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Fotoalbum Zermatt, Zermatt, Switzerland travel blog

Fotoalbum Zermatt

A travel blog entry by roman


Ein paar Bilder sollen ja schliesslich mehr als tausend Worte ...

Freaking Paris, Zurich, Switzerland travel blog

Freaking Paris

A travel blog entry by ewilson

... get a train through Paris it is booked solid for several days. So we decide that we will head back into Italy back up through Switzerland and then to Berlin. We ended up getting stuck in Zurich for the night until 7 when our train left so we decided ...

Switzerland, Interlaken, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by rob.jenn


... we failed all the glory us tanned, fit, gorgeous (to be) people, i.e. us, will not be forthcoming. Well that has been Switzerland, Rob has really been taken with it, its beautiful and well worth the visit, the transport and ease of visiting is second to ...

Bern Like A Bear, Bern, Switzerland travel blog

Bern Like A Bear

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... I thought it said Helvetica, and found it only fitting that the most used typeface in the world is derived from Switzerland itself. The gallery is currently showing a collection called animism, which somehow ties in many animal traits into the human ...

Bridges in Basel, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Bridges in Basel

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... up the conversation, they really just want to be understood so make the rock as readable as possible. Apparently everyone in Switzerland owns a gun, or at least the conservatives do. As part of their service, similar to many European countries, men are ...

Médias, Confignon, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by sebjossi

J'ai eu la chance d'intéresser les médias locaux, voici quelques interviews et reportages: Le 6 janvier 2010 sur Léman Bleu: Le 28 ...

Across the Alps, Chur, Switzerland travel blog

Across the Alps

A travel blog entry by lamondg


The train trip over the alps from Italy to Switzerland was supposed to be a high point of our trip – you got that didn't you? "High" point? We wake to the sound of our bell, Benino, chiming and open the shutters for one last look at Varenna and ...

Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by dancingshanti

... prepared ahead of time to take a huge trip, and it definitely is NOT this time. and it was also definitely NOT when i moved to switzerland and put all my things that didn't sell in the yard sale out on the street at 2 am the night before i was ...

Luzern - spent two nights in jail, Luzern, Switzerland travel blog

Luzern - spent two nights in jail

A travel blog entry by bfaldowski

Hello, From Como we took one of the worlds most scenic train rides to Switzerland. It was truly amazing. The alps are huge. Everywhere you looked were huge green mountains and beautiful blue lakes. And guess what is right beside Como????? ...

What a day!!!, Lucerne, Switzerland travel blog

What a day!!!

A travel blog entry by sherondotjohn


... and save tomorrow for walking the old town, when more would be happening. Mountaineering seemed to be a good choice in Switzerland. We went to the tourist information office to enquire about the options. We mentioned mountains and before we knew it we ...

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