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We are now in Tokyo!!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

We are now in Tokyo!!

A travel blog entry by peteyrin


We are now in Tokyo. We are not WWOOFing any more, we will tell you what we are doing as soon as we ...

Japan - Days 6,7,8, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Japan - Days 6,7,8

A travel blog entry by foozleq


... back to rest up for dinner. For dinner, Haruna met up with us at our hotel and took us to a place to try Monja - Tokyo's version of the okonomiyaki we had tried in Hiroshima. There were definitely a lot of differences between the two meals, but a lot of ...

3 days till Japan, Pacific Ocean, Japan travel blog

3 days till Japan

A travel blog entry by ambers

"The people out there in America know that life is not as simple as what they see on the news; a word of heroes and villains, winners and losers, exploiters and victims. Yet that is how we show them night after night." -Andrew Heyward, President of ...

Map Pin, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Map Pin

A travel blog entry by johnnynomad

njlkjhlk ...

Internet cafe instead of hotel, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Internet cafe instead of hotel

A travel blog entry by tayka


... 11pm and had no intention of trying to find a hotel. Instead, I wanted to experience sleeping in an Internet café. So I found a locker at Tokyo station and dumped my backpack there. I tried to memorize where I left my bag, but the station is huge, an ...

It starts..., Tokyo, Japan travel blog

It starts...

A travel blog entry by 1q84


I'm here finally! My god it's the first vacation I've had since I started working at Amazon over 4 years ago. Lot's of living to do. Only have the first 2 nights at Hotel Niwa planned out - everything else is still up in the air. Ordered a portable wifi ...

I'm heeeerrreee, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

I'm heeeerrreee

A travel blog entry by finallytop3


I guess I'll probably do blogs after I leave a city.  so stay tuned. ...

Yanaka and Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Yanaka and Asakusa

A travel blog entry by meaghanmcc


... artist's galleries and studios. The three we spent the most time in were of American's who had studied at Tokyo University's School of Arts and lived in Japan for as long as 25 years. Very amazing work indeed and they were very generous to allow me to ...

Godzilla is not here, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Godzilla is not here

A travel blog entry by mixedbag

Wow that was a long flight!  13 hours! The airport in Tokyo is very large and it seems like we are walking around in a Macy's or Saks 5th Ave due to all of the high end shops and people walking around trying to entice you to enter their shop. All is ...

Fronm the USA to SE Asia, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Fronm the USA to SE Asia

A travel blog entry by lordos


... Japan-what time it was and what day it was I was uncertain.But just being able to move was a joy.How different I thought-Japan is such a breath of fresh air  compared to the USA.The airport staff was so courteous from the baggage handlers to ...

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