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The old Capital, Nara, Japan travel blog

The old Capital

A travel blog entry by andiontheroad


... impressive buildings. One of them houses an extremely large sitting Buddha (one of the biggest in the world and the biggest in Japan). This building apparently is the largest wooden building in the world.   All over this park were deer, I mean there ...

Japanese Style, Kyoto, Japan travel blog

Japanese Style

A travel blog entry by andiontheroad


... tee dressed in Yukatas (a kind of house kimono) sitting on tatami mats in a Japanese room in the middle of Kyoto. I can only recommend to anyone who visits Japan to stay in a Ryokan and the one we stayed in was really nice. It's called "Ryokan Heianbo". ...

Down Day, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Down Day

A travel blog entry by jedsterr

... I couldn't even shout at her when I got back.  However lets face it how long can you be depressed when your in Japan for goodness sake so I pulled myself together got a beer and had a blokes night in watching two sweaty fat men hurling themselves at ...

Tokyo - Inexhaustible City, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Tokyo - Inexhaustible City

A travel blog entry by jetsedder


... is clear.  A bit tricky to find was the Advertising Museum (ADMT).  It contained the history of advertising in Japan and I found it fascinating... also the building itself had hundreds of designer chairs to sit in. =)   ...

Had a Blast in Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan travel blog

Had a Blast in Hiroshima

A travel blog entry by alexbclark


... make hiroshima castle part of my route (it was practically on the way). and i'm glad i did. obviously it was rebuilt (many of japan's shrines and temples have, their all wood for pete's sake!) but it still looked way cool. inside the moat i found a giant ...

En regnig dag..., Tokyo, Japan travel blog

En regnig dag...

A travel blog entry by nemo_s


... är mycket folk - och Marina ett blått. :3 Överallt ser man små ställ utanför butiker och restauranger fulla med folks paraplyer. I Japan ställer man nämligen oftast av sig sitt paraply när man går in nånstans, för att sedan ta det med sig ...

SMEG!!!!! Brain Explosion, Meguro, tokyo, Japan travel blog

SMEG!!!!! Brain Explosion

A travel blog entry by shiden


i haven't written for a while, that is because 1. ive been too busy with school work and or socialing 2. couldnt find a computer and or 3. didnt bring my little sd card reader to upload images. so with this one, you get at least 5 images maybe more. ...

Temples, shrines and gardens, Kyoto, Japan travel blog

Temples, shrines and gardens

A travel blog entry by sophiatravels


There seems to be a temple around every corner in Kyoto. Today, we walked along the south-eastern edge of Kyoto, enjoying temple after shrine after temple, with a few carefully designed Japanese gardens too. The culinary delight for the day was a type of ...

Last photos & home, Narita, Japan travel blog

Last photos & home

A travel blog entry by tcooper7


We collected many photos of characters along the way that we thought Kaleigh would ...

Konichiwa, yep we are in Tokyo!, Narita, Japan travel blog

Konichiwa, yep we are in Tokyo!

A travel blog entry by dean2650


... a little flutter and ended up winning $80, which is a lot better than I went in the big casinos. Flew to LA then to Narita, Japan. We had seats right at the front so we could stand up and had heaps of leg room. Too bad it was with American Airlines. They ...

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