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A Dammin it!, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

A Dammin it!

A travel blog entry by toddhorwath


What is better than having a friend who lives in the Red Light District of Amsterdamn?? Errr... I guess the drugs you can buy? err... Norweigens are Pretty hot... NAH, Nothings better!! After meeting in Hawaii and again in San Francisco, My ...

Closing my Holland book for now..., Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Closing my Holland book for now...

A travel blog entry by foegoer


... to visit the local pubs with Miranda and family!! In between, European Soccer, so Orange Madness in Holland as the Netherlands was playing pretty good the first matches. Living in little Turkey in Amsterdam-West I understood Turkey was playing even ...

In-flight Catering is not my Friend, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

In-flight Catering is not my Friend

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


The flight to Amsterdam passed without incident, if you discount the less that smooth landing. I guess the pilot was making sure anyone napping knew that we had landed. CRRR-UNCH! I held onto my in-flight egg sandwich to eat on the train to Nijmegen and ...

Amsterdam - day 40, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Amsterdam - day 40

A travel blog entry by nicky7a


... , sell your flowers tomorrow morning, and someone in NYC buys them that same  afternoon   -when the sun is shining, amsterdam is an absolutely stunning actually looks a lot like copenhagen but amsterdam has an edge to it that makes it ...

Amsterdamned, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by ewilson

... we get to the platform, and the train isn't even there yet.... Five hours later, we're on the train almost to Amsterdam and the conductor is walking through the train checking everyone's tickets. He get's to us and tells us that our Eurail passes ...

AMSTERDAM!, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by bjw1981


... fucken rocked, 3 free beers and a souvenir for 10 euro was sweeeeeeet as! .. So many bloody bikes and canals in Amsterdam.. haha! .. a different place indeed.. A few drinks were had, a few coffee shops were visited and the red light district was strolled. ...

Bhutan. keeping warm and the unusual wildlife, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Bhutan. keeping warm and the unusual wildlife

A travel blog entry by carole91

This is what you get when you start reading guide books. You find those quirky pieces of information........ The Bukhari, which is the traditional wood burning stove still used in Bhutan, is sometimes lit with the aid of Kerosene. To retain heat a ...

Amsterdam - I got friends in

Amsterdam - I got friends in "high" places...

A travel blog entry by patandjill


... of our own with this. Apparently with the question of tipping and money, we soon found out in our travel at least in the Netherlands, that tipping as an "American" is not the same as tipping in "Dutch" As americans, 15% is our norm or minimum, and the ...

Day 1 and 2:

Day 1 and 2: "A Lesson in Flexibility"

A travel blog entry by ccbridge

... a voucher for 5 pounds worth of food (British Pounds, that is). Finally, we set off, and uneventfully landed in Amsterdam! Praise the Lord! Unfortunately, not all of our luggage came with us. About half the group's luggage was left in London. ...

Cannabis Cup 2006, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Cannabis Cup 2006

A travel blog entry by johnsinclair


... with Andy Adkins [13] John Sinclair & Mark Ritsema: pannonica Hosted by John Sinclair for Radio Free Amsterdam Produced, Engineered, Recorded & Posted by Henk Botwinik Executive Producer: Larry Hayden Sponsored by Eat at Jo's at The ...

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