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Proba mikrofonu, Gdansk, Poland travel blog

Proba mikrofonu

A travel blog entry by asiaexpediszyn

Wszystko ...

Let there be light, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

Let there be light

A travel blog entry by stevecori


... admiration, no matter how many of them it may take to screw in a light bulb. Leaving Vilnius, our destination was Warsaw, Poland's capital and a city most people hinted was a place out of which you wanted to get. Having seen the seedy underbelly of ...

Tatra Mountains, Zakopane, Poland travel blog

Tatra Mountains

A travel blog entry by bigbenn

... , for a day trip to the winter capital of Poland, Zakopane. Based at the foot of the Tatra mountains - the border between Poland and Slovakia - Zakopane is a delightful, if rather touristy town. Lucky for us, the town was covered in a thick layer of ...

Arrival in Wroclaw, Wrocław, Poland travel blog

Arrival in Wroclaw

A travel blog entry by pdchapla


Saturday July 11, 2009 -  Wroclaw, Poland Finally have a chance to update the travel blog after a busy few days since leaving Krakow on Saturday morning.  We headed west to Wroclaw across the beautiful countryside of southern Poland and arrived at the ...

Village Wedding, Dvirtsi, Ukraine travel blog

Village Wedding

A travel blog entry by peacecorpsliz


Yesterday afternoon/ night was adventurous! I went to a village wedding with Ezra (a new volunteer nearby, who worked at the Caritas summercamp with Ben, Rebecca and I). Incidentally, Ezra's blog will likely feature his own account of the wedding. ...

Mid Poland Lowland, Lodz, Poland travel blog

Mid Poland Lowland

A travel blog entry by translucent


So, I guided a tour around the Mid Poland Lowland today, and despite the fact that it was freezing I had a lot of fun. The route was as follows: Łódź - Poddębice - Uniejów - Łęczyca - Tum - Łowicz - Arkadia - Nieborów. I ...

Krakow, Krakow, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by bharden


Krakow! Caught a 3 hour train with Ciaran from Warsaw. We meant to wake up early. We didn't. Asked to catch the 2 pm train, it was full so had to catch the 4pm. Got to Krakow. Stayed in a expensive average hostel which i blame for what has happened ...

Downtown Heidelberg and Poland trip, Boleslawiec, Poland travel blog

Downtown Heidelberg and Poland trip

A travel blog entry by theguelles


... , only touched the surface, but it was great. Thursday and Friday, Wendy, Missy, three friends of Wendy's, and I ventured into Poland for the Polish pottery mission. What an experience! It was very successful, now to get it home! YIKES!!! Tomorrow we ...

The ruins of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

The ruins of Warsaw

A travel blog entry by thepoonanns


... of Warsaw have done an incredible job to rebuild an entire city and re-establish a whole society. Unfortunately during our time in Poland, I was riddled with sore-throatitis so it did mean that by the end of the day I was exhausted. It was probably a ...

De bossen in, Bialowieza, Poland travel blog

De bossen in

A travel blog entry by amberenrutger

- ...

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