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Krásy Georgetownu, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Krásy Georgetownu

A travel blog entry by lukibali


May 20, 2010, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

May 20, 2010

A travel blog entry by chasingrainbow


Adventure on Pirate Island, Georgetown Penang, Malaysia travel blog

Adventure on Pirate Island

A travel blog entry by bokkenrijder


... bus, we finally arrived on the island Penang by bridge (it's that close to the mainland). Incomparable to KL, Penang's capital Georgetown was vastly different; it had this romantic notion to it that you find in the classic movies set in Asia. Dilapidated ...

Easy livin here, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Easy livin here

A travel blog entry by wandering_man


I met Kiernan on the train, a Kiwi.  We went to OPGH, the only place for a wanderer to stay in Georgetown--15 RM per night for a nice quiet dorm, free breakfast, tea coffee, and Satellite TV in the common area.   Kiernan and I met a Dutch girl ...

Via Kuala Kangsar to Penang, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Via Kuala Kangsar to Penang

A travel blog entry by hsa


... of the holiday – my birthday and the trip to Langkawi. Finally, I did no driving today – apparently I should have asked for a rest stop to change over. Did you know Malaysia has its own Grand Prix? ;) (does this explain the mad ...

Another long train journey, Pinang, Malaysia travel blog

Another long train journey

A travel blog entry by projectmgrsrus


Much better sleeper train experience from Bangkok to Butterworth - wider berths, quieter and the train did not make many stops. However it was 22 hours! - but the scenery during day light was good and you get to meet some very interesting people. The ...

Traveling through Time, Traveling by Train, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Traveling through Time, Traveling by Train

A travel blog entry by fulkss


... . Unfortunately the train got further behind schedule so we arrived in Butterworth after midnight, almost 4hours late. The ferry to Georgetown stops at midnight, the two taxis wanted way too much money to drive over the bridge and into town. Finally ...

A sight I never thought I would see, George Town, Malaysia travel blog

A sight I never thought I would see

A travel blog entry by camillalomax

We were informed that it is a public holiday today but everything should still be open and the buses still working. We decided to go to the Tropical Fruit Farm, which was 3 bus rides away. As we got to the end of the second bus journey we had to wait ...

Penang, the spice Island, George Town, Penang, Malaysia travel blog

Penang, the spice Island

A travel blog entry by jannettek


... was this slow growth that is said to have saved Penang from the rapid development experienced in other areas of Malaysia. Central Georgetown, where we stayed, is like a big sprawling Chinatown.  Georgetown (and Malacca ) were proclaimed World ...

2009/04/04&05&06 - Georgetown, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

2009/04/04&05&06 - Georgetown

A travel blog entry by eddiemetal


... a city whose only redeeming feature is the road out.  When I arrived on the ferry from Butterworth to Georgetown on the north eastern island of Penang in Malaysia, I was worried about arriving in another unappealing city.  The city was unique to ...

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