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The Snow, Hengelo, The Netherlands travel blog

The Snow

A travel blog entry by possum2477


We went to bed with a weather forecast of snow showers for Sunday. This was very positive for us as we had not previously experienced fresh snow. So, with the morning came the winter wonderland. It was just beautiful. We had had about 5-6 cm of snow ...

The Dutch seaside, Scheveningen, Netherlands travel blog

The Dutch seaside

A travel blog entry by simon_and_tess


Scheveningen is a good example of a Dutch word I can not really say...I'm always too tempted to slur it all together.  However, it is an amazing place to while away a few hours.  Scheveningen is a small suburb of Den Haag on the North Sea coast ...

Starting the cruise, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Starting the cruise

A travel blog entry by lizallen


The cruise liner looked enormous - 13 decks - a floating ...

The Wetlands, Ijsselstein, Netherlands travel blog

The Wetlands

A travel blog entry by neason


When I arrived at Utrecht train station Corrie and Wolfert were there to meet me with a bunch of tulips! The next morning Marjeke came round and we went to Madurodam in the Hague. Madurodam is a miniature version of Holland with all the major buildings ...

Chilling out in the chillest place on Earth, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Chilling out in the chillest place on Earth

A travel blog entry by thesaxman

After all the excitement and jive of yesterday, this day felt like the perfect opportunity to chill out big time, eat some free food, use some free internet, and generally just smell the roses and see where the wind blew me. So it is with a mixture of ...

Knock, Knock. Anyone Home?, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Knock, Knock. Anyone Home?

A travel blog entry by lmcfarland


... , vendors … everything but customers. What I had discovered was Monday in Haarlem, which apparently has its parallels elsewhere in the Netherlands. Monday is for merchants what Sunday is for the rest of the population: a day of rest. And in Haarlem, ...

Voorbereidingen, Leiden, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by blownaway


Nu de oliebollen achter ons liggen is er niks meer dat er tussen ons en de reis staat. Met nog precies twee weken te gaan. Tijd voor een eerste blog! Eerst maar even de originele planning: We're blown around the world in een oostelijke richting (na een ...

welcome to Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

welcome to Amsterdam

A travel blog entry by trailerita

Well, I finally arrived, knackered.  Boy, I am getting old, this trip wiped me out.  I need a disco nap.  But here I am in Holland enjoying the culture and hospitality of the Hollish people. My apartment is fabulous and my host Peter is ...

Please smoke your joints inside!, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Please smoke your joints inside!

A travel blog entry by rallbritten


... . We stopped to get gas and bought some Knusperkeks to see us through. After less than 3 hours, we crossed the border into the Netherlands and immediately all the signs changed which was so cool. I don't speak a bit of Dutch, but I know it's kind of ...

45 minutes from one plane to the next!, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

45 minutes from one plane to the next!

A travel blog entry by d-ashworths


12 hours of plane & we touched down at Amsterdam airport with just enough time to get off the plane, wallk briskly through customs & get on the next one bound for ...

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