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Algeciras to Chefchaouen.. what a journey!!!, Chefchaouen, Morocco travel blog

Algeciras to Chefchaouen.. what a journey!!!

A travel blog entry by jwalkntheworld

... screen and some reference books. We assumed it was because he wanted to make sure New Zealand citizens could enter Morocco without a visa. Shivangi with her Indian passport had already obtained a Morocco visa so that shouldn't have been confusing. A few ...

[Highlights] Fes, Fes, Morocco travel blog

[Highlights] Fes

A travel blog entry by jwalkntheworld

... very exotic and romantic place, 'Casablanca', but we've decided to give it a miss in favour of Marrakech. 3. Hunting for tanneries - Morocco is famous for its leather and within the medina you can see the entire life cycle of leather. All the way from ...

La fête (du Monton) est finie, Tanger, Morocco travel blog

La fête (du Monton) est finie

A travel blog entry by mig.qwerty


Bon. On digère, on digère, la première secousse est derrière nous. Tanger. Tanger-ville-portuaire. Où on t'aborde d'abord en espagnol, puis en français, en anglais ou en allemand, parfois en Tchèque, et pourquoi pas, même, en arabe ? Je l'ai ...

Thats another fine mess you've got me into Stanley, Errachidia, Morocco travel blog

Thats another fine mess you've got me into Stanley

A travel blog entry by twovines


It is 1am and I awake as all the lights in the bus are switched on. Not too dissimilar from staying in hospital really...takes you hours to get to sleep then you are woken at crack of dawn just when everyone has finally started snoring. Anyway, it ...

In the Kasbah, Tangier, Tangier, Morocco travel blog

In the Kasbah, Tangier

A travel blog entry by kdemps


... time! For dinner, we relied on a recommendation from one of Ivy's Casablanca colleagues, and enjoyed it immensely. "Best restaurant in all Morocco," he had said of le Saveur du Poisson, and by the end of the evening we agreed completely. It was a 15 ...

Essaouira, Essaouira, Morocco travel blog


A travel blog entry by waynedale


... and a cloak and hood. Now, I'm no Star Wars fanatic but if there was a Star Wars convention going on somewhere in Morocco, I think the participants were all on our bus. The way they dressed was a cross between Luke Skywalker and Merlin the Magician. ...

Casablanca with tour group, Casablanca, Morocco travel blog

Casablanca with tour group

A travel blog entry by msting


This morning we had an opportunity to visti Hassan II Mosque (something that I left off doing before joining the group) only to discover that it was closed to tours because of an Islamic holiday - a celebration of Mohammeds's birthday! It will turnout ...

the most marvelous market, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

the most marvelous market

A travel blog entry by j.mccrary

The girls and I arrived in Marrakech after a 16 hour journey via taxi and bus from Chefchaouen. At this point I am quite used to getting my nights rest in a bus, but it was the first time for the girls so they were pretty exhausted. I told the girls that ...

Meknes, Morocco, Meknes, Morocco travel blog

Meknes, Morocco

A travel blog entry by nietsreuef


... geography and its proximity to Volubilis, the westernmost extension of the Roman empire, and the most visible evidence of Morocco’s significant history in the development of Europe and the Mediterranean. Moulay Ismail encased the city in 40 km of ...

Departing England, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Departing England

A travel blog entry by patelfamily


Today we left England even before the birds had sang. We arose at three in the morning to go to Stansted airport. At around ten o'clock we arrived in Marrakech and got a taxi to the hotel. The hotel has a lovely roof terrace. The room has 5 beds, and is ...

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