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Zonic Hotel, Kisii, Kenya travel blog

Zonic Hotel

A travel blog entry by kenya2008


I am making this entry based on my written notes taken while on the road or "out in the field" as they say. I left Kisumu at 8am and arrived as scheduled for my planned visit to Kisii District Hospital at 10am. 2 hrs through the hills to get to Kisii. ...

MBita and Suba, MBita, Kenya travel blog

MBita and Suba

A travel blog entry by kenya2008


August 7, 2008 Its my last day in the field!! I was worried when I work up this morning because it was cloudy. I was afraid I it was going to raid and I would be out here one more day. I even went to check out at the desk early so that as soon as Joel ...

Kibera and the Makina Clinic, Nairobi, Kenya travel blog

Kibera and the Makina Clinic

A travel blog entry by robynkelley


Hello all! What a busy day! Today was our first trip to the clinic, and our orientation, and tour of Kibera. I am still in awe! We traveled an hour and a half to get from our host family to the Makina clinic in Kibera. We get around on Matatus, which are ...

First day in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya travel blog

First day in Kibera

A travel blog entry by orielle


... at home, Peter and Paul, were around all day.  I asked them all the silly questions a mzungu (white person) would have about Kenya.  They were good sports.  I tried to write a blog on Sunday, but when I tried to post it, it got ...

goat truck, Nanyuki, Kenya travel blog

goat truck

A travel blog entry by thesunroseclear


... world with a higher incidence of men wearing sports jackets?) The following incident pinpoints for me the difference between Ethiopia and Kenya (then I'll give Ethiopia a rest, promise). On the goat truck, the upper frame consisted of a grid of 4-cm ...

Amazing first day of distribution - 800 kids!, Nairobi, Kenya travel blog

Amazing first day of distribution - 800 kids!

A travel blog entry by meganjohnson


The day began a bit overcast but after a big breakfast here at the Guest House we loaded up our van, with driver Wycliff we headed to the East lands area. This meant that we drove through rush hour in Nairobi ! and what an experience - red lights don't ...

Mombasa: It's a port town., Old Mombasa, Kenya travel blog

Mombasa: It's a port town.

A travel blog entry by texasnomads


During our travels, Lyndi and I have had the pleasure of staying in many a “port town” along our travels: La Ceiba, Bluefields, Punta  Arenas, Guayaquil, etc.; and our general consensus is this- port towns suck. With the ...

19/07/09, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya travel blog


A travel blog entry by fbauchet

Today we still got up at 0530 am and we went for another game drive, I know it sounds snobbish but, we saw much of the same as the other days, lions, cheetahs, giraffes and wildebeests, the only thing that did set the morning apart was the 1030 breakfast ...

20/07/09, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya travel blog


A travel blog entry by fbauchet

On the way to the morning drive we found a den of hyenas and spent quite a bit of time with them, we were so close that we nearly could touch them and they look cute when they are not showing their teeth. We then headed toward the river for breakfast ...

School Building!, Gilgil, Kenya travel blog

School Building!

A travel blog entry by flyingfree13

... hope because there is the new constitution and I believe there has been some change in power.  However, all across Kenya, everyday people talk constantly of the corruption in the government and the inappropriately high salaries.  So the day we ...

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