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Bus into Peru, Puno, Peru travel blog

Bus into Peru

A travel blog entry by samlocke3


... the market stalls before getting our bus to Puno. After only about 20 minutes we were crossing the border at Peru! It was then only about 3 hours to arrive at Puno, which is also on the shores of Lake Titicaca. A lot of Puno doesn't seem very nice. It's ...

Militants , and Lake Titicaca, Puno, Peru travel blog

Militants , and Lake Titicaca

A travel blog entry by nas.latif

... there were demonstrations against the government about corruption (something that is common) and some people had thrown some trees across the Puno which was blocked for several days. As there was no bus I hired a taxi to take me on an alternative ...

Puno and Arequipa, Puno, Peru travel blog

Puno and Arequipa

A travel blog entry by mojito


Spent 3 nights in Puno when Manja was sick with Bronchitis and then we traveled down to ...

Maison D' Lago Puno, Puno, Peru travel blog

Maison D' Lago Puno

A travel blog entry by schmiggi

... ist) nur um 23:00 starten. Also wurde auf die Schnelle der Alternativplan geschmiedet, zuerst einmal eine Nacht in Puno am Titicacasee zu verbringen. Nach kurzem Vergleich der zahleichen Unternehmen, war dann auch schon das Ticket bei Tour Peru gekauft ...

Island Goodbye, Puno, Peru travel blog

Island Goodbye

A travel blog entry by daisytom


... to a mini lecture on how the islands are created and why they exist. Ready for a bitesize lesson? When the Spanish invaded Peru some communities sought exile on the islands to protect their culture and have continued to do so ever since. Everything they ...

schwimmende Inseln und strickende Maenner, Puno, Peru travel blog

schwimmende Inseln und strickende Maenner

A travel blog entry by klaus-und-karin


Nach Machu Picchu ging es gleich weiter zum naechsten Hoehepunkt unserer Reise, nach Puno am Titicacasee. Der Titicacasee ist etwa 15mal so gross wie der Bodensee. 60% gehoeren zu Peru, 40% zu Bolivien. Das grosse Highlight am Titicacasee sind ...

Islas Flotantes... Uros, Puno, Peru travel blog

Islas Flotantes... Uros

A travel blog entry by danijon


Did a half day trip to Islas Flotantes, otherwise known as Uros... totally surreal. These people have lived on reeds floating around lake Titicaca since pre Inca times.. even though the tourism effect has and was bound to take effect.. it's still ...

Floating Islands, Puno, Peru travel blog

Floating Islands

A travel blog entry by redkeels


Got up at 8 am this morning to pack and get ready for our overnight experience staying on the Floating Islands in Lake Titicaca. We were picked up from our hotel and taken to the what was classed as a port, but all I can describe it as was the edge of ...

Forget Atkins, Puno, Peru travel blog

Forget Atkins

A travel blog entry by alasdairnicola


Ladies, If you are looking to loose a couple of those extra pounds then forget Atkins, The F-Plan, GI, and Cabbage Soup diets... follow the Nicola way instead. Walk over 45km in 4 days, preferably up hill and at altitude (this also eliminates ...

Puno, Puno, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by djal

Blah ...

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