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Fuji Yoshida, Fuji Yoshida, Japan travel blog

Fuji Yoshida

A travel blog entry by jag


Hanging leaving Kyoto it was time to head back to Tokyo via my last stop, the iconic Mt Fuji. Mt Fuji is Japans highest mountain standing at 3776meters high. It last erupted in 1707 and covered Tokyo 100km away in ash. I stayed in the Fuji Go-ko or ...

First 48 hours in Japan, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

First 48 hours in Japan

A travel blog entry by melkanz


I didn't expect my travels to Japan to be so easy.  I flew NW from Austin to Detroit and Detroit to Japan. No delays, no bad weather... just a great flight.  When I got to NRT airport, I was astounded by the politeness and efficiency of the ...

HEALTH CHECK, Kobe, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by brianneinjapan


... good idea to an average employee. To us newly arrived JETs- the idea seemed absurd. We were all required to get physicals in Japan prior to departure and most of us still lack enough of a grasp on the language to understand any of the forms or ...

Life inTsuruga-shi, Fukui-ken (the Inaka), Fukui, Japan travel blog

Life inTsuruga-shi, Fukui-ken (the Inaka)

A travel blog entry by deeniebean


... 80. Ok, I'm just kidding, but the lack of young people in this town is a stark difference than most big cities in Japan. But what Tsuruga lacked in entertainment and a youthful population, it made up for in beautiful nature. All around you was nature- ... live without regret, Tokyo, Japan travel blog live without regret

A travel blog entry by 1q84


... I won't be wasting any more PTO.   I don't think I qualify as a superstitious or religious type, and yet before I left Japan I prayed at three temples just because, you know - I'd like to ensure my bases are covered. Inari Okami, in the courtyard of ...

Our favourite Japanese city..., Hiroshima, Japan travel blog

Our favourite Japanese city...

A travel blog entry by richardandfiona


Richard For the trip to Hiroshima I thought that we should try the bento boxes which are as much a part of travelling in Japan as the bullet trains. According to our guidebook each station in Japan has different boxes and takes great pride in them. ...

Tokyo Day 2, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Tokyo Day 2

A travel blog entry by jonnyhawton


... who were telling us where's good to stay. One guy's been here for 3 months learning Japanese and we might be going out to a club with him when we get back from Kyoto which be swell! Off to Kyoto tomorrow to see ancient Japan which should be great! ...

A Breath of Fresh Air, Okinawa, Japan travel blog

A Breath of Fresh Air

A travel blog entry by back2basics


... . Once separate from Japan and influenced more by the Chinese. The birth place of Karate and much more relaxed than main land Japan.   We visited a couple of the smaller islands by ferry. The ferries don't have seats but tatami mat rooms to lie ...

Kyoto the garden of Japan, Kyoto, Japan travel blog

Kyoto the garden of Japan

A travel blog entry by paulandlin


... on the roof it all seemed better though. We strolled into the centre of Kyoto and found Gion - This is the old Japan we have wanted to see. Small winding streets, paper lanterns hanging from wooden fronted teahouses and lots of beautifully dressed ...

Japanese Baseball in the rain..., Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Japanese Baseball in the rain...

A travel blog entry by kcfraser


After sleeping about 12 hours, we awoke for our first full day in Japan.  It took us a while to get going, so we did a little bit of laundry in the bathroom sink and tried to figure out what we wanted to do. We were both still a little tired from all ...

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