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Gouda to Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Gouda to Amsterdam

A travel blog entry by deb.garrett


Woke to the most clear, blue sky imaginable! So glad we'd have sunshine for the morning, but so quickly clouds moved in and we were even rained on! No free breakfast at the hotel, so we went to a bagel shop, de gouda he bagel. Sesame bagel with honey ...

On The Road #17, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

On The Road #17

A travel blog entry by johnsinclair

On The Road #17 A Column by John Sinclair (The Dolphins, Amsterdam, May 8, 2006)-I left New Orleans for The Netherlands two months ago, but the sights and sounds of the devastated Crescent City continue to reverberate in my heart and my ...

"Different languages...same heart"

A travel blog entry by ccbridge


Day 4 (Sunday): "Different languages; same heart" Sunday started out with church a Dutch breakfast and then what is called the "open air" church. We sat outside on blankets, known as "plates". The service was very similar to our in that they sang, ...

Cheese, Clogs and Chaos, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Cheese, Clogs and Chaos

A travel blog entry by sashadasha


Hello from Amsterdam. We were so excited that Ryanair {one of Europes major discount airlines} was having a seat sale.Only 35 Euros for a one way flight from Prague to Amsterdam.Granted Ryanair can afford to sell cheap seats for many reasons, one that ...

Amsterdam con los Argentinos y Conchita, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Amsterdam con los Argentinos y Conchita

A travel blog entry by maya.musick


Thank god for the Argentines. Please save me from the Americans, Australians and the British! So Amsterdam has turned out to be just as I expected it. My opinion is slightly skewed because I'm staying in the red light district so things are bound to be ...

Back into structured choice, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Back into structured choice

A travel blog entry by foegoer


It has only been 2 weeks but again lots to tell! So only start reading this when you have time ;-)) Thank you Ramon for the it-reads-like-a-book-compliment, I might really publish a book about my travels and adventures one day ;-)) It is one of the ...

Na navsteve u bludnych Holandanov, Utrecht/ Rotterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Na navsteve u bludnych Holandanov

A travel blog entry by mozi


Ako by to bolo, keby som sa tulal po svete ako bludny Holandan a nezavital do bludnym Holandanom Zeme zasvatenej - do Holandska. Osobne som este nestretol Holandana s ktorym by bola nuda (a ak takeho poznate, tak mam s nim, prosim vas, nezoznamujte), tak ...

The Lobster Lady, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

The Lobster Lady

A travel blog entry by shirgil


Airports,a timeless place with no day, night or defined location. It started with a four hour flight to Amsterdam, there we had four hours to spend before our next flight. At that point we slept for approximately one hour the whole night, but none the ...

Bon Bini!, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles travel blog

Bon Bini!

A travel blog entry by shirgil


"BON bini", "BON dia", "BON noche", Shir's nickname for Gil's seems to be very catchy over here! People are extremely nice and everywhere we go smiles and bon-greetings await us. Maybe the kindness that surrounds us is because of the fact that we are ...

Sinterklaas & Lots of Lasts [Day 83], Well, Netherlands travel blog

Sinterklaas & Lots of Lasts [Day 83]

A travel blog entry by travel4eternity


Happy Sinterklaas! It's my first Sinterklaas, but otherwise today is a day of lasts and revisions. Side note - Lauren got back today during lunch, woohoo! In our last 1914 class, Trost put in a movie called "To Be or Not to Be". It was a ridiculous, ...

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