to Gimmelwald. He we took a gondola up a mountain to Trumelbach Falls and then inside discovered tons of waterfalls. It was so impressive!! That night we hung out at Balmers. ...

Hijinks in Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Hijinks in Geneva

A travel blog entry by a_schafs

Arriving in Geneva at 3am was never going to immediately endear the city to us, but its airport did little to win us over with its love of low clearance car parks... How to measure the height of your vehicle using airport car parks: 1. Approach the ...

SNOW!, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by trent


Without snow (seems like we're gonna miss the ski season by a week or two), the Swiss Alps is all about hiking, so we picked one out and hiked the Leiterhorn trail.  This trail takes you up above the village of Wengen and around the mountainside ...

7 months Yaira Lea Lüscher, Sirnach, Switzerland travel blog

7 months Yaira Lea Lüscher

A travel blog entry by bonum_iter


7 Monate Yaira Lea Lüscher Ich bin 7 Monate alt. Kurz und bündig, was ich im letzten Monat neu erreicht und erlebt habe... eine ganze Menge :): -        ich kann mich fortbewegen und zwar: rollend auf den Bauch und ...

Wayhey we are in Switzerland!!!, Bern, Switzerland travel blog

Wayhey we are in Switzerland!!!

A travel blog entry by shikhabelle


... toll roads and going via the scenic route..... big whoops.......... now this may work in other countries but when traveling to Switzerland through mountain passes, all I can say is my gawd was it the scenic route! Not even sure if they were ...

16 months!, Sirnach, Switzerland travel blog

16 months!

A travel blog entry by bonum_iter


16 Monate Yaira Lea Lüscher Neue Impressionen von meinem letzten Monat... ... und noch eine Neuigkeit: Mami wird immer dicker und dicker... ich begreif zwar nicht wieso, aber da scheint etwas im Busch oder eben im Bauch zu sein. Mami sagt, da sei ein ...

long journey..., Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

long journey...

A travel blog entry by kaybe


Nach fast 24 Reisestunden bin ich endlich in Lahad Datu angekommen! Der Flug von Zürich nach Kuala Lumpur war der beste, weil jeder Sitz einen persönlichen TV besitzt. Da konnte ich nach herzenslust gamen und Filme gucken... habe deshalb auch kein Auge ...

Day trip, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Day trip

A travel blog entry by jayton

Went on a day trip to Lausanne which is a town at the north end of the lake.  A fast train trip from Geneva to Lausanne.  Went down a long hill to the lake and had a walk along the shore, then back up the same long hill plus ...

So Long, Suckers!, Nussbaumen, Switzerland travel blog

So Long, Suckers!

A travel blog entry by clintandjulia


Well...we've managed to fit the next two months' necessities into two medium-sized backpacks.  This ought to be interesting.  I'm hoping that all I'll really need is a pair of surf trunks, sunglasses, sunscreen, and my iPod...and perhaps a ...

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