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Arrival at the dorms, Moscow, Russia travel blog

Arrival at the dorms

A travel blog entry by gfitz

... lie, I am definitely a little nervous about the living with a family thing. Mostly because of language reasons. I've had 4 semesters of Russian before coming here, but almost none in the last 8 months leading up to this program. I know I'll be fine after ...

Иркутск, Irkutsk, Russia travel blog


A travel blog entry by steffen102


... Olkhon island in lake baikal tomorrow morning for a few days and a somewhat experience of "remote Russia". Olkhon island has no running water and all-day electricity was just established a few years ago, so we will come a bit closer to Russian nature :-). ...

Stopever in Moscow, Moscow, Russia travel blog

Stopever in Moscow

A travel blog entry by pyres


Said goodbyes to friends and family this morning and flew to Moscow. I'm switching luggages with grandma at this point so that I get the smaller one with only my stuff and she gets the big one with all the presents and stuff.. Tomorrow we are flying to ...

Mother Russia, St Petersburg, Russia travel blog

Mother Russia

A travel blog entry by papayaprincess


... apparently it's where all the locals sleep because it's cheap, 8 US a night... Sam and I shared our hostel room with 6 Russian men, who while admittedly at first terrified me, were actually delightful!  Thanks to my language guide, we were able to ...

Do you mind if i wear these pants?, Moscow, Russian Federation travel blog

Do you mind if i wear these pants?

A travel blog entry by clurross

... what bridges scott and i probably won't cross - smelly bridge at junction street, north bridge... sampled some gen-u-ine Ukranian/Russian food for lunch - borscht, beef in aspic, herring, Vareniki dumplings, washed down with kvac which is a drink made ...

Bye-bye Baikal, Irkutsk, Russia travel blog

Bye-bye Baikal

A travel blog entry by ladyadey


... you could get off and go to the loos on the station. I got quite a surprise when I did that for the first time on the Russian side as all that was left of our train was the one carriage we were on! all the other carriages had stayed on the Mongolian side ...

Wishful thinking, Moscow, Russia travel blog

Wishful thinking

A travel blog entry by missg

Dobry den'! Not really in Moscow, but thinking of a far away place (albeit colder than Glasgow and its scorching 12C) is all I'm gonna get at the moment. This post is just to let you know that I've got photos on my yahoo account if you're bored at ...

Moscow the final days of the Trans-Siberian phase, Moscow, Russia travel blog

Moscow the final days of the Trans-Siberian phase

A travel blog entry by smkrem


This is where we say farewell to our trains and now it is off to our respective planes. Farewell 'Trans-Siberia' you have been quite the adventure, farewell Russia you have provided an experience of a lifetime!! After a smooth transfer from the train ...

Initial thoughts on Studying in Russia, St. Petersburg, Russia travel blog

Initial thoughts on Studying in Russia

A travel blog entry by bheidmann


... visited all the major museums like the Hermitage and Russian Museum, took tours, ate Russian food, and even made a few Russian friends.  I finished my beginner Russian class and my Russian politics class and did a little in-country traveling.  ...

Culture Shock??  I think so!!, Kazan, Russian Federation travel blog

Culture Shock?? I think so!!

A travel blog entry by jmauxier

So I told you before that the weather has turned for the worse.  It is dark at 2:55 in the afternoon now and I have to say that it is killing me.  I thought that it was the weather that has affected my mood and I still tend to think that it is a ...

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