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The Religion of Islam, Karachi, Pakistan travel blog

The Religion of Islam

A travel blog entry by shahid.muhd

The major religions of the world can be divided into two broad categories—the Aryan and the Semitic, with Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism in the first and Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the second. So far as their theological aspects are ...

NORTH PAKISTAN ADVENTURE, Islamabad , Pakistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by nangaparbat


... Bloggers/NORTH-PAKISTAN Postal address : NORTH PAKISTAN ADVENTURE Trekking, Tours and Expeditions P.O Box 746, Islamabad - Pakistan CONTACT IN FRANCE: *Mr. Fabrice OUDIN  Cell: ...

Jun 24, 2009, Gilgit, Pakistan travel blog

Jun 24, 2009

A travel blog entry by hasch


Khanuspur, Islamabad, Pakistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by conflicted


Khanuspur is a village about 80 km from the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. A perfact place to stay a few days in peace with nature. Exclusively beautifull and silent. Altitude is about 7000ft above sea level and in winters harsh snows block its all ...

Khanuspur to mukspuri trek, Islamabad, Pakistan travel blog

Khanuspur to mukspuri trek

A travel blog entry by conflicted


... . this is a trek of about 8km and easy to go with. it is known as one of the most beautifull short family treks of pakistan. we start the trek from khanuspur, reached Ayubia, bypasses it. our next stop was about 6km ahead dunga gali. another hill station ...

biking from khanuspur to thandiyani, Islamabad, Pakistan travel blog

biking from khanuspur to thandiyani

A travel blog entry by conflicted


from mukspuri we trekked back to khanuspur to get the bike and then via road we slowly travled up to abbotabat and then thandiyani. passed a night there and then drove back to ...

Five Uncomplicated Ways To Increase Web Optimizati, Faisalabad, Pakistan travel blog

Five Uncomplicated Ways To Increase Web Optimizati

A travel blog entry by iwvtutorial

The ideal idea for postcard advertising and marketing system is that you should not test to close you are your sales and profits with postcard internet marketing. Postcard is the greatest way to attract your viewers and overlooked by viewers. So, ...

Skardu and Sadpara lake, Skardu, Pakistan travel blog

Skardu and Sadpara lake

A travel blog entry by conflicted


The ancient settlement of skardu, now converting into a major town like city nestled in mighty black metamorphic sky touching rocks of karakoram is one of the most fascinating destinition. though itself is not a destinition and can be considered as the ...

lets go for some fun, Islamabad, Pakistan travel blog

lets go for some fun

A travel blog entry by conflicted


that was evening of dec 8th 2009 when my friends call me to have a sitting. while chating we thought that its a long time we havent been on some excursion. mountains are far aways and we cant get back with in three days. the finall decision was made of ...

Lahore, Pakistan, Lahore, Pakistan travel blog

Lahore, Pakistan

A travel blog entry by david_lloyd

Hello! Sixth and final night in Pakistan. Now really hot, crowded places with really nice food!   Last couple of nights in Iran were kinda wierd. We had police and military escorts for the last night and were not allowed to leave the hotel (not ...

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