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Auschwitz and Birkenau, Oswiecim, Poland travel blog

Auschwitz and Birkenau

A travel blog entry by jkroll1952


The trip to Oswiecim, the polish town where the Nazis set up their largest concentration camp is only about 50km west of Krakow, so although we knew the experience would be sobering and not a lot of fun,  we felt we needed to experience ...

*sleeps*, Torun, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by gadelle

I don't really have much to write about at the moment, but if I don't do it now, I'll have to comme back to the internet cafe a third time today, and that would be pathetic. So here I am. At 9:30 this morning, I took a mini-trip out to Chelmno ...

Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by edbaxter

Back to Warsaw to eat, change buses and run an errand which I might describe later ...

Bagels Galore, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Bagels Galore

A travel blog entry by neall_e


Krakow was a very interesting city. More beautiful than Warsaw, but with a more inhumane past following the memory of the concentration camps. I did spend one solitary day in reflection, wandering the grounds of Aushwitz and Birkeneau. Made worse by the ...

Auschwitz, Krakow, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by meldog13


Krakow, Poland Day 3 July 15, 2005 I have been putting off writing this journal entry for two days now, mostly because I think that what ever words or stories I convey could never do justice to the atrocity or despair that was Auschwitz. I don't not ...

Trumpeter of Krakow, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Trumpeter of Krakow

A travel blog entry by jearner

... the Czech republic has them beaten hands down. The train experience changed dramatically when we crossed the border into southern poland (similar to driving from northern Va into DC...roads go from pristine to crap). The railroad track was falling ...

The March of the Living, Oswiecim, Poland travel blog

The March of the Living

A travel blog entry by lamotl2015


Today was the day. The day this trip is named for. The day when close to 10,000 Jews, non-Jews, teens and adults, Americans, South Americans, Europeans, South Africans, Australians, and supporters from around the world descended on Auschwitz. Ready to ...

A week on the Baltic, Gdansk, Poland travel blog

A week on the Baltic

A travel blog entry by hannah_and_greg


... in 1970 and 80 that led to the formation of 'Solidarity,' an independent trade union which helped bring down the communist government in Poland. (By the way, we're not experts, so correct us if we're wrong on any of this.) It was awesome to see ...

Part A - Salt Fun and Genocide Darkness, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Part A - Salt Fun and Genocide Darkness

A travel blog entry by melepua


... you… totally safe), chandeliers made completely out of salt, statues of their favorite dudes (including Pope John Paul II, Poland’s favorite son), and an impressive chapel, with wall art, staircases, a crucifix, more chandeliers, the whole lot ...

Gdansk or Danzig (if you are German) Day 2, Gdansk, Poland travel blog

Gdansk or Danzig (if you are German) Day 2

A travel blog entry by nancyjill


Had a fine breakfast this morning with mixed vegetables, pancakes, hotdogs, cheese, and a variety of other goodies and good coffee. Was fun. We toured the town and went into several churches. Some of them are beyond belief with beauty. We tried to go ...

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