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We're staying in HARLEM??, Harlem, Netherlands travel blog

We're staying in HARLEM??

A travel blog entry by kupdegra


It's a grab our luggage and hit the ground running. Clear customs and head out to find that red bus. Once you find the ticket machine outside the airport, then cross the street, it's not difficult to get to Harlem. The cost is only  3 euro ...

AmsterDAMMMM, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by scash


... lessons.  We saw a statue of three men, it represents where the Jewish counsel (in place when the German's invaded The Netherlands) was taken out in front of their neighbors and shot because they wouldn't work with the Nazi's.  All over the ...

Wed and Thurs., Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Wed and Thurs.

A travel blog entry by adambrook


Yesterday was Tuesday the 14th, I had to do laundry...I was down to my last pair of under shorts so Tuesday way the day. It's not really had to do I just had to drag this duffel bag with me on my way to catch the tram to head for The Dolphin. The guy ...

Weekend with MaryAnn, Waalre, Netherlands travel blog

Weekend with MaryAnn

A travel blog entry by nettybu


Today was our last day in Maastricht and with Jan and Ingrid. We just relaxed in the morning as we were to take a train to Venlo.After lunch Ingrid took us to the station where we said our goodbyes. Claudia also came to the station to say goodbye. We ...

FEETS!!!!! That's dutch for BIKE!!!!!, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

FEETS!!!!! That's dutch for BIKE!!!!!

A travel blog entry by benanna


Megg, Lach and I had a 6 hr train ride from Berlin, which was a good place to be as the weather was cold and wet, and managed to arrive there without getting our Eurail passes stamped – Yay! Our hostel wasn't far away; it was on edge of red light ...

The Beautiful City of Sin, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

The Beautiful City of Sin

A travel blog entry by tmcclurg

... find a little grocery market that had fruit and proper breakfast food close to the walking tour meeting spot. We learned that The Netherlands used to be a super power back in the day because they were the biggest shipping hub in Europe. Amsterdam is where ...

Sat. in detail, Delft, Netherlands travel blog

Sat. in detail

A travel blog entry by adambrook


... than his music, it was his outspoken statements in the press about sex and drug use that made Herman Brood famous in the Netherlands. Brood relished the media attention and became the most famous hard drug user of the Netherlands. In the 1990s he took up ...

Amsterdam Day 2, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Amsterdam Day 2

A travel blog entry by penns


... ; We were all tired, and we had to get up right on time the next day to catch a train, so we all went to bed. I think Alecia's writing the next section of our trip, which is the southern part of the Netherlands - Delft, and Sint Annaland - and ...

Catching up with my mates and watch soccer, Denekamp, Netherlands travel blog

Catching up with my mates and watch soccer

A travel blog entry by worldtrip_kp


... .. Around 15:30 Patrick Schiphorst aka Skippy joined us, and we walked into town, as we wanted to watch the match between The Netherlands and Brasil at a local bar.. We found some good spots at 't Wapen.. After a while Mathijn and Roy also joined us, and ...

mixed feelings....Happy & Sad, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

mixed feelings....Happy & Sad

A travel blog entry by foegoer


Dear you, First and most importantly I would like to wish you the best year ever as I feel it will be mine also. Filled with happiness, hugs and laughs! That 2008 will be amazing, full of surprises, contentment and care for others. With love and ...

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