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A state of transition, Kosice, Slovakia travel blog

A state of transition

A travel blog entry by emilynics

... that a blog isn't a good place to put these thoughts as they aren't properly formed! I need to hide them for now..... Slovakia, though, is having a strange effect on me - Stephen I think I passed another Skirrid on the way here (similar peak and 1/2 ...

U Antona, Sv. Anton, Slovakia travel blog

U Antona

A travel blog entry by mozi


Z Krasnej Horky odchadzame dalej na zapad a Rimavsku Sobotu, Lucenec a Velky Krtis sme sa dostali az do  blizkosti Banskej Stiavnice. Zastavujeme sa vsak vo Svatom Antone (byvaly Antol) a ubytovali sme sa tu v penzione. Ked je este slnko vysoko ...

Ooops!  Wrong Stop, Slovakia, Slovakia travel blog

Ooops! Wrong Stop

A travel blog entry by freddies_world


... myself that I had missed my station.  So I quickly exited the train and as it was leaving I realized that I was actually in Slovakia, not the Czech Republic.  Lucky for me there was a train not too far behind. I was able to snap some pics of ...

Halfway to Budapest, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

Halfway to Budapest

A travel blog entry by simonbodd

A tip for anybody considering using the trains in southern Poland and the north east Czech Republic - Dont! Take the bike instead. I mean like seriously. My train down from Katowice was already delayed 45 minutes until it finally crept down to Breclav ...

Walking in the High Tatras, Novy Smokovec, Slovakia travel blog

Walking in the High Tatras

A travel blog entry by paulcunningham


Been off walking in the High Tatras mountains, looks a lot like Scotland in many ways. There is even heather up there. It was a nice change of pace from Budapest. There was a great storm here a few years ago, and you can still see the damage as you walk ...

slovakia (2008), Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

slovakia (2008)

A travel blog entry by bcris19


slovakia ...

Bratislava and Slovakia, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

Bratislava and Slovakia

A travel blog entry by brianporter


...  and opera/ballet classics, we set out the next morning for a half-day visit to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia - a landlocked country situated in the heart of central Europe. The land is generally mountainous, with the Tatry mountains (part of ...

Siva Brada, Siva Brada, Slovakia travel blog

Siva Brada

A travel blog entry by mimiama


Siva ...

visiting bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

visiting bratislava

A travel blog entry by kei4


it was about 10pm when we finally arrived in bratislava. unfortunately, zach noticed that somebody had stolen his well hidden 250€ savings... that really sucks! we looked for a nice bar where gabriel could pick us up and found the kgb-bar. pretty ...

Lazy day, Zvolen, Slovakia travel blog

Lazy day

A travel blog entry by kirstyandlogan

The weather is still not great today.  It's funny how quickly the weather has turned, really makes you realise just how short the European summer is.  Anyway, we drove only a short distance further into the mountains.  The most adventurous ...

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