Travel Blogs from Amsterdam, Netherlands

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End of an Era, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

End of an Era

A travel blog entry by johnsinclair


... and alcohol products under the same roof, and bars-with-weed-and-hash were declared illegal throughout The Netherlands-except for Amsterdam, where the traditional cafes continued under a special exemption while their number dwindled through attrition and ...

Quarter-Pounder with Cheese, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Quarter-Pounder with Cheese

A travel blog entry by tylerandlee


... zonking out.  What was supposed to be a quick nap turned out to be a four-and-a-half-hour nap.  I think Amsterdam is a really good city to start any kind of backpacking tour through Europe with.  It's just a really chilled-out ...

Last day in Amsterdam and arriving in Bruges, Amsterdam, The Netherlands travel blog

Last day in Amsterdam and arriving in Bruges

A travel blog entry by eliandvicky


... an open top bus is always fun!! From central station we took a canal cruise. We sauntered down the canals exploring Amsterdam's waterways. It's amazing how they used dams to create Amsterdam. We passed the beautiful church named after the patron saint of ...

Two bicycle rides through Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Two bicycle rides through Amsterdam

A travel blog entry by d-ashworths


We loved the biking experience so much here and we've seen several cities now where the local authority actively encourages bicycle, scooter and motorcycle use. And it works. We wanted to share 2 small examples of what it's like in a truly ...

Amsterdam, Netherlands Day 2, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Amsterdam, Netherlands Day 2

A travel blog entry by dabassisst


... . I then toured the Van Gogh Museum, which was pretty damn cool. After that, I went to the Rijks Museum, the Netherlands national museum. Unfortunately, it's in the process of being renovated, so their selection was rather small. However, they did have a ...

Some random notes, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Some random notes

A travel blog entry by jennszoo

Just a few random notes as I am drinking my morning coffee waiting for Russ to finish showering... Eggs. Thay all seem to be brown shelled, with bright orange/yellow yolks and tastier.   Water.  The tap water is surprisingly good ...

Red Light, Oh My, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Red Light, Oh My

A travel blog entry by pjmartin


... The Van Gogh Museum, then Anna Franks house.After the great day we had we decided to take it easy that night, for we were off to Aachen,Germany in the morning to meet up with Stefan and Chrissy. Thats it for Amsterdam, more photos,more updates coming ...

the Red Light District....., Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

the Red Light District.....

A travel blog entry by traciellen

... and it was late (12:15).  Scott works for the Embassy with Andy, but in economics.  Julianna is a lawer in Amsterdam.   Young couple with no kids.....yet.  We were off to experience the Red Light District.  This was going to ...

My abode at the moment? The Flying Dutchman!, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

My abode at the moment? The Flying Dutchman!

A travel blog entry by anna_rochelle


... ve decided the answer to be. Because it was impossible for me to decide in my head which I like more - Paris, Barcelone, or Amsterdam?? And so I've concluded I like them all equally as much, each in their own way. Amsterdam was fantastic, sensastional.... ...

Blessed Freedom Day, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Blessed Freedom Day

A travel blog entry by johnsinclair


... y Música, Teatro Lope de Vega Friday, March 2        Sevilla > Amsterdam Saturday, March 3        Amsterdam: OFF **************************************************** ANNIE NOCENTI ON ...

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