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Tag 33, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Tag 33

A travel blog entry by deohem

Heute nicht viel gemacht ausser Sprachschule und nachmittags im Hostel gehangen. Ein bisschen durch die Stadt gelaufen und Abends mit der Familie meiner Lehrerin die Graduation in einem Restaurant gefeiert. Leider konnte dabei kaum ein ordentliches ...

Aug 11, 2011, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Aug 11, 2011

A travel blog entry by johnnyutopia


ola americano, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

ola americano

A travel blog entry by amaythijs


... keer weer wat. Wat mensen vervoeren, en hoe, ongelukken, alles is niet te vergelijken met Nederland. De grens over met nicaragua was wel een hele merkwaardige, ik hoefde niet eens mijn paspoort te laten zien, en kreeg een voorgedrukt stempeltje op een ...

'Grana, Grana, Granada', Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

'Grana, Grana, Granada'

A travel blog entry by slaw


... . We ate breakfast again at our favourite Garden cafe. We are always on the search for good coffee. Despite the fact that Nicaragua has amazing coffee plantations and excellent coffee, a lot of places serve instant coffee. Ew. We ended up back at ...

Granada, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by glassman

... beer food and a place to sleep!!! x lisa Short and sweet and thatīs why I love her! We are currently in Granada, Nicaragua. We arrived last night directly from San Jose via Ticabus - a relatively cheap and painless journey through Gaunacaste (our ...

Don Guapote!, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Don Guapote!

A travel blog entry by anwen2011

Hola again so it's saturday which I think means it was a week ago that I last posted, maybe 5 days. Time passes in a completely different way here, I feel like I've been here forever. lots has happened this week. Mainly that I started work at San ...

City of old, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

City of old

A travel blog entry by dcinternational


... central american postal service doesn't eat them on the way to home. Last up was a tour to the supposedly magnificent Islettas of Granada. I wouldn't got as far to say that these were unmissable as guidebooks might infer but it was a happy day out on the ...

Chopped Pig Heads, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Chopped Pig Heads

A travel blog entry by journeyjoy


... ) to get a shuttle van to Granada. Managua is definitely worth missing. Its mainly just a transportation hub to other places in Nicaragua or outside of the country. We were dropped off at the Central Park in Granada and walked to Hostal Esfinge by way of ...

Granada-Running, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by phungster


... sight in developing countries around the world. City view in a flash - blue sky, hot sun, and nice breezes from Lago de Nicaragua - I am here to observe and soaking up the ambience... So, if you ever end up in Granada with your running shoes - take ...

Granada, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by rob76

fghd ...

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