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Dag 1: Delft - Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

Dag 1: Delft - Bratislava

A travel blog entry by maria.berghuijs


Jawel, jullie lezen het goed! Na onze eerste dag liften, zijn we in Bratislava aangekomen. We zijn er zelf ook nog een beetje verbaasd over. Hoe zijn we daar gekomen?? Dag 1: Het liften Na door Kaspers vader afgezet te zijn bij de Texaco Delft, hadden ...

Presovom, Presov, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by mozi


Dnes po obede sme sa dostali do Presova a so stastim sa nam podarilo najst stred mesta. Pri nasich cestach vzdy hladame v kazdom meste to iste - tabulu s napisom Centrum. Lebo ziadnu mapu so sebou samozrejme nemame, takze centrum nas vzdy zachrani. Tak ...

The most painful transit yet, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

The most painful transit yet

A travel blog entry by matt_l

... I awoke about two hours later, we were in the middle of nowhere. Whether or not we were still in Hungary or Slovakia, I had no fucking clue. According to the time, we should've been approaching Bratislava, so begin mass confusion and possible freakout. ...

Day 1 in Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

Day 1 in Bratislava

A travel blog entry by tomshearer


... Now I've moaned about the sleeping conditions, I'll go on to moan about breakfast. Nick and Pearl went to a nearby Tescos (even Slovakia isn't free of the corporate giants) to pick up some breakfast for the group. When they returned I was presented with a ...

Odchod, Trenčín, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by kyselicab

Este sa nebalime ale letenky zaplatene a ...

Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by papamanaco

Llegamos a Bratislava por la mańana y nada más llegar desde el aeropuerto sacamos los billetes de tren para la mańana siguiente a Budapest. Vamos a dejar las maletas en el hostel y visitamos un poco la ciudad. Bratislava es realmente silenciosa, ni ...

A new country!, Slovakia, Slovakia travel blog

A new country!

A travel blog entry by monkeytoes


... for the long haul. It was going to take us just over 20 hours to make it to Split! On the way, there was a one hour stop in Slovakia and we got to get out and grab some lunch. We were on a regular train and not a fast train, so needless to say the train ...

Ostrov Robinsona Crusoea, Mala Lodina, Slovakia travel blog

Ostrov Robinsona Crusoea

A travel blog entry by thailon

Small island somewhere in Ruzin dam. ...

playing in prasice, Prasice, Slovakia travel blog

playing in prasice

A travel blog entry by hannahteebay

Today was a very laid back day. I was awake and reading when I realized that it was Sunday and that we should try and go to church in Lee's grandpa’s old church! So we booked it for showers, not having any idea what time mass would be, or if we had ...

Komarno, Komarno, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by thailon


Balatonkenese - Szekesfehervar - Zámoly - Csákberény - Mór - Pusztaván - Dad - Szák - Komárom distance 155.57 km, time 08:21:19, maximum speed 44.9 km/hod, average speed 18.6 km/hod Vstávam o 06:20 s predstavou, ze si ráno zaplávam. No ...

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