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Catching up with my mates and watch soccer, Denekamp, Netherlands travel blog

Catching up with my mates and watch soccer

A travel blog entry by worldtrip_kp


... .. Around 15:30 Patrick Schiphorst aka Skippy joined us, and we walked into town, as we wanted to watch the match between The Netherlands and Brasil at a local bar.. We found some good spots at 't Wapen.. After a while Mathijn and Roy also joined us, and ...

mixed feelings....Happy & Sad, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

mixed feelings....Happy & Sad

A travel blog entry by foegoer


Dear you, First and most importantly I would like to wish you the best year ever as I feel it will be mine also. Filled with happiness, hugs and laughs! That 2008 will be amazing, full of surprises, contentment and care for others. With love and ...

Lessons learned, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Lessons learned

A travel blog entry by angienic3


Shannon's been busy playing today so I have had some time to reflect on experiences the past 24 hours. Posts from the next few days will all be tournament related as we are here 24/7 until Sunday night. Also, more pics will be posted then when we can ...

Visiting Double Dutch, Rotterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Visiting Double Dutch

A travel blog entry by chezstar

So Bec and I made it successfully to Rotterdam where Suus, my friend from Canada times, lives. We have been tasting dutch delicacies - dutch pankakes (Panenkoken), Sinterklass treats like peffernuiten (sorry about the spelling girls!) and of course ...

First match, perfect match., Maarn, Netherlands travel blog

First match, perfect match.

A travel blog entry by milenarachel


Hallo allemaal, Nou, vrijdagavond gezellig een uur op Skype gezeten met de familie. Was totaal geen gespannen gesprek, maar juist erg gezellig. Heb de kinderen gezien en met de oudste gepraat, was erg leuk. Hij was gek op de stoomboot en op Sinterklaas. ...

Mentally Scarred, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Mentally Scarred

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


We caught the bus into Amsterdam and alighted just after 'the tunnel' as instructed by our host. A quick peer at the map flapping in the wind showed a zig-zag path through the heart of the heart of the historic city centre, aiming roughly for the Anne ...

Nemo, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by wardtrip


NEMO is a really fun and interesting museum with heaps of things to do. There were 4 floors so we just did a quick run of the first floor as it was more for younger kids. Though there were a few interesting things about genetics. On the second floor we ...

[Day 61], Well, Netherlands travel blog

[Day 61]

A travel blog entry by travel4eternity

sickness, ...

[Day 62], Well, Netherlands travel blog

[Day 62]

A travel blog entry by travel4eternity

more food, Smuggle the Muggle, 80's American ...

[Day 63], Well, Netherlands travel blog

[Day 63]

A travel blog entry by travel4eternity

Honors twitter session Hunchback & The ...

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