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Unagi and uni and taki, oh my!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Unagi and uni and taki, oh my!

A travel blog entry by hlgunst


We got up at 4:30 a.m. today. Why? Because that's when things are happening at the Tsukiji fish market. Tsukiji, or the Tokyo Central Wholesale Market, is one of the largest markets in the world, with just about every type of seafood possible. I had ...

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by amynp


... the observatory deck which is 205m about sea level, and didn't cost us anything. It had really good views of the ever stretching Tokyo. There was also a man playing live music, he was very good. The observatory also housed a cafe and gift shop. Lee had a ...

"When I fail..."

A travel blog entry by martycindy


... our bags towards nearby Shin-Osaka station, where the Shinkansen (bullet train) connects in Osaka, making it's way east towards Tokyo. Slick, clean and always punctual (unlike myself when coming to work), the Shinkansen is the absolute best way to travel ...

Last Night in Japan, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Last Night in Japan

A travel blog entry by sbowling99


... center were meant for girls or shoes so the guys just went shopping for omiyage. Christopher Kyono After we went sightseeing in the Tokyo Tower, we had to rush to the Fuji Televison station.  We had to rush over there, because Chizuko sensei got ...

Woah, Tokyo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by shanstravels


Ya, its nuts. I like Tokyo, it is very high tech and has a special style if it's own. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Not a lot of English is spoken here but many people seem to know a few words. I learned a few Japanese words too. There are some ...

Arrive in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Arrive in Tokyo

A travel blog entry by calmtours

Largest city in the world by most measures. Full of small people (except for Sumos) so they can fit more in and keep their world ...

More Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

More Tokyo

A travel blog entry by rjsmith


... Jingu-bashi where Tokyo teenagers dress up in goth and punk clothing. It was quite a weird place, but its what makes Tokyo so fascinating. Later on I headed over to Asakusa to catch the end of the Sanja Matsuri festival where portable shrines are ...

Theatre in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Theatre in Tokyo

A travel blog entry by fiseb


... incredible butoh piece by Dairakudakan, as well as a smaller dance piece at Die Pratze. In between performances, we checked out Tokyo's photo museum, and the Yebisu beer museum at Yebisu Garden Place. We also stopped off briefly in kitchentown to window ...

The Curfew, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

The Curfew

A travel blog entry by ashermj

... in sight, not a bad thing I suppose. We had a drink there and went looking else where. Bar spotting is an altogether different affair in Tokyo. You can't just walk a long see a pub, looking in to see if it's busy and go in. You have to look up, study the ...

Konichiwa le Japon, Shinjuku, Japan travel blog

Konichiwa le Japon

A travel blog entry by jfortin


... c'est un peu plus humide qu'à Montréal et plus chaud, le fun commence. Je vous laisse la photo de mon souper Made in Japan, un vulgaire sandwich au jambon et de l'eau Evian de l'Europe acheté au dépanneur du coin. Aujourd'hui, je n'ai pas ...

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