Travel Blogs from Barcelona, Spain and Canary Islands

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Ram jammed last day, Barcelona, Spain travel blog

Ram jammed last day

A travel blog entry by getaways


... Jess is back to the homeland in the morning so we┤ve been trying to jam as much Barcelona experience into our last and only day in Barcelona as possible.  You may now be thinking Ębut guys, you got to Barcelona early yesterday, so why didn┤t you ...

Summer pleasures, Barcelona, Spain travel blog

Summer pleasures

A travel blog entry by aporter

... the time and place to enjoy summer pleasures! Early on I was pleased to meet a fellow traveler who shared a strong interest in Barcelona and its tasty sangria. Pamela, an Australian on her way home, and I spent many of our days together racing around ...

the Catalan Megatropolis, Baršelona, Spain travel blog

the Catalan Megatropolis

A travel blog entry by rohanandchris

... pouring rain. we were just like "well this is just fantastic.." so we ran as fast as we could to the l'aquarium in Barcelona..supposedly it is the biggest aquarium on mediterranean sea life. it was pretty nice, and we did see some nasty sharks, but when ...

Madrid, Paris and some very burnt hair!, Barcelona, Spain travel blog

Madrid, Paris and some very burnt hair!

A travel blog entry by tennille


... plane had even taken off and didn┤t wake up until it was descending (hmm... reminds me of someone else!). So, I am now in Barcelona, which is really nice and pretty, and its been a beautiful day, although Im not a fan of the HI hostels and Im staying ...

Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain travel blog


A travel blog entry by marcelo.heather


We didn't have too long in Barcelona and the weather was not good. We decided on the same plan, get a bus into the centre and walk around the sites. This was a bad idea. The sites in Barcelona are not close together…we walked about 7km, and Marcelo ...

A relaxing train ride to Paris, Barcelona/Paris, Spain and Canary Islands travel blog

A relaxing train ride to Paris

A travel blog entry by ruthperelstein


A little short on sleep we got out of the hotel by 8:30 and went to Sants Train Station in Barcelona. We spent a few minutes in the first class lounge then got on the train.  It is so. Much easier than the airport. We hunkered down for a six hour ...

Barcelona - The Lazy Day, Barcelona, Spain travel blog

Barcelona - The Lazy Day

A travel blog entry by jimstephkrueger


... by the weather.  We did find a kind of cute little restaurant which had a neat little concept for the beer drinker.  Sharon and Christoph - you need this in your next home - or maybe out by the Jacuzzi now!  Unfortunately we had the most ...


Adason's "joyful jaunt" around Italy & Spain

A travel blog entry by siarakelyndali


... the main sights. We stayed at Kabul hostel which was a very trendy & an extremely busy hostel. The first day in Barcelona, we had terrible weather. We had a traditional lunch of paella and tapas and then shopped around the rest of the afternoon. ...

SPAIN! It will break your camera., Barcelona, Spain travel blog

SPAIN! It will break your camera.

A travel blog entry by d_muzzo

... It's going to be HUGE when they finish it.  Like, bigger then texas^  The complex already stands out in the Barcelona skyline, and they're going to double its height.  Jesus Christ.  That's the name of the 120(?)m high tower that ...

Estoy Aqui!, Barcelona, Spain travel blog

Estoy Aqui!

A travel blog entry by beth


... of the train stations. When I got to Poirt Bea, I was supposed to have to wait an hour for the train to Barcelona, but noticed another train and it was supposed to get in 45 minutes earlier. I took a chance and took it, and I think the difference was ...

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