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Wednesday & Thursday, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Wednesday & Thursday

A travel blog entry by gatsby1


Departed Heathrow, 13 hrs to Singapore, arriving 5am Thursday morning. Checked in and straight to bed till lunchtime. The afternoon was an opportunity to see some of the sights - friends have mentioned the gardens, the architecture and the light ...

Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Singapore Changi Airport

A travel blog entry by clairebr


It wasn't until the pilot announced our descent into Singapore that my stomach did a double flip about actually finally feeling like I was going travelling. I was gutted the wings of the plane obscured my view of the landing, i wanted to see something ...

Tourist Time!, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Tourist Time!

A travel blog entry by martha.radtke


... I've never heard of before, and sunny afternoons that feel crazy good! Our tour guide shared a lot about the culture of Singapore. Things like the apparent housing quotas. They try to keep certain levels of diversity within neighborhoods - so before a ...

Fabulous Food, Delicious Drink and Cool Company, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Fabulous Food, Delicious Drink and Cool Company

A travel blog entry by carsonsontour2


... for some reason was a little worse for wear and hadn’t woken up.  Jane and Jimmy have a fantastic house in Singapore four bedrooms, massive living area and kitchen.  They also have a wonder girl called Nanette who lives in and helps out ...

Singapore in style, Singapore , Singapore travel blog

Singapore in style

A travel blog entry by ontheroa


... . Singapore places highly in international rankings with regard to standard of living, education, healthcare, and economic competitiveness. Singapore has one of the highest per capita incomes and one of the longest overall life ...

Chinatown, Night Safari, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Chinatown, Night Safari

A travel blog entry by mlrucker


- - 22 Aug - - I was determined to make it to Chinatown before I was here for too long. The timing was always off to go with someone and Ryan and I tried to make it there a couple of time but would usually get sidetracked with other locations, like Arab ...

Food Paradise, Singpore, Singapore travel blog

Food Paradise

A travel blog entry by rretzler


... was served there. It was right next to the "Sultan Mosque," from which loud chanting at 5am called residing Muslims to prayer. Singapore almost felt like home, if you can believe it. It is very modern and clean and everybody speaks English. The ...

The first 24/48 hours!!!, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

The first 24/48 hours!!!

A travel blog entry by karendixon


What a long day... it's 9:45pm here and started this exciting journey yesterday morning!! Flight was good, slept most of it, not a lot else you can do when your cocoomed in your sit, why are people allowed to recline, why god why!!!! Any how, stepping ...

Craig is Alex and April's 2nd visitor Yahoo, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Craig is Alex and April's 2nd visitor Yahoo

A travel blog entry by alexapril604


... the clever one coming up with the quotes. See it's not just the food we miss, it's the slang too. We'll let's finish Singapore because we have three more cities to go. Wed night after coming home/hotel around four in the a.m. we had little time to ...

Singapur, Singapore, Singapore travel blog


A travel blog entry by serku77


Früh morgens müssen wir aus den Federn und machen uns zusammen mit zwei Spaniern auf den Weg zum Busbahnhof. Da wir wissen, dass die Suchtmittel in Singapur unanständig teuer sind, decken wir uns sicherheitshalber noch in Malaysia mit ...

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