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Weeds., Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by joeljenaturner


Driving around in the "Nederlands" we had the opportunity to see a lot of the small canal towns that decorated the green countryside. Classic, stereotypical windmills were also very prevalent, but it wasn't until we passed Rotterdam, we saw a massive ...

Amsterdam Day 1, Amsterdam, The Netherlands travel blog

Amsterdam Day 1

A travel blog entry by kas19


Despite the lost luggage representative reassuring us our luggage would arrive at 10:10 am and a delivery would be arranged shortly after we still hadn't heard anything at 12 pm. We took the tram into city centre, had lunch and then took a canal cruise. ...

Last full day in The Netherlands, Oldenzaal, Netherlands travel blog

Last full day in The Netherlands

A travel blog entry by worldtrip_kp


Today I woke up around 12:00.. Had a coffee.. And was still tired ;) So I went back to bed till approx 15:45 ;) A good sleeping day ;) After my great sleep I had my shower and "breakfast" ;) Around 16:30 I started packing my bags.. So everything is ...

17 juli 2013, Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands travel blog

17 juli 2013

A travel blog entry by sayhellootojenn


Hellooo, 11:21 Nu ik dit schrijf zit ik op Schiphol, op t vliegveld dus. We nemen eerst het vliegtuig naar Helsinki en daarna vliegen we door naar Bangkok. Ik zit in een stoel en ben al op de hgate, nu alleen nog wachten op t vliegtuig pompiedompiedom ^^ ...

Other blog, Schiphol-Oost, The Netherlands travel blog

Other blog

A travel blog entry by sayhellootojenn

Hi, my father has also a blog, check it out! ...

The Contrast - Western Europe, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

The Contrast - Western Europe

A travel blog entry by bigkevoz

After enjoying the quiet, simple life of South America, I arrived in Europe fresh after a very pleasent flight in business class from Rio to Madrid. After hearing a few horror stories about Iberia from people in South America, I was pleasently surprised ...

Couchsurfing Craziness!!!!!, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Couchsurfing Craziness!!!!!

A travel blog entry by sg2oo3

Posted by Kristen: So the first day I arived in Amsterdam, I stepped out of the train station nito COMPLETE PARTY MADNESS!  It was Gay Pride Parade day, an annual event, and all of the canals were full of people in boats partying.  I must have ...

messed up couple of days, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog

messed up couple of days

A travel blog entry by julienrl

on the 24th we leave for sevile but decide we will keep going to the port city to get to morocco, but all hell breaks loose and we spend the next three days heading towards paris where nick and I part ways, he goes back home and I keep going towards ...

Den Haag and Helen Clark, The Hague, Netherlands travel blog

Den Haag and Helen Clark

A travel blog entry by hachbach


... journeyed out of Leiden for the first time and went to The Hague (Den Haag), which is the seat of government for The Netherlands and is also home to the International Criminal Court, among other things.  (Fun Fact:  While Amsterdam is the ...

Day 3 (continued) -  Dunkerque to Den Oever, Den Oever, The Netherlands travel blog

Day 3 (continued) - Dunkerque to Den Oever

A travel blog entry by magicbus1


... the Liefkenshoek Tunnel, which, impressive though it is, also boasts a €6 toll. Soon we crossed over into the Netherlands. The rush hour traffic soon died away and we had the pleasure of driving towards Amsterdam on a virtually empty 10-lane ...

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