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Not all monuments and sunshine, Lima, Peru travel blog

Not all monuments and sunshine

A travel blog entry by christine_wilde


... lucky not to encounter the rougher side of life that often colours impressions of South America. Immediately after our arrival in Peru's capital we witnessed a mugging. Driving away from the bus terminal in a taxi, we saw three young men attack another ...

Lima airport, Lima, Peru travel blog

Lima airport

A travel blog entry by sheppard

... , on the whole my stress levels were reasonably low! And the flight left maybe half an hout late, but we got here to Lima on time and I'm now hanging around through from midnight til 5.30am when I fly to Cusco. Internet facilities have meant I've been ...

Endelig fremme!, Lima, Peru travel blog

Endelig fremme!

A travel blog entry by elianasiri


... stor lettelse at blive hentet i lufthavnen lidt udenfor Lima, af Elis mors, venindes, fars chauffoer! Vores foerste indtryk af Peru og Lima var gennem bilruden, kl. 01 om natten, og det er ikke en uderdrivelse at sige at vi fik os et KAEMPE ...

Goin' Home, Lima, Argentina travel blog

Goin' Home

A travel blog entry by curtisejtaylor

Our stop in Lima was brief and at night. Similar to our last visit in ...

Another Day, Lima, Peru travel blog

Another Day

A travel blog entry by delsar


... to, and along, the coast at Miraflores. We didn't actually get to the beach as it was a few hundred feet below Lima's spectacular cliffs, athough there were many surfers down there taking advantage of the decent swells. There is much to see and do ...

Lima, Peru, Lima, Peru travel blog

Lima, Peru

A travel blog entry by salsals

... doing things we all decided we wer deperate just to get to a beach and do nothing for a while.  So we got to Lima and this was doubled, its a shithole.  Like London but bigger, dirtier, poorer and more dangerous. So we decided to get out of ...

Day 2 in Lima - On to the rest of the city, Lima, Peru travel blog

Day 2 in Lima - On to the rest of the city

A travel blog entry by rheadeja

... through the intersection.....dodging and weaving your way around oncoming traffic. I stopped watching, it was too scary!! Central Lima was really beautiful though, saw the ever popular central plaza and main church, along with the presidential palace, ...

Circuito Magico del Agua, Lima, Peru travel blog

Circuito Magico del Agua

A travel blog entry by neilvshelena


... 't really bail. It cost a token quid to get into the park of a dozen or so small fountains and one massive fountain with a laser display. It was kind of like a fireworks display only wet, and by far the most tranquil public space I've seen in Lima. ...

Peru - Lima, Lima, Peru travel blog

Peru - Lima

A travel blog entry by barn


... egg white, all good. Really enjoying food in Peru, great coffee and cakes too!! Next day we ventured into Downtown Lima, very different from Miraflores, not as safe and few tourists, police everywhere. Visited the Plaza de Armas, see photos ...

Time is not on my side, Lima, Peru travel blog

Time is not on my side

A travel blog entry by turnleftatrio

Jungles, Cusco, Machu Picchu, so much happening, so little time to write about everything in detail and in love. It is now half way. New blog on the way. Promise. Muchos ...

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