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Warsaw, Poland, Our New Home, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

Warsaw, Poland, Our New Home

A travel blog entry by mikeg


After a tearing up London for a few days, we decided we had better head to Warsaw and see if this apartment that we reserved over the Internet really existed or not. Luckily for us it did...have a ...

Poland Needs Paint! Now!, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Poland Needs Paint! Now!

A travel blog entry by fezmonkey


... These included such stops as: 1) Salt statues of the myth behind the moving of the salt mine from Austria to Poland. (too long to explain) 2) A spectacular underground cathedral mined by religious miners in their free time. (I didn't know miners ...

Thanks to Our Special Friends, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Thanks to Our Special Friends

A travel blog entry by fezmonkey


Thanks to all of you who have sent an e-mail or posted a statement on the travel logue.1We greatly appreciate it. I am sorry if we have not gotten back to everybody with a private e-mail because many times our access to a good port is spotty2 and ...

Heat exhaustion in Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

Heat exhaustion in Warsaw

A travel blog entry by whk2006

... cool. Though I did hear the heat wave in Western and Central Europe, I did not feel much about it. Until I reached Warsaw, Poland. I stayed in a youth hostel called "Oki Doki" (, which is a quite cool hostel (though the staff ...

In Poland, is it just called a sausage?, Krakow, Poland travel blog

In Poland, is it just called a sausage?

A travel blog entry by karli


... ;  The Euro-Cup Football (soccer) championships started while we were here, so we spent quite a bit of time watching that.  Poland played Germany on Sunday evening so everyone was out in the town square with their Poland flags and gear on.  ...

Warmth, how I missed thee, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Warmth, how I missed thee

A travel blog entry by papayaprincess


Hello from Poland Our jackets are open and I have regained feeling in my body...lovely... We arrived after a very very long journey via buses from Vilnius...we travelled with Patrick since he was going in the same direction... The Polish currency is ...

Moving AGAIN, Sokal, Ukraine travel blog

Moving AGAIN

A travel blog entry by peacecorpsliz

Shortly after I wrote my last glowing entry about my adjustment after one year, life decided it was time to shake me up again. I found out third-hand (while giving a test during a lesson) that there were "problems" with my housing again. "Problems" ...

Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camps - Poland, Oswiecim, Poland travel blog

Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camps - Poland

A travel blog entry by rlineurope


Hi everyone - Our little travel egg alarm clock woke us early today so that we could prepare for a full day of touring Poland. We began the day with a typical Polish breakfast - ham and eggs, and for those who are anxious to hear - the coffee is ...

Aint No Crack in Krakow, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Aint No Crack in Krakow

A travel blog entry by 92.days.vagrant


... , but we didn’t end up having time. It’s sad to see but there are still traces of racism in Poland today, it’s surprising but not unbelievable considering its grim history. There are racist slogans painted in the streets, sometimes ...

3 2 1 0 start !, Warszawa, Poland travel blog

3 2 1 0 start !

A travel blog entry by rudawiewiora

Holidays ! W końcu doczekaliśmy się :) Ruszamy w długą podróż. Pierwszy odcinek już za nami. Docieramy do Warszawy. Dworzec Centralny jak zwykle okropny i śmierdzący, nic nowego. Jesteśmy bardzo ...

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