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home sweet home agin.., Manila, Philippines travel blog

home sweet home agin..

A travel blog entry by bien

i have to get a very long ...

Manic Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Manic Manila

A travel blog entry by timshazz


... and yet had no idea the same thing was happening in other parts of their own country with a far greater death toll. All up, Manila isn’t somewhere I would want to spend a hell of a lot of time but it certainly did have a bold and brash character ...

catch up.., Laguna Province, Philippines travel blog

catch up..

A travel blog entry by maguirjx

OK so now I'm reeeally behind, but I have been having the absolute time of my life, and really haven't been near many flushing toilets rather than internet. So I think I left off first day.. the second day our group finally all found each other and ate ...

Manila not again, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Manila not again

A travel blog entry by geoffloribryant


We grabbed a cab to happy coconuts for the final time and then headed to Army/Navy for dinner. It was really enjoyable and my mom really liked it. We walked back because we were stuffed and then repacked all of our stuff because we were sending home a ...

Travel day, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Travel day

A travel blog entry by wizzi_woo

... I actually did hit him on the head with a very thick book). She came back, 'Yes I'm afraid we just fly between Philippines and Malaysia not from Malaysia to elsewhere.' She suggested I try the Philippine airline which is situated at the other end of the ...

Work Trip to Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Work Trip to Manila

A travel blog entry by nicbc503

Work Trip to ...

Mark has landed. (I hope), Manila, Philippines travel blog

Mark has landed. (I hope)

A travel blog entry by markimberly

... to do something useful!  -Kimberly  P.S. the map feature on this website shows his trip going East from Kansas to the Philippines via Europe.  That's not correct but I don't know how to fix it. Mark is the web guru in the family!  ...

The Past in the Present, Manila, Philippines travel blog

The Past in the Present

A travel blog entry by winrol


coming soon, Manila, Philippines travel blog

coming soon

A travel blog entry by surf808

coming soon ...

Banks Closed - oops, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Banks Closed - oops

A travel blog entry by taraiym

... to the hotel, exchanged at their userous rate (39 to the dollar instead of 40.xx) - took a shower and went to bed. Manila is dirtier than bangkok - smog, litter, and much more urban poor. Another change is the level of (implied) violence - security ...

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