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First impressions of Yaira, Sirnach, Switzerland travel blog

First impressions of Yaira

A travel blog entry by bonum_iter


Hier die ersten Eindruecke von unserem Goldschatz... Here, the first impressions of our little princess... Aqui, esta la primera impresion de nuestra princesa ...

Winner of the Baby Quiz, Sirnach, Switzerland travel blog

Winner of the Baby Quiz

A travel blog entry by bonum_iter


Heute ist es soweit. Wir verkünden, gut eine Woche nach der Geburt von Yaira, den Gewinner des Baby Quiz. Es war bis in letzter Minute ein Kopf an Kopf rennen: Auf dem 3.Platz mit 23 von maximal 42 Punkten haben wir gerade 2 Parteien: Raphi & Laura ...

Life Is Good, Nyon, Switzerland travel blog

Life Is Good

A travel blog entry by meghan.r.butler


... period isn't just research and interviews....I have a few excursions coming up!  Tomorrow (Friday) I am taking the train to Luzern, Switzerland to see Aine.  Aine was a counselor on The Irish Way when I went to Ireland when I was 16.  ...

A holiday from a holiday, Wassen, Switzerland travel blog

A holiday from a holiday

A travel blog entry by felixandfloss


June, amazing! I can't believe it, so many months gone so fast. We must get to Norway soon if we want to see the midnight sun. The last few days we have been staying in Jan’s house in Wassen. On Sunday he left us the key and told us to make ...

French part of Switzerland, Gruyére, Switzerland travel blog

French part of Switzerland

A travel blog entry by maggiehazel


Got to sleep in a bit this day, thank goodness! Nina`s friend from the University of Fribourg offered to pick us up to go for a tour since she drives and has a car. She came to pick us up at 10am and then we drove to Gruyére first. Gruyére is famous ...

A new view on Lausanne, is there banks?, Lausanne, Switzerland travel blog

A new view on Lausanne, is there banks?

A travel blog entry by maplefanta


... for the evening and the next days. No ATM anywhere in sight and no where after 2h walk... I couldnt believe it, is this Switzerland, Bank and accountant country having no ATM. I walked back to Pascal and said as the first thing... 'damn there is no ...

Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by oneluckygirl

... it was a cute place, with typical Swiss buildings (kind of small with shuttered windows) and lots of little restaurants. I've heard that Switzerland has the purest water and air in the world, so I decided to just drink it out of the tap. I have drunk the ...

Was bisher geschah!, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

Was bisher geschah!

A travel blog entry by sepp


So Leute, der Blog ist eröffnet. Warum? Na ja, ich will mal wieder die salzige Brise des Pazifiks schnuppern, den Wind spüren, wie er durch mein ach so schütteres Resthaar weht und dabei ein bisschen Radfahren. Andere Leute machens beruflich ...

Summiting the Mannlichen!, Grindelwald, Switzerland travel blog

Summiting the Mannlichen!

A travel blog entry by roamingfree


     It took a whole day for me to recover from our jaunt up the Jungfraujoch; Mark is obviously in better condition for his age than I am!  We would only have walked for 5-6 hours and yet, everything was left foot, my ...

Switzerland, Hindlebank, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by docandsim


Hello everyone, we do still exist! We have been hanging out in Sunny Switzerland for the last week and a half. A brief update: - The morning we left the Faroe Islands, it was a beautiful sunny day. When we arrived at Copenhagen, it was raining (seems ...

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