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Study In Japan 2010: The Final Chapter, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Study In Japan 2010: The Final Chapter

A travel blog entry by fhsjapan2010


... we have to lug our belongs about a third of a mile to the train station, take two commuter lines to get to Tokyo station (actually only about 10 minutes altogether). From Tokyo we take the Narita Express to Narita International. That takes about an hour. ...

Take me out to the ball game!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Take me out to the ball game!

A travel blog entry by martycindy


... cities crammed into one megacity. Chaotic yet organised, hypermodern yet utterly classic, garish yet demure, unique yet unquestionably Japanese. Tokyo is a paradox that - like a pop star - seems smug in its greatness yet obsessed with reinvention." - LP. ...

We made it!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

We made it!

A travel blog entry by sophiatravels


... Oy Vey.) Ash and I spent the day walking around Shinjuku. The place comes alive at night with its neon signs. Reminds me of Hong Kong. Managed to work out the Tokyo Subway network, which is a big achievement for the navigationally challenged (i.e. me) :). ...

Reflections on Being a Minority, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Reflections on Being a Minority

A travel blog entry by schwinkle


... know, I often make tounge-in-cheek comments about Regina and Saskatchewan being basically in-bred and homogeneous. Relative to Japan though, Saskatchewan is like the United Nations! This is an important thought that I'm going to attempt to preserve ...

Hanami mania!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Hanami mania!

A travel blog entry by markenhylda

... Queen's birthday) in Holland. Young/Old, Family/Friends/colleagues, they all sit together underneath the sakura trees. And when in Tokyo... THE place for Hanami in Tokyo is Ueno park. A whole street lined with Sakura trees and lit with lanterns. ...

Narita Airport Japan, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Narita Airport Japan

A travel blog entry by tias_travels

The flight from Portland to Japan was long and uneventful. Being that I have never flown internationally (unless you count Mexico), I wasn't sure what to expect. The plane was rather large (sorry Barry, I didn't look to see what type of plane it was :) ), ...

Empire vs Manga, Chiyoda, Japan travel blog

Empire vs Manga

A travel blog entry by jfortin


À l'assaut pour une nouvelle journée de visite de Tokyo, principalement dans le secteur du Palais Impérial et les environs. En matinée, direction du Parlement Japonais. Étant donné qu'il est fermé le dimanche pour les visites intérieures, je ...

10 not-so-important things I love about Japan: #2, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

10 not-so-important things I love about Japan: #2

A travel blog entry by shawnbuckle


2) Bathtubs Japanese household bathtubs are more aligned with hot tubs than western bathtubs. Most western hotels I've been to in Japan haven't installed the Japanese bathtubs, which is a shame. J-tubs are more cubical than coffin-shaped, allowing a much ...

Officialy Aliens!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Officialy Aliens!

A travel blog entry by tofty

... alien card!  Very funny when we got the little bits of paper saying `welcome alien!`  We have been generally browsing the Tokyo streets, trying to find shoes and bags for school and not getting too upset that I'm now a large to x-l!  ...

Rocky Horror, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Rocky Horror

A travel blog entry by rachel_gould


For Halloween, the Rocky Horror Picture Show was done. Frances,Shawna,and Kate went to the show. Their costumes were so awesome, they were invited to a party in January (Jan 28). So, I joined Frances and Shawna. I was really proud of my outfit. We ...

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