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Twice in a lifetime experience, Merzouga, Morocco travel blog

Twice in a lifetime experience

A travel blog entry by kazntrsawsmadvn


Back in Chefchaouen I pondered if the desert had bizarrely become more touristy since my last visit. Plain and simple the answer is yes. The journey in at about 50km or so from the actual Dunes are full of hotels disguised as Berber (the local people) ...

Morocco in the rear-view mirror, Casablanca, Morocco travel blog

Morocco in the rear-view mirror

A travel blog entry by aviruthia


... merging mathematics, calligraphy, carving and waterworks to create palaces on both sides of the Mediterranean.  Unfortunately, Morocco's history is of successive rulers cannibalizing or destroying the edifices of previous rulers in order to create ...

The Magic of Marrakesh, Marrakesh, Morocco travel blog

The Magic of Marrakesh

A travel blog entry by hingdoi


Flying in from the azure blue of the South of France to the ancient magnificence of Marrakesh is quite an experience. The lovely new French Quarter of Marrakesh (which is uniformly pink like the Indian city of Jaipur), with its luxury hotels, does not ...

If the van is Moroccan'...., Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

If the van is Moroccan'....

A travel blog entry by andrew.campbell

... gave Shack his passport back, took a few quick steps backwards and said my friend is also his friend, and welcomed him to Morocco.      Except for the brief stop in Brunei, I hadn't been to any third world 'developing' ...

Record Snow in the UK!!!, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Record Snow in the UK!!!

A travel blog entry by pwong


... speaking better Spanish than I did!  We settled on a stall that was less annoying in its harassment and sat down to a cheap, but fairly pedestrian meal.  So far, Morocco is definitely different ... we'll see how it is in the ...

Marrakech February 2010, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Marrakech February 2010

A travel blog entry by nietsreuef


... Rolling Stones later hung out. Marrakech is Morocco, the names stemming from the same Arabic words.  It is one of Morocco’s 4 Imperial Cities, established in 1070 by the Almovarid sultan Abu-Bakr Ibn-Umar, and built into a magnificent desert ...

Casa, Casablanca, Morocco travel blog


A travel blog entry by fifoota


... Morocco (Rabat, Meknes, Fez and Marrakesh) were all at some stage the capital of the various Arabic Dynasties that have ruled Morocco for centuries, following the flow of Arabs from the Middle East in the 7th century in order to spread Islam.  ...

Sur le bord de la mer à Essaouira, Essaouira, Morocco travel blog

Sur le bord de la mer à Essaouira

A travel blog entry by where_is_marcel


Come back for more pictures and ...

Plage et tribus spectaculaires, Fes, Morocco travel blog

Plage et tribus spectaculaires

A travel blog entry by mig.qwerty


Ce matin, Fes est embrumé : les oranges sont encore plus éclatantes. Au loin, les tambours des enfants et des mariages qui résonnent sur un beat de tonnerre. Les vieux garçons chez qui j'ai dormi sont retournés arranguer les passants et regarder les ...

Berber land, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Berber land

A travel blog entry by blakes


... to the waterfall.  Abdul negotiates and they settle on one dirham.  (We're not cheap - this is what you do in Morocco.)  By the end of the hike I was calling Said my little mountain goat.  He was extremely sure footed and had to haul ...

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