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India Exports the Most Mangos in the World, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

India Exports the Most Mangos in the World

A travel blog entry by isag23


... really smart people can get really testy with the way questions are worded and stuff. But its all good because I'm a winner! I can now leave Rwanda and say I did everything to get the most out of my experience, now that I can add "went to the hospital" to ...

Experiential learning woot, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Experiential learning woot

A travel blog entry by kianahen


... and my topic was transportation. We decided to go to the main transportation station in Kigali, where you can get a bus to places around Rwanda, and also to Uganda, Butare, and other countries near us. You can take a bus to Kampala for 10,000 francs, and ...

More of everthing..., Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

More of everthing...

A travel blog entry by gypsygirlri


... a session on counseling. A lot of us have already had some counseling training and experience, but regardless of that Rwanda is certainly unchartered territory. We’ll be teaching students that will likely have issues surrounding the genocide: Of ...

Lions and tigers and bears! (None of the above), Akagera National Park, Rwanda travel blog

Lions and tigers and bears! (None of the above)

A travel blog entry by cazinkigali


... next Friday so I will prep for that. Saturday we did a safari at Akagera National Park, which was pretty amazing. Its Rwanda’s, admittedly, fairly modest Savannah, compared to much of what Africa has to offer, but that really didn’t diminish ...

Good Fences Make Good Neighbours, Huye, Rwanda travel blog

Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

A travel blog entry by lisarturner


... while we were in Huye, and I noticed this fence.  To be honest, this was not the first such fencetop I had seen in Rwanda, I noticed them as soon as we arrived four years ago. In urban areas, most people have fences like this around their homes, no ...

Discover The New Site, Kayonza, Rwanda travel blog

Discover The New Site

A travel blog entry by remy.ndiaye.7


... this routine i believe they will get better and better everyday.   However, we ended 2014 with positive impact in Rwanda especially in sport, health and education. We are looking forward to improve the quality, quantity and knowledge of the men ...

Keeping the Itches Off Campus, Musanze, Rwanda travel blog

Keeping the Itches Off Campus

A travel blog entry by gypsygirlri

... you.” I’m taking it with a grain of salt but the point is that I think there are real options for staying here in Rwanda if I want. If only my skin would cooperate! Now…time to take a HOT (read: anti-fungus) shower, stretch out in the ...

Craft Market, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Craft Market

A travel blog entry by linda1960


... yes, but we are really only seeing this in Kigali. The countryside is still in need of roads and water infrastructure . We had another Rwanda buffet and more rice and beans on the menu for us. We had been to this joint before and we must have returned ...

....And an afternoon to remember., Butare Province, Rwanda travel blog

....And an afternoon to remember.

A travel blog entry by linda1960


On the same day as Murambi, we came back into town and visited the Rwandan History Museum. Rich had planned a surprise for us of traditional dancers and music on the ground of the museum. We enjoyed a 30 minute show that was a wonderful way to spend the ...

When will we remember not to forget?, Nyamata, Rwanda travel blog

When will we remember not to forget?

A travel blog entry by lola_hd

... man who had dug a big ditch to shelter Hutus, since he thought that when the RPF (Rwandan Patriotic Front) moved back into Rwanda to fight the government that Hutus would be the ones being hunted down...when it was Tutsis being targetted, he quickly began ...

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