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Touring the Camps, Oświęcim, Poland travel blog

Touring the Camps

A travel blog entry by lamotl2015


After (hopefully) a good night of sleep, it was time to start our journey together. We took a 75 minute bus ride to Birkenau (also known as Auschwitz II). This is the death camp, where over 1.5 million Jews were murdered (Birkenau is the largest Jewish ...

The city still recovering from WWII and communism, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

The city still recovering from WWII and communism

A travel blog entry by tmcclurg

... . We had to make our way to the most southern tip of Sweden (4 hours), take an over night ferry to the northern tip of Poland (9 hours), and then a train to Warsaw (8 hours). The train to Warsaw was suppose to be the express train, but some how it felt ...

Poznan, Poznan, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by samuvk


Don't be worth, so big and with few thing to ...

To the Mother Land! (by Dan and Kim), Krakow, Poland travel blog

To the Mother Land! (by Dan and Kim)

A travel blog entry by danno0


Finally arrived in Krakow after a day of traveling on trains. Krakow has always been a destination of choice for me since my grandmother's (on my Mom's side) parents are from there. Unfortunately the first two hostels we went to were booked, but we were ...

Pilgrim's Progress, Rędziny, Poland travel blog

Pilgrim's Progress

A travel blog entry by d-ashworths


Today we went on our own pilgrimage of sorts but in a much lower key than the ones that take place in Czestochowa. We rode the short distance to Rędziny, a goal of mine now for a very long time. I had a number of expectations about what the town ...

An Old City - but Built in the 20th Century, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

An Old City - but Built in the 20th Century

A travel blog entry by theresapitts

I also spent some time in Warsaw, which I enjoyed, although not the -2 temperatures. Another city famous for it's music (Chopin relics everywhere), as well as lots of beautiful old churches (why do they always have saints relics in them?) and of course, ...

Warsaw Rising, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

Warsaw Rising

A travel blog entry by mish_brendan


... caring for wounded insurgents.  We also saw how the Soviets then tried to re-write history during their communist reign over Poland, claiming that they were the main heroes during this fighting even though they had nothing to do with the Rising at ...

On a pirate's ship :), Gdynia, Poland travel blog

On a pirate's ship :)

A travel blog entry by translucent


Although it was freaking freezing we somehow defrosted the car and made our way to 3city. The road was slippery yet passable and the trip from Kuźnica to Gdynia took us about 2 hours. Gdynia is quite a young city. Back in the 1930s it was still ...

Back to the Baltic, Gdansk, Poland travel blog

Back to the Baltic

A travel blog entry by kalendradee

Our train tickets actually went all the way to Gdynia so we had to pay attention around 20:00 to not miss our stop. The funny thing was we'd stopped and couldn't see any signs for where we were, then the train starts pulling forward again a few minutes ...

Step one..., Warsaw, Poland travel blog

Step one...

A travel blog entry by courtney


Hi ya'll, I'm here! I made it. I arrived jet-lagged and as William Gibson puts it... soul-displaced! I had rested my weary feet for less than 24hours and we were off again! We took numerous buses and a train and 8 hours later we were in the beautiful ...

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