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Second and Third Dinner, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Second and Third Dinner

A travel blog entry by seattleluv


Finally in Malaysia!!  I love it here the way I loved Nepal!  The people are extremely nice and genuinely friendly, the food is awesome (especially the Indian food) and most things (not accommodation) are super cheap!  Georgetown, Penang is ...

Penang II, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Penang II

A travel blog entry by henryghevans

... I shall now do so. Usually, the rule in the UK regarding Asian puddings is that they are disappointing. Here though, while in Penang (alas nowhere else yet) we have had some good ones and I will now describe them. "Cendol" (pronounced "chen-DOLL") ...

Penang - Goodbye beach life, Penang, Malaysia travel blog

Penang - Goodbye beach life

A travel blog entry by wanderlustleigh


... rocks. It took around 5 hours until we reached Penang bridge. Penang bridge is a dual carriageway toll bridge that connects Penang to Peninsular Malaysia and is apparently about 14km long! Driving along it you can see that Penang is quite built up and ...

Finally! Pics, Georgetown Penang, Malaysia travel blog

Finally! Pics

A travel blog entry by wandering_man


Toe got a clean bill of health at the follow up exam at Adventist Hospital.  Water is off  all over the island from 7AM-7PM today, so eating hospital food seemed like the best chance to avoid food poisoning. I am picking up my Thai visa in an ...

Tombs and Travels, Langkawai, Malaysia travel blog

Tombs and Travels

A travel blog entry by sarahmark

... and jealousy and in 1819 was executed for alleged witchcraft. Before this fateful day, she cast a spell on the whole of Malaysia declaring that there would be seven generations of poverty for their persecution of her. Coincidentally, and you can read into ...

Pulau Penang, Pulau Penang, Malaysia travel blog

Pulau Penang

A travel blog entry by ryusukefuda

長い話になる。そして今私はペナン島にいる。只今20:23昨日20時にバスに乗 ...

Penang -

Penang - "this is a sheety hostel"

A travel blog entry by jielong


... make concessions on things like space, cleanliness, atmosphere and location due to price and convenience. When we entered Georgetown on Penang Island that night and walked into the Blue Diamond Hotel the three of us set ourselves up for one heck of ...

Een reis door Maleisië, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Een reis door Maleisië

A travel blog entry by jessicansel


... bus (dat was nieuw) naar de veerpont gebracht konden worden en voor een paar cent kwamen we aan in George Town op Penang, een groot eiland wat niet aanvoelt als een eiland. Bij aankomst hebben we meteen een bootticket naar Langkawi voor de volgende dag ...

All better now, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

All better now

A travel blog entry by issyking

... so much more fun since my friend Claire arrived. We met in Bangkok and I only found out a couple of days ago she was coming to Penang too. So we've been hanging around the last couple of days and it's been a lot of fun. We haven't been doing much (she's ...

prepare for unforeseen consequences, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

prepare for unforeseen consequences

A travel blog entry by fatventures


Moro! Tosiaan, nyt ollaan selvitty Kuala Lumpurista pois ja saavuttu tanne Gergetowniin, Penangiin. Paadyttiin loppujen lopuksi tulemaan pelikentille junalla. Junamatka tanne kesti seitseman tuntia. Junamatka oli miellyttava, joskin junassa oli taas aika ...

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