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Japan Railway, Kyoto, Japan travel blog

Japan Railway

A travel blog entry by meganmargureite

So we have packed a ton into the last 24 hours.  We got up at 5:30 on Thursday to catch the first train to Miyajima.  Two transfers and a ferry ride later we were at the island and ready to explore... our exploring was blessed because it ...

Crazy Bike Trip to Irago, Irago, Japan travel blog

Crazy Bike Trip to Irago

A travel blog entry by janeyinjapan


... campsite, get some food, and sleep. We went back to the Circle-K for some dinner (keep in mind that convenience stores in Japan come stocked with pre-prepared meals like sushi and pasta and salads, so we weren't eating junk food or anything), and then ...

party, Party, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by hanamizukidojo


this are photos of baby's first birthdy ...done in super ...

Hanami, Kansai, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by trent


As I said last week, Hanami is the Japanese tradition of getting extremely drunk in the park while sitting under cherry blossom trees and stuffing your face with food. With that in mind, Bill and Satsuki and I headed out for Himeji, which has the ...

Onsen (Hot Bath), Toyone-mura, Japan travel blog

Onsen (Hot Bath)

A travel blog entry by kawaiguy

... due do a growing fear of being discovered for all my gaijin tendencies, which includes some body art. For those who are not informed about Japan's general policies on tattoos, let me fill you in. Now I'm no Japan-encyclopedia here, but I'll do my best. ...

A visit with Izumi, Alice and Nobu, Kyoto, Japan travel blog

A visit with Izumi, Alice and Nobu

A travel blog entry by jasieniukrtw


Becca, Alice and I attempted to make our famous brownies. We had the ingredients, but used a pan that was too large. We had a lot of fun, laughing all the time, but the brownies will be better next ...

Arigatō Nihon!, Kyoto, Japan travel blog

Arigatō Nihon!

A travel blog entry by welovemondays


... with. We have been overwhelmed by the extraordinary city of Kyoto, it is beyond charming!  Once the Imperial capital city of Japan, the city of Geishas has been voted as one of the most livable cities in the world by numerous surveys and it is easy ...

Deep in time's crevasse, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Deep in time's crevasse

A travel blog entry by meaghanmcc


... day commuting to and walking around Yokohama and it was very cool to be in a familiar place for once. The last time I came to Japan- for those who don't know- I stayed in Yokohama for 2 weeks. The Triennale was at Shinko Pier, next to Yamashita Koen and ...

Where are the mango shakes???, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Where are the mango shakes???

A travel blog entry by arleneandjavier


Nothing against Japan but all the order and politeness has made us long for the easy going nature of Southeast ...

Ichi Ne Sake Bomb!, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Ichi Ne Sake Bomb!

A travel blog entry by bridgetbomhack


... It was back to the train station after our interesting lunch, and then on to Osaka. We had heard that Osaka was the Chicago of Japan, so I was especially eager to get there. By the time we arrived, the sun had set and the rain was still falling heavily, ...

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