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Officialy Aliens!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Officialy Aliens!

A travel blog entry by tofty

... alien card!  Very funny when we got the little bits of paper saying `welcome alien!`  We have been generally browsing the Tokyo streets, trying to find shoes and bags for school and not getting too upset that I'm now a large to x-l!  ...

Rocky Horror, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Rocky Horror

A travel blog entry by rachel_gould


For Halloween, the Rocky Horror Picture Show was done. Frances,Shawna,and Kate went to the show. Their costumes were so awesome, they were invited to a party in January (Jan 28). So, I joined Frances and Shawna. I was really proud of my outfit. We ...

japanland, Tokyo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by mustangmike979

... the longest ride of my life in the morning train falling alseep a few times and missing a stop. good job on the public transportation japan well@went to the fish market today that catchs over 615000 tons of fish a day. we ate what is said to be the ...

More Tokyo, Shinjuku, Japan travel blog

More Tokyo

A travel blog entry by charliebolinger


Who: Me What: Checking out various districts in Tokyo When: Feb. 1 Where: Akihabara, Shibuya Why: to check out all that I could in the short time I am here. How: Mostly walking with some subway mixed in. After I got my breakfast at the Anne Hostel ...

The days that typhoon'ed away, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

The days that typhoon'ed away

A travel blog entry by asn75


... my description of how to get to the hostel, so my first job was to find the tourist information centre. Unfortunately it isn't situated at Tokyo station, but by another station, and not in the station, but at the 10th floor of a building close to it. Very ...

Imperial Palace and Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Imperial Palace and Asakusa

A travel blog entry by peteyrin


... giving his life for the Emperor. We then headed over to Asakusa, site of the famous Senso-ji temple. This Buddhist temple is Tokyo's oldest and also one of the most significant. As you approach it you pass through the 'Thunder Gate' which features a ...

Tokyo – Getting a Taste of the Metropolis, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Tokyo – Getting a Taste of the Metropolis

A travel blog entry by maggie360


... nbsp; The location was indeed fun with lots of little restaurants, boutiques, and bars.  Nearby was also the Maximillianstrasse of Tokyo, with gratuitous Bulgari, Prada, Hermes, etc stores.  It was a fun mix and Johannes had chosen well. We ate ...

Yoyogi Bear, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Yoyogi Bear

A travel blog entry by louisejapanese

Whewee, i think I've found my favourite place in Tokyo anyways :P First I went to Shibuya, mainly because I wanted to see that famous crossing from the film lost in translation, where everyone just swarms at once, I'm not kidding. Definitely an ...

Crazy Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Crazy Tokyo

A travel blog entry by anslwithers


... very kitschly decorated out in all different themes to suit your mood.  We then went up the Tokyo version of the Eiffel Tower.  Except, this being Japan, they bested the French by 13m so the Tokyo Tower is 333m high, so there Monsieur ...

Another holiday over!, Minami Koshigaya, Japan travel blog

Another holiday over!

A travel blog entry by jcbeep

End of the Golden Week ...

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