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The Poop Group, Nairobi, Kenya travel blog

The Poop Group

A travel blog entry by aaronjsmith


Today, Lawi got up early, but me, Sara, and Ed slept in a bit. I was the first one up of us three, and took a shower and headed up to the main house. Lawi was gone, and Mami got me some delicious mango for breakfast. The mangos, and most other fruit ...

Maasai Village, Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya travel blog

Maasai Village

A travel blog entry by cubm


We decided to stop at a Maasai tribal village on the way out of the Mara.  The Maasai are the predominant tribe in the Mara and they have a lifestyle all their own that focuses on cattle and hunting.  We paid $25 each, which goes toward their ...

On Safari, Days 1 & 2, Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya travel blog

On Safari, Days 1 & 2

A travel blog entry by leahaston


What better way to end 6 weeks in Africa, than by going on a safari? We decided to save this quintessential experience for last and go out on a high. I booked us on a 4-day safari to Lake Nakuru National Park and the Masai Mara, and instead of going ...

Under the Jacaranda trees, Nairobi, Kenya travel blog

Under the Jacaranda trees

A travel blog entry by maia


... white folk in the room were WAY outnumbered by those youth who had come from all over Africa - Togo, Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, S. Africa, Tanzania, Sudan... - there were also youth there from Sri Lanka, Brazil, US, France, Switzerland, Holland... ...

We are midwives!, Nairobi, Kenya travel blog

We are midwives!

A travel blog entry by scott108


... , and this was her second child. Rachel, the clinic’s home health worker, was also on hand and explained to us that in Kenya the family is not allowed in the delivery room.  Rhoda was very brave and really did most of the work on her own in ...

Nairobi, Kenya Part 1 Best and Worst Bits, Nairobi, Kenya travel blog

Nairobi, Kenya Part 1 Best and Worst Bits

A travel blog entry by taste_the_world

... to learn about flowers - jaw dropping views and jaw dropping turbulence! -  Learning about traditional huts in Kenya and seeing traditional dances -  Added bonus education about integrated pest management -  Finding comfy going out ...

Time to catch you up!, Bungoma/ Kabula, Kenya travel blog

Time to catch you up!

A travel blog entry by erbreen84


Hi everyone! I have a lot to catch you all up on... This weekend went really well. The matatu ride to Kisumu was NO fun. It took about 3, bumpy hours. But, we got there safely. We went right to our hotel and it was pretty nice. It's amazing how nice ...

Excited for my first weekend in Kenya!, Bungoma/ Kabula, Kenya travel blog

Excited for my first weekend in Kenya!

A travel blog entry by erbreen84


Hi everyone!! Have I mentioned that I love getting everyone's messages??? This will probably be kind of short because I don't have much time on the internet today. Last night, the girls and I figured out our shower situation and we have found a ...

The Hand, Kiambu, Kenya travel blog

The Hand

A travel blog entry by masonken


... of toast with peanut butter on it with me in the van. I get hungry on the ride in. Today is Labour Day here in Kenya, a national holiday. You wouldn’t know that because the towns we drove by were still busy at work. The poor don’t take time ...

Maasai Walk, Sekanani, Kenya travel blog

Maasai Walk

A travel blog entry by matt_werner


Next up was a walk up the ridge behind the camp with David & Kennedy. The top of the ridge is a decent sized plateau and the Maasai take their cows up there fairly regularly (about 3 hours to get to the top), which is pretty good from the cows making ...

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