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A Day to Say Good Bye, Nairobi, Kenya travel blog

A Day to Say Good Bye

A travel blog entry by cubm


... had our 3 PM debrief meeting. During the debrief, each person shared what he or she learned on this trip - about missions, Kenya, their teammates and themselves. The responses were as varied as the people on the team. Pauline our tour guide sat in with ...

My favourite South African stock picks, Nairobi, Kenya travel blog

My favourite South African stock picks

A travel blog entry by travelbud


I used to be a fancy, ego driven investor until I lost a lot of money in 2008 – enough to make you shy away from single stock futures and other snazzy instruments for a long time. Since then it has all been very simple.  Straight stock ...

Shila's words, Eldoret, Kenya travel blog

Shila's words

A travel blog entry by honeymooners


The following was written by Shila, a 16 year old girl I met at the Sally Test Center.  Shila has been living at the hospital going on 5 months now, after being hit by a bicycle and suffering a severe leg fracture.  She had previously been ...

farming, feet, and frickliss, Shikokho, Kenya travel blog

farming, feet, and frickliss

A travel blog entry by lmlangf


i turned to cynthia, my mouth full of our breakfast of roasted peanuts and sugary tea, asking excitedly, "tutafanya nini leo?!" ("what shall we do today?!"). she lifted her eyes slowly, reluctantly, from hugo, who was nursing fussily, gave a second's ...

Hotel Boulevard, Nairobi, Kenya travel blog

Hotel Boulevard

A travel blog entry by edddadams


This morning we made haste travelling from Nakuru to our final stop on this leg of the trip to Nairobi. Tonight is our first night's stay in a proper bed (not on a yoga mat) since the GAdaventures trip began. We're staying at Hotel Boulevard stones throw ...

Journey to Kilifi, Kilifi, Kenya travel blog

Journey to Kilifi

A travel blog entry by vjgemini


I'm back!! This is quite backdated now because the internet connection in Kilifi town is slow to say in the least - after 20 minutes hadn't even been able to access this page!! Journey from Mombasa to Kilifi was an interesting one. We had to take a ...

Catch up time!, Bungoma/ Kabula, Kenya travel blog

Catch up time!

A travel blog entry by erbreen84


Hi everyone! I'm sorry it's been a while... The internet has been pretty shaky the past week, making it really difficult to update you! But here I am..... Besides my day of sadness when my family left, I had a good weekend. Last Saturday I went ...

nairobi city, nairobi, Kenya travel blog

nairobi city

A travel blog entry by alvier


nairobi isch d'hauptstadt vu kenia und het ca. 2,7 mio. iwohner. d'stadt isch uf guet 1600 meter über meer. do i de stadt isch de tag dur meischtens e rissigs chaos. als öv git's zwor büs, dia sind aber meischtens überfüllt. do nen di ...

13/07/09, Samburu National Reserve, Kenya travel blog


A travel blog entry by fbauchet


... 't get excited they only stock hard liquor and cigs. So we entered the plane and had a nice hour long ride over northern Kenya. We landed late morning and went straight on our first game drive before going into camp for lunch and an afternoon rest. Camp ...

Kenyan-Ethiopian border town, Moyale, Kenya travel blog

Kenyan-Ethiopian border town

A travel blog entry by mirco.k


The bus from Marsabit to Moyale went all the way without problems. No punctures, no bandits, no unexpected incidents. Though it was still a very tough ride; every stop was good to recover a little bit from the permanent and very intense vibrations... I ...

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