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A visit to Okinawa and day trippers in Japan, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

A visit to Okinawa and day trippers in Japan

A travel blog entry by sweetmochigirl


Okaeri.. I was privileged to make a lot of trips with friends around Japan. Although all of them were great fun and I didn't have one favourite place, my experience in Okinawa was one of the most memorable...It was funny how Mary-Ann and I wreaked ...

Turning Japanese - food for thought, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Turning Japanese - food for thought

A travel blog entry by samandphil


... stream that is hard to believe, lets just say that James has more clothes than I do! On our first evening the partying Tokyo style (which was a regular feature of the next 2 weeks) began. Having Rie as a guide was absolute bliss, she knew where to ...

Liver, Yukata and Mini rose, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Liver, Yukata and Mini rose

A travel blog entry by natoh

Slept in this morning which was nice. Nat and I have the same coldy flu thing, we've worked out that she's one more day advanced than I am so she gave it to me. CURRRRSE. So with our sore throats we went to our favourite ramen place but it was closed :( ...

Shinjuku, Harajuku and Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Shinjuku, Harajuku and Shibuya

A travel blog entry by athena


... "Tory Gate" made of wood. It designates the area as holy ground. This particular shrine has THE largest Tory Gate in Japan. Impressive, non? Before entering the main shrine area there is this little water fountain you have to perform a cleansing ritual ...

The Philosopher's Path, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

The Philosopher's Path

A travel blog entry by 1q84


... met at an ultra-chic cafe in Kyoto where I ordered a strange perfumey green tea that was supposedly a rare find in Japan. Hiroko is a photosynthesis research scientist for Kyoto University, and recently moved here from Paris after living there 4 years. I ...

This idiot is JETLAGGED!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

This idiot is JETLAGGED!

A travel blog entry by tennille


... it was one of those screen in your seat planes, so we could watch what we wanted when we wanted! So I got into Tokyo yesterday morning and headed straight for my hostel. I was looking (and feeling) like complete shit after the flight, but knew I ...

Take me out to the ball game..., Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Take me out to the ball game...

A travel blog entry by cmj


... . In other news, I got to live out a moment from an all time favorite movie. Ridley Scott's Blade Runner was set in 2019 L.A. but modeled after Tokyo's Shinjuku district. Walking the side alleys at night was like being on the Hollywood ...

my apartment, and first day, Ichikawa-Shi and Chiba, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

my apartment, and first day

A travel blog entry by spacepup


... at that picture, the city I live in has a City Insect... Anyway, as I've written with that picture, I live very close to Tokyo Disney, I calculated on google earth that it's around 4km. The coordinates of my apartment are 3540'10.58"N and ...

Arriving in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Arriving in Tokyo

A travel blog entry by kevinandjoan


... a group photo, like the ones Joan was in when she lived here. For lunch we headed in to Ginza, Tokyo's upmarket shopping area. Being in Japan, all the menus were in Japanese so we struggled to find somwhere to eat that was veggie. Kevin spotted ...

Zero to 60 in 15 seconds, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Zero to 60 in 15 seconds

A travel blog entry by elias_jen_japan


... #1 thing to see in Tokyo.  We figured finally having a nice sunny day would be perfect for checking out the greatest thing Tokyo had to offer.  After an hour of walking along gravel paths looking at grassy areas that were roped off and men with ...

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