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Jantarada com a Catarina e alguns amigos, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Jantarada com a Catarina e alguns amigos

A travel blog entry by byker


Jantarada e algumas fotos em Estocolmo. ...

The land of the midnight sun.., Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

The land of the midnight sun..

A travel blog entry by ggeben


So we finally made it to Stockholm...A few things to note right away: 1) clearly, i'm one of the few non-viking looking people around 2) the sun here rises at 3am and sets at midnight..yes, you read that right..that's why all the swedish people seem ...

General Impression of Stockholm: My Fairytale City, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

General Impression of Stockholm: My Fairytale City

A travel blog entry by followkim


Stockholm is now one of my favorite cities. I'd heard enough about Sweden before my visit to know that it's a great place. For example, Sweden ranks #7 in the world on the Human Development Index, six spots above the United States. It's obvious when ...

New Swedish Baby Traditions, Karlösa, Sweden travel blog

New Swedish Baby Traditions

A travel blog entry by krosell


... he had said. He was funny and starting grilling me about my intentions and how I was doing with Swedish and if I would stay in Sweden or go back. He never really admitted to what he had said the previous night, but he knew exactly what I was asking. ...

Time to hang out!, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Time to hang out!

A travel blog entry by chunhin


Cool hang out week =D First there was the Birthday =D  What a crazy day it turned out to be, rushing back from Globen just for a 20min lab that I though I didn't have but the weather was wonderful and I got to take lots of nice pics of Stockholm all ...

Stretnutie s Bruce Willisom, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Stretnutie s Bruce Willisom

A travel blog entry by mozi


Bruce Willis si na vas neurobi cas kazdy den a hlavne nie ked byvate v lacnom hotely ako my (Best Western), no tak sme sa stahovali do lepsieho ... ved to platil. ...

Weekend with Ted, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Weekend with Ted

A travel blog entry by christmas2584


Well, another week of classes has gone by... On Friday, I went with Stephanie and Allyson grocery shopping...we decided to go to Rinkeby, which is a suburb that is highly populated with immigrants. Over 20 languages are taught in the school system ...

Tunnel Vision!, Gothenburg, Sweden travel blog

Tunnel Vision!

A travel blog entry by cobra1899

This is a top pick!

... don't do much of that anymore. It was the same crossing into Denmark from Germany. No stamp.   The drive through Sweden was uneventful. The weather was overcast, though somewhat windy. During one rest stop I fiddled with the pre-load setting ...

Hemma igen!, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Hemma igen!

A travel blog entry by anitah


Hej alla som följt oss på vår resa, i söndagsmorse kl 07 landade vi på Arlanda efter en ca 19 tim lång resa i ett sträck. Morfar Björn mötte oss. Senare på dagen träffades hela familjen hemma hos Ylwa för en fika så att morbror Mats, ...

Nenninge, Stockholm/Norrtälje, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by anitah


Hej familj, släkt och vänner, här kan ni fortsättningsvis följa oss på vår jordenruntresa. I denna travelpod kommer vi att tanka ner bilder och skriva några rader, så att vi själva minns vad vi gjort, när vi kommer hem i december och ...

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