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DAY 12: Hannan Week 2: Interviews, Osaka, Japan travel blog

DAY 12: Hannan Week 2: Interviews

A travel blog entry by kelsi-rawinia


Today began the interviews for the second year students, where I had to interview them about their dreams for their future job. Some of them were quite funny, after asking one guy what his interests were, he replied, "My interest is Cameron Diaz". Among ...

Breakfast, Osaka, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by 2onqm2


... it seems you need only to reach out to touch it. The ship`s information sheet tells us that Japan itself is slightly smaller than Norway and California, and Osaka (population 2.6 million) is the third largest city after Tokyo and Yokohama. Osaka is on a ...

Spring Vacation, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Spring Vacation

A travel blog entry by erincastillo

I am now on my spring vacation which is actually between semesters and is like summer vacation in the US.  I am going on a ski trip for 3 days in Nagano.  Whohoo!  I went skiing once in 6th grade with a friend and her family.  Other ...

First Entry, Minoo, Osaka, Japan travel blog

First Entry

A travel blog entry by genpdp7


... of you who have played Earthbound, Minoo is a lot like Onett. The town is just south of some very large mountains, and Osaka Gaidai is situated just at the foot of these mountains on the border of the wilderness. Most young Japanese boys look about ...

NO Communication, Osaka, Japan travel blog

NO Communication

A travel blog entry by melamarcel

Dass wir uns gestern über den Kellner lustig gemacht haben, zahlt uns das Schicksal heute doppelt zurück. In Osaka, so haben wir das Gefühl, spricht nun wirklich gar niemand mehr Englisch. Das ist echt ein Problem! Angefangen hat es mit ...

First city, Osaka, Japan travel blog

First city

A travel blog entry by vunguyen15


... sau 1 năm trời cả. Sau khi chụp vi bức ảnh với biểu tượng của Osaka-shi, người mới được dẫn đi ăn mn ăn nổi tiếng ở ...

Christian Fellowship, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Christian Fellowship

A travel blog entry by erincastillo

... many great people, and like I said in my previous entry, until today, I hadn't met a single Christian since I arrived in Japan. It was so refreshing to have fellowship with other brothers and sisters in Christ and worship God with them. JHouse usually ...

The Wedding!, Osaka, Japan travel blog

The Wedding!

A travel blog entry by gothgoes

Thursday 21st May 2009 Osaka - The Wedding! From Goth Goes Otaku 2 The Wedding After all that walking I had a much desired bath in the traditional public bath in the ryokan but unfortunately we were all rather slow on the uptake after a long day ...

Tom's Birthday Celebration, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Tom's Birthday Celebration

A travel blog entry by nyguy79


It was a plane day today! We flew out of Niigata airport to Osaka this afternoon. It was a small plane. It sat maybe 80 people, had 2 propellers and was VERY bumpy. The picture below explains how we all felt! During our flight I sat next to Mika, ...

Day 4 - UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN, Osaka, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by lauren.midgley


... getting myself showered and dressed. Nat and I left her place at a brisk pace to catch the 7:15am ferry across to Universal Studios Japan. It's sometimes quite hard to keep up with Nat's inhumane pace of walking but at least I built up a sweat (does that ...

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