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Cherry Blossoms in Osaka, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Cherry Blossoms in Osaka

A travel blog entry by stephanielutzke

... cold, wet and drizzly morning, but nonetheless the cherry blossoms were still spectacular. We walked and walked and walked around Osaka Castle and the surrounding gardens and entered the 400 year old castle. Inside was the museum that depicted the ...

Japan!, Osaka, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by jamesandfatema


Who was it that said the East China Sea can be rough?! Arrived in Osaka both a little green around the gills after 48hrs shut in our cabin! Mr Donut for breakfast it is ...

3 Part-time Jobs, Osaka, Japan travel blog

3 Part-time Jobs

A travel blog entry by erincastillo


... work a few hours a week.   The first one, I have actually been doing since the third or fourth week I was in Japan.  I go to a woman named Aki's house near my dorm and tutor her 2 children in English.  Their names are Changju ...

Sep 06, 2012, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Sep 06, 2012

A travel blog entry by tomomist


Overlooking a Highway, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Overlooking a Highway

A travel blog entry by erincastillo

... who are dealing with these same thoughts. As I have shared with most of you before, less than one percent of the people in Japan even know who Jesus is. If only they could hear that there is a God who created them and loves them unconditionally. Who ...

Osaka & Fukuoka Roof Tops, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Osaka & Fukuoka Roof Tops

A travel blog entry by wildeyedboy


... I had to make my way back to the airport and to Global Arena. I left a couple of hours early so I could wonder around Osaka for a while before I left. The skyscrapers are quite huge, and reminded me of the Japan I had in my head from Senior year of high ...

fun day with taichi, Osaka, Japan travel blog

fun day with taichi

A travel blog entry by turkoois1990

... . Ik heb hard gelachen!!! Daarna de laatste trein naar huis genomen nouja de laatste trein dat taichi nog terug naar huis kon. Was een gezellige dag. Geslaagd al zeg ik het zelf. Nu wil ik Osaka al helemaal niet verlaten!!!! I Wanna live in ...

Trains and bus, Osaka and Hiroshima , Japan travel blog

Trains and bus

A travel blog entry by lilynomad

... very excited byy reiki tattoo which happens often here! Tomo had a very small but clean apartment which after the side oh the Osaka apartment was a shock. I slept on a floor rug with a thin sleeping bag. Luckily Tomo believes in heating so I was very ...

Kyoto to Osaka, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Kyoto to Osaka

A travel blog entry by jacob.marsh3


... time relaxing out there with a few friends as we waited for the sun to get lower in the sky so we could head over to Osaka Castle for sunset pictures. During the day we were struggling with the heat, but as soon as the sun went down and the temperature ...

Back in the 'Saka, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Back in the 'Saka

A travel blog entry by captaindort


This wasn't the Japan I remembered. I remembered an icy cold Japan, a place which carried a strange, misty mystique; a biting nippiness. It was a Japan which lived forever in winter. It's a kind of shame, then, that I've broken through my delusions and ...

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