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Sun, Sea and Sailing, Norrköping, Sweden travel blog

Sun, Sea and Sailing

A travel blog entry by samira_steve


... the fence immediately after! This was immediately after finishing a whole bottle of vodka and starting the second one! I know I am in Sweden! And like the greatest people in the world have always said, "...if you can't beat them, join them...." The ...

Last Day with the Spensers, Mjölby, Sweden travel blog

Last Day with the Spensers

A travel blog entry by victorkubik


Everything is so expensive (at least to us Americans) here in Sweden. The decline of the dollar is indeed manifested here. The Swedes say something is "reasonable." For us it's expensive. For example. Postage. Ninety cents is the cheapest stamp ...

Party-ferry Helsinki to Stockholm, Helsinki-Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Party-ferry Helsinki to Stockholm

A travel blog entry by benkeats

Helsinki...2 nights/days and both were hyvä päivä (good days). Katija, Jonna and their parents were simply awesome, nice, friendly and accomadating. The time spent with them was non-stop full of is a good feeling to know that you can be on ...

Changing of the guard (Wish it was underwear), Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Changing of the guard (Wish it was underwear)

A travel blog entry by travelbee

HE SAID: Today we saw the changing of guard which was at the Royal Palace and walked around old town (Gamla Stan).  Old town is very beautiful but a little touristy.   The highlight for me today was a visit to the Royal Armory ...

Back to Norrköping, before going back to the UK, Norrköping, Sweden travel blog

Back to Norrköping, before going back to the UK

A travel blog entry by samira_steve

We arrived at Henrik's mum's house by about 4 in the afternoon. I was welcomed by Emma as she gave me a big hug and she was happy to see her brother back in one piece. That night we had a warm meal which was not Ravioli and did not come out of a tin! It ...

Last chance for free time before Visby!, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Last chance for free time before Visby!

A travel blog entry by eafmet


We started our day at around 9:30 am with breakfast and a small meeting about the days itinerary. At 10:30 we took a train to Djurgården to visit various museums, shops, and a large park. We decided to break up into groups, each doing our own activity. ...

Dalicarlian Tradition, Leksand, Sweden travel blog

Dalicarlian Tradition

A travel blog entry by danwstephens


... around the world) are extreme rarities. Pretty much all of the homes were built in the traditional Dalicarlian (a region in Sweden) style and there was like not advertising anywhere or in fact any signs of big "ugly" multinational corporations. I mean ...

Day Six - Helsingborg, Helsingborg, Sweden travel blog

Day Six - Helsingborg

A travel blog entry by simru12


Day Six - Helsingborg, Sweden We got up early this morning (again) in anticipation of our tour of Hamlet's Castle. We had to Tender in today (meaning we anchored off shore and they used the life boats as transport to the pier). Got off the tender and ...

...i ruuuuuszyli!, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

...i ruuuuuszyli!

A travel blog entry by europeanxpress


Dawno nie pisaliśmy, i ze względów technicznych, i z powodu ograniczeń czasowych. Toteż tytułem wstępu winiliśmy się wytłumaczyć. Po zdarzeniu w Turku musieliśmy rozpaczliwie gonić za planem. ...

Home Sweet Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Home Sweet Sweden

A travel blog entry by christmas2584

... ." Another is a steely competitiveness. You get a sense of that at one of Ikea's main offices, in Helsingborg, Sweden. At the doorway, a massive bulletin board tracks weekly sales growth, names the best-performing country markets, and identifies the ...

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