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The Gringo Trail, Arequipa, Peru travel blog

The Gringo Trail

A travel blog entry by paraic


... or on the bus. While in Huachachina, we booked ourselves into a Spanish language school in the city of Arequipa, apparently the 2nd largest city in Peru (a title it competes for with Trujillo). The school was based in the Hotel Casa de Avilla with ...

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Arequipa, Peru travel blog

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

A travel blog entry by forbes.thompson


... cheese – thank God this is not a case where direct translation is appropriate.  It is a special ice cream made in Arequipa with only milk, no cream, and some vanilla and topped with a sprinkling of cinnamon.  It sounds like it would be ...

Bird Sanctuary, Mejia, Peru travel blog

Bird Sanctuary

A travel blog entry by planetgeli

... Nacional Lagunas de Mejia to be precise. Which the travelpod map isnt. It doesn´t appear to be able to find anywhere besides Arequipa. WE´RE ON THE COAST. Initially the sanctuary was difficult for us to find but with the help of a friendly collectivo ...

Arequipa, the White City, Arequipa, Peru travel blog

Arequipa, the White City

A travel blog entry by intitour


... really extensive Inca and Pre-Inka agricultural terraces, which, once again contrasted dramatically with the surrounding desert.  Arequipa is constantly growing with a current population of over 1 million.  Many of the agricultural terraces have ...

On the Road Again.., Arequipa, Peru travel blog

On the Road Again..

A travel blog entry by chemoejito


... rear tire twitching beneath me. I chuckle to myself and roll off the throttle slightly.We enter the highly congested city of Arequipa, for every 1 personal vehicle on the road I swear there are 15 taxi´s. Just one huge beehive of beeping, buzzing yellow ...

Arequipa and Colca Canyon, Arequipa, Peru travel blog

Arequipa and Colca Canyon

A travel blog entry by emily26


... up with Jimmy, I had climbed Huayna Potisi with him in La Paz. We went to the market and I ate some lunch. A typical dish from Arequipa. A stuffed pepper with cheese on top. Then a potato cake thing on the side. It was really yummy. I then made a plan to ...

Another enjoyable week teaching, Arequipa, Peru travel blog

Another enjoyable week teaching

A travel blog entry by garygapyear

... rather good , fearlessly putting in crunching tackles on the boys. On Friday this week the classroom was closed as it is Arequipa Independence Day , a local holiday and the celebration of the founding of the city of Arequipa on Aug 15th 1540. Most of us ...

Colca Canyon, Arequipa, Peru travel blog

Colca Canyon

A travel blog entry by al-lucy-lost


... booked an overnight bus to take us to our next destination so we could jump on it when we returned saving us another night in Arequipa. We were initially going to go to Puno on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca, spend a night there and head to Bolivia ...

Casablanca in Columbia?, Arequipa, Peru travel blog

Casablanca in Columbia?

A travel blog entry by siwhittaker


... ;to the mountain gods 500 years ago and preserved in the ice until volcanic ash (from the volcano over Arequipa) had started erupting. As the ice had melted the frozen sacrifice had literally rolled down the ...

Arequipa en Machu Picchu, Arequipa, Peru travel blog

Arequipa en Machu Picchu

A travel blog entry by cosavesturtle


... verhaal en Lyndon, mijn huidige reisgenoot. We (deze 'we' ook met Celine en Anne) hadden met zijn vieren de Colca-trak in Arequipa gedaan. Lyndon zat in hetzelfde hostel als ons (Anne, Celine en ik), en had ook tijdgebrek voor een normale tour. Dus hebben ...

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