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10 hours in an airport..., Lima, Peru travel blog

10 hours in an airport...

A travel blog entry by skintsaint

so bored...but off to Brazil soon!!! ...

Quilyhuanca Cojup Trek, Cordillera Blanca, Peru travel blog

Quilyhuanca Cojup Trek

A travel blog entry by jennchris


Just back from an incredible 4 day trek in the Cordillera Blanca. Highlights were seeing an Andean Condor, 2 beautiful valleys, phenomenal mountains, a high pass at 16,700 feet (ouch! the headache), chewing coca leaves (goodbye headache), stars of the ...

Finally out of Mancora, Lima, Peru travel blog

Finally out of Mancora

A travel blog entry by mattyjordan


... creepy guy, right out the front of a church at about 4pm in the afternoon. First impressions of the city- Lima has incredible surf! the coastline is just continuous lines of swell rolling in for as far as you can see breaking off points ...

Arrived in Lima, Lima, Peru travel blog

Arrived in Lima

A travel blog entry by robghs


... sung to him on the bus to the hostal just after midnight. Tom Agass at the hostal to meet us. Good to see him after so long. He`s looking well and is going to take students out tomorrow for a quick look at Lima Tomorrow the long, long bus trip up to ...

Entertaining myself as a lonesome traveller, San Isidro, Peru travel blog

Entertaining myself as a lonesome traveller

A travel blog entry by fionamary


... I was extremely proud of my achievement (the things we travellers do to entertain ourselves in airports)! I'm looking forward to starting my Peru tour tomorrow - I definitely prefer the parts of my travels where I am with a group of people for a few days. ...

Crazy, Rushed, and stollen from, Lima, Peru travel blog

Crazy, Rushed, and stollen from

A travel blog entry by danielfernandez

... . Barely made flight to Lima due to delay in El Calafate and bus ride to EZE taking so long. Layover in Lima, stayed in chapel and tried to ...

Lima day 2, Miraflores, Lima, Peru travel blog

Lima day 2, Miraflores

A travel blog entry by nathan.frisch


... to call some of you guys, we walked down to Larco Mar, a new modern shopping center built to appeal to Lima`s swelling western tourist population. The Pacific ocean was beautiful, the restaurants were expensive, and the paragliders looked amazing. See ...

How far can $20 get you?, Lima, Peru travel blog

How far can $20 get you?

A travel blog entry by jillsy

Just a quick stop on the way to ...

Lima, Lima, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by midgesrtw


... a way because you park on the roof without realising that the entire structure is below you. We were not expecting anything like this from Lima and as a city it impressed us even more than Buenos Aires. We stayed in a lovely hotel in a very beautiful and ...

AoooGAH: Public Transport in Peru, Lima, Peru travel blog

AoooGAH: Public Transport in Peru

A travel blog entry by danielaccg


... -built city busses. there are also a handful of wildly painted hand-me-down american school busses (school busses retire to peru, apparently). they are all in some sort of disrepair. long distance busses are much better than the busses in the states in ...

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