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Sayonara - nobody says

Sayonara - nobody says "sayonara"K

A travel blog entry by b-h-ontour


(So, this is Sunday after we got back when I'm writing this.) We got up and Karen took off for Toyota.  We went to the dollar store.  It was 9:25 and the entrance to the shopping center that we expected to use was locked.  We saw a guy ...

Harajuku, Snoopy and juice, Harajuku, Japan travel blog

Harajuku, Snoopy and juice

A travel blog entry by natoh


Off to Harajuku today! Caught the train to Shinjuku and crossed the platform to the Yamanote line which was about one stop away from Harajuku. Sunday's are when all the Harajuku girls dress up and hang around the square near the Meiji shrine so we went ...

Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by blatherwick

Landed at ...

Michiyo Day, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Michiyo Day

A travel blog entry by phungster


... act. This is a sight cannot be seen anywhere else but here in Japan. Our friends take us around town and show us a part of Tokyo, which a typical tourist would not have gone to. We go to a department store which have 2 floors of food. All look yummy... ...

Tokyo Round 1, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Tokyo Round 1

A travel blog entry by hugeinjapan


The first thing I thought when I landed in Tokyo (Narita Airport) was wow I'm actually in Japan! My second though, damn it's hot here! I made my way to customs and immigration at the airport. I had my passport, work visa, certificate of eligibility, ...

Japan!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by sweetiebarbara

We arrived in Tokyo after flying for 13 hours!... whew! ...

The Day where Jordy met a Japanese man, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

The Day where Jordy met a Japanese man

A travel blog entry by mitsukishiroi


... around-- even girls! It was amazing though. After our round of Asakusa, we decided to go to a whole different part of Tokyo-- Odaiba. This man-made island got rather popular around 20 years ago, when Panasonic set up their showcase there and several ...

Tokyo - Day 10, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Tokyo - Day 10

A travel blog entry by mlipnicky


... quite a walk to get out of there. Fortunately we didn’t get lost and found our exit gate to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices. Among a numerous skyscrapers it’s considered the crown jewel of Shinjuku's stuffy government district; these ...

Touring Tokyo Central, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Touring Tokyo Central

A travel blog entry by al_deb_far_east


... along the skywalk to Shimbashi station, about a 10 minute walk along these magnificent glass, stainless steel and granite walkways. Tokyo has an amazing & extensive mass transit system. It is clean, safe, efficient and confusing. there are several ...

Tokyo, Japan, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Tokyo, Japan

A travel blog entry by bjw1981

Crazy Place, Crazy people, Will enter more details later... Ok so I feel like adding more information now.. Tokyo was filled with rice fields and gold courses.. well Narita was anyway, stayed in some joint Clint stayed in when he was over here and yes, ...

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