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Bratislawa Old Town, Vienna New Year's Eve, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

Bratislawa Old Town, Vienna New Year's Eve

A travel blog entry by neverland


Regen in Paradise, Bešeňová, Slovakia travel blog

Regen in Paradise

A travel blog entry by nienkoen

Ik hoor het al als ik 's ochtends wakker word: regen. Het was al dagen geleden voorspeld dat het woensdag een natte bedoening zou worden maar waar de verwachtingen tot nu toe niet echt raak waren, klopt het vandaag als een bus. Het belooft gewoon een ...

Kosice, Kosice, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by ranette


... the driver bringing along his 14 or so year old daughter as translator, we managed to get on the right train to Kosice, Slovakia. We chose Kosice as a convenient stopover point from where to catch a train to Prague. We chose Kosice over the more tourist ...

Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by dw98765



A hard day's work, Kriváň, Slovakia travel blog

A hard day's work

A travel blog entry by jambo

I spent about two hours shovelling snow at Jane's parents' place today. At the end of it, I had a slightly sore blister on my hand from the butt of the shovel. It reminded me of a time when I was about 11. Some manual labourer (a concrete delivery guy or ...

Martin, Martin, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by mimiama


martin ...

40ft dam, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

40ft dam

A travel blog entry by tim.anya.2015


... & the water begins to pour in to allow you to raise to the correct level, amazing.    Arrived into Bratislava,  Slovakia, had a bus drive around the city (both sides of the river), then up to Castle Hill, impressive view of the city but ...

The Rusyn Churches of Eastern Slovakia, Svidník, Slovakia travel blog

The Rusyn Churches of Eastern Slovakia

A travel blog entry by jcrane


There is no question that the most amazing part of our trip was our visit to the many wooden churches that surround the towns of Bardejov and Svidnik. To get into the churches, we had to find the keeper of the key. Usually this was an older woman who ...

Navrat do studenej Europy, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

Navrat do studenej Europy

A travel blog entry by mozi


Clovek by ani neveril ako dobre sa o neho Vesmir neustale stara. A ako velmi by mu mal byt za vsetko vdacny. Tentokrat to bolo prvy krat ked som si vsetko v Amerike pobalil uz vecer pred odletom, lebo mi prislo na um: "Ahh, rano sa mi nechce balit, ...

Devin Castle, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

Devin Castle

A travel blog entry by emmab


Today's highlight (and don't take this lightly, because the rest of it I spent waiting to leave) was a trip to Devin Castle. Marked in Lonely Planet as THE best thing about Bratislava, I figured it was a must see since the actual city is devoid of ...

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