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It Was The Best of Times and The Worst of Times, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

It Was The Best of Times and The Worst of Times

A travel blog entry by dblegldave


... published Anne's diary in the early 1950's. After a great dinner at an Argentine steak house, and an obligitory walk through Amsterdam's infamous Red Light District which was interesting as well, we headed back for the train. We made the ...

esimene peatus: Schipol, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

esimene peatus: Schipol

A travel blog entry by nipitiri

Esimese hooga põrutame küll sihtpunktile hoopis vastupidises suunas - kagu asemel läände. Ja esimest korda väljaspool Euroopat kahe objektiivi ja statiiviga, loodetavasti tähendab kvantiteedi lisandumine ka pildikvaliteedi paranemist. Juba ...

I AMsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

I AMsterdam

A travel blog entry by koreywhite


... where no word has a vowel it seems, and everyone speaks flawless English. Second, anything goes. And by anything, I mean anything. We arrived in Amsterdam on Friday night at around 1 am. So what is the first thing we do? Of course, we went to a bar in ...

Homeward Bound...All had been accomplished!, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Homeward Bound...All had been accomplished!

A travel blog entry by katclassy


Hi all you weary travelers...we are going home.  The homeward leg has begun,. It has been a whirlwind time and it was absolutely fun... We have experienced so many amazing places and met some incredible people.  If you asked what was our ...

And still flying, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

And still flying

A travel blog entry by tyga

Flight arrived in Amsterdam on time. We spent an hour or so in the lounge then went to depature gate. The flight was delayed slightly and we had to take a bus out to plane on tarmac in the rain. Business class in plane appeared no different to economy ...

In the homeland, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

In the homeland

A travel blog entry by mitchellvandyk


Well, We are officially in the homeland. Have been for a while now. We went to Rotterdam for a few days, and then headed over to Amsterdam, where we have been for 3 nights already. Today we took a day trip up to the city of Gronigen. We went to a cafe and ...

London to Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

London to Amsterdam

A travel blog entry by taylor


... way! Drove down to the white cliffs at dover, and crossed over to France on the ferry, kept driving up through Belgium to Amsterdam. That evening the whole group (40 in total) took an 'all you can drink' canal cruise! BAD IDEA! Everyone was having ...

A Dammin it!, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

A Dammin it!

A travel blog entry by toddhorwath


What is better than having a friend who lives in the Red Light District of Amsterdamn?? Errr... I guess the drugs you can buy? err... Norweigens are Pretty hot... NAH, Nothings better!! After meeting in Hawaii and again in San Francisco, My ...

Closing my Holland book for now..., Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Closing my Holland book for now...

A travel blog entry by foegoer


... to visit the local pubs with Miranda and family!! In between, European Soccer, so Orange Madness in Holland as the Netherlands was playing pretty good the first matches. Living in little Turkey in Amsterdam-West I understood Turkey was playing even ...

In-flight Catering is not my Friend, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

In-flight Catering is not my Friend

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


The flight to Amsterdam passed without incident, if you discount the less that smooth landing. I guess the pilot was making sure anyone napping knew that we had landed. CRRR-UNCH! I held onto my in-flight egg sandwich to eat on the train to Nijmegen and ...

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