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Butare, Butare, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by whitneya819


I went to multiple museums about the Rwandan Genocide, both in Kigali and Butare. This by far was the most graphic. It was horrifyingly sad to see bodies still in the same positions they were at the genocide, and some still with possessions such as ...

Kibuye, Kibuye, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by whitneya819


I spent a whole day on this breathtaking beach. I read, slept, swam, and ate. I am in love with the beauty of this place. The water was pretty cold, but the weather was quite ...

Ruhengeri, Ruhengeri, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by whitneya819


Today we took a tour through this beautiful park. It was so green and fresh. We saw so many gorillas, and so close. It was awesome. We even went to the camp where Diane Fossey studied gorillas. There were several volcanoes around, which were also cool to ...

Nyamyumba, Nyamyumba, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by whitneya819


I heard that if I came here, I could ask a fisherman to take me in his boat to an island and the hot springs. It was so fun! The view was beautiful and the water was so calm. But the island was intriguing and the hot springs reminded me of ...

Gisenyi, Gisenyi, Rwanda travel blog


A travel blog entry by whitneya819


This amazing woman had an orphanage for children of the genocide, who lost parents and family. She truly loved the children and did a wonderful thing. It was a privilege to visit her ...

Mzungos in the mist, Ruhengeri, Rwanda travel blog

Mzungos in the mist

A travel blog entry by alura


After a day of R&R at Lake Bunyoni it was time to complete our set of countries. Rwanda, country 6 of 6. The Rwandan border crossing is much like any other crossing with the exception of one thing. That is, the vehicle and our bags were checked, not ...

In the Land of 1000 Hills, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

In the Land of 1000 Hills

A travel blog entry by jcrane


... the success of the film. We thought it was rather telling that there is no memorial at the hotel itself - nor are there "Hotel Rwanda" tours on the premises. Before we headed out to the western part of the country, we had a tour of some of the ...

New Living in Rwanda, Kayonza, Rwanda travel blog

New Living in Rwanda

A travel blog entry by remy.ndiaye.7


... because they started playing with her hair. As we get close to Kigali they started asking questions about our journey in Rwanda and their passion about basketball. Lisanne shared her music and headphones with them and that made their day.  As soon ...

My Anniversary and Murambi, Huye, Rwanda travel blog

My Anniversary and Murambi

A travel blog entry by lisarturner


... of skulls and other bones of victims, also getting ready to be cleaned and preserved. Murambi is a genocide site in southern Rwanda.  At this location, as with others in this genocide, the victims all went to their local church in Murambi in search ...

Riding in Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda travel blog

Riding in Rwanda

A travel blog entry by eastafricacycle


... and decided to visit the Hotel des Mille Collines. As we approached we were remembering pictures from the movie Hotel Rwanda and were surprised to find the entrance to appear differently. However we entered the magnificent hotel and found ourselves ...

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