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Feb 09, 2010, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Feb 09, 2010

A travel blog entry by danielringrose


No hablo espaņol! HELP! Granada, Nicaragua, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

No hablo espaņol! HELP! Granada, Nicaragua

A travel blog entry by samspurlock

... not to love instantly. So far, 4 mosquito bites, not doing too bad. Well currently I am sitting in an internet cafe in Granada, Nicaragua. I have only been here two days, but I am seriously loving it. Yesterday we gtot in early in the morning to Managua. ...

Leon's Prettier Sister, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Leon's Prettier Sister

A travel blog entry by jj3101


... ". I say this with a smirk on my face as it really means we had a massage :) There is a community initiative in Nicaragua called "Seeing Hands Massages" where blind people are taught to give professional massages in order to make a decent wage. And we ...

Central America Bus Guide, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Central America Bus Guide

A travel blog entry by msdemeaner

... ; Around Granada 10 cordobas or 15 after 10pm for colectivo. Fixed route buses 3 cordobas, colourful bus 5 cordobas   Granada-Ometepe A Boat leaves from the municipal pier of Granada (north of the city along the lakefront or ...

Civilization, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by blackpearl8

... , so I just cut out a few things. I took a private boat transfer to a taxi ( first class..but in Nicaragua I can afford to be). I arrived into Granada around noon, dropped my stuff off at a really cool hostel called the Bearded Monkey and took off with my ...

Lots to Do In Granada *or around it*, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Lots to Do In Granada *or around it*

A travel blog entry by hildine


... because when the Spainiards arrived they thought the volcanes were the gates of hell.... Next we went to a fortress overlooking Granada and Managua on Coytepe. It was used to imprison and torture people during the revolution...learniung about all the ...

MANGOES, ISLANDS & MORE VOLCANOES, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by ang_kenny


... of bed by check-out and rolled onto a chicken bus headed for Managua, where we changed onto a local colectivo to Granada. Granada is Nicaragua's jewel - an old Colonial town that has streets lined with mango trees and where the mangoes are so abundant ...

Granada, Gringos, and More Gringos, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Granada, Gringos, and More Gringos

A travel blog entry by texasnomads


... spanish in parque central, and hunting down the local drink specials for that night.Unkown to many outsiders, the main sport in Nicaragua is actually baseball, not soccer (futbol) like it's neighboring countries. So when Lyndi and I found out that there ...

entering Nicaragua with a splash and a bang, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

entering Nicaragua with a splash and a bang

A travel blog entry by dom_phyta


... on the roofs; evidence of being frequently covered in ash and acid rain. We stayed for a couple of days in Granada, on the shores of Lake Nicaragua. A beautiful, if crime-ridden, colonial town (another one!!), and as seems to be the case in most places we ...

Colourful Granada, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Colourful Granada

A travel blog entry by sim_and_mike


Granada is a small low rise colonial city surrounded by volcanoes and Lake Nicaragua. The lake once had the only freshwater sharks in the world, until they killed them all off to send shark fins to China for a good price. Although we did find many shark ...

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