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C&A Country Count: 27; K Country Count: 25, Levoca, Slovakia travel blog

C&A Country Count: 27; K Country Count: 25

A travel blog entry by caandkjones

... , United Kingdom, Italy, Vatican City, Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Croatia, Montenegro, Poland, Slovakia Kayla: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, France, Czech Republic, United States, Greece, Turkey, ...

Lots of things, Hokovce, Slovakia travel blog

Lots of things

A travel blog entry by carolina.bailey


Two days ago, we got a convoy ( a large group of cars all together ) of about 200 fiats. We had a police escort around the towns, so that was major fun. Then, later, we were watching the awards ceremony, when the award givers gave us a special prize, ...

Do Belianskych Tatier, Zdiar, Slovakia travel blog

Do Belianskych Tatier

A travel blog entry by mozi


Posledne dva dni sme sa po pansky rozvazali a dnes budu pracovat hlavne nase nohy. Zaranky za rosy sme sa vybrali na Kopske sedlo v Belianskych tatrach, ktore je na dohlad z nasho penzionu v Zdiari. To je nadohlad neznamena vzdy aj blizko sme sa ...

Hello and Goodbye Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

Hello and Goodbye Bratislava

A travel blog entry by aquasan


We reached the boarder of Austria and Slovakia, it was very strange. The man who issued coach visas to drive into Slovakia had gone fishing – literally!! Chris and Emma came back saying he had left a note on the door and we had to carry on through ...

Bratislava, Slovakia, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

Bratislava, Slovakia

A travel blog entry by lisa02148


Stuck in the 70's with beautiful ...

quıck forray ınto slovakıa, Sturovo, Slovakia travel blog

quıck forray ınto slovakıa

A travel blog entry by cherylandjeff

We caught a bus from budapest to esztergom hungary. we checked that out for a bıt then walked over a huge brıdge across the border ınto Slovakıa. We went to a massıve outdor market that stretched as far as the eye can see and ...

Mountains to hike, Stary Smokovec, Slovakia travel blog

Mountains to hike

A travel blog entry by alister.bland


Two buses and one train but I made it from Banska Stiavnica to Stary Smokovec - just. My first bus was running late due to the number of passengers getting on and paying ( I hadn't realised there were so many people in Stiavnica). I just had time to ...

Let okolo severneho polu, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

Let okolo severneho polu

A travel blog entry by mozi


Minuly tyzden som letel do San Francisca a odlietal som o 6:00 rano. Dnes letim lepsie. Odlietam o 7:00 rano a vyspal som sa az do 4:00 rano, takze pohoda. Letim pritom tym istym lietadlom z Frankfurtu. Cestou do Frankfurtu sa mi postastilo, ze ma ...

Train.Train.Metro.Train.Bus., Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by andrew.collard

... a stage with a large crowd watching traditional Slovak song and dance. I am mildly entertained but at the same time fearful of Slovakia winning the Eurovision song contest. I have seen the 'pre-vote' entertainment, I think. Btatislava is a nice place and ...

Cliff Top Castles!, Trencin, Slovakia travel blog

Cliff Top Castles!

A travel blog entry by phill_day

I've left beautiful beautiful Bratislava and have arrived in Trencin. It's quite a nice little City, and the girls are still amazingly beautiful! I went into a bar to ask for Internet access... I think that the blonde lady there will still be mopping up ...

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