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So Many Temple, Kyoto, Japan travel blog

So Many Temple

A travel blog entry by alexbclark


After my first full day in Kyoto, I must say that I am rather impressed. It wasn't looking to good when I first arrived at the station yesterday evening. I couldn't figure out which way I was facing, the station is ridiculously long and the exits are ...

So near and yet so far ... struggling Into Bolivia, Copacobana, Bolivia travel blog

So near and yet so far ... struggling Into Bolivia

A travel blog entry by lynneanddave

Guess who had lost her visa for Peru and had to get told off , do an oath to the president and get another via paying 5 dollars for the priviledge - just to be able to leave Peru fussy and so many rules do they not cater fro scatty ...

Venturing Out on My Own, Okinawa, Japan travel blog

Venturing Out on My Own

A travel blog entry by sdraut


So yesterday (Wednesday) I got brave and drive off base (me and the kids) in my car.  It was an adventure!  I got lost trying to find the 100 yen store.  Of course after an hour and giving up hope I found it too bad it was on the opposite ...

Mount Fuji and Hakone are hiding, Hakone-machi, Japan travel blog

Mount Fuji and Hakone are hiding

A travel blog entry by emmahayes1990


After two beautiful days of weather today was horrible. It rained a lot but worst of all it was foggy which was less than ideal for what we had planned for the day. We were booked onto a day trip to visit Mount Fuji and Hakone National Park. Our first ...

Osaka (part 1 of 3), Osaka, Japan travel blog

Osaka (part 1 of 3)

A travel blog entry by ordinaryjoe


... planning meant we had to make some hard decisions as to the area we could feasibly cover in 3 weeks & with Japan's diverse temptations of snow-capped mountains, megalopolises (megalopoli??), exotic islands & temperate forests it was proving tricky ...

Beppu (Japan part 2 of 3), Beppu, Japan travel blog

Beppu (Japan part 2 of 3)

A travel blog entry by ordinaryjoe


... skills we stepped out of the twee, countryside station of Aso & into a land where time had stood still. Where were Japan’s 128 million people??  The streets were eerily quiet, the light traffic as hushed & respectful as the breeze. In ...

Nijo Castle, Kyoto, Japan travel blog

Nijo Castle

A travel blog entry by jorrr


... de god van de rijst en van vossen (google is awesome) en er zijn enkele duizenden shrines voor hem of haar gebouwd in heel Japan. Fushimi Inari shrine is beroemd om de eindeloze rij torii gates die over een 4 km lang pad staan. Aangezien het al vrij laat ...

Kinkakuji & Ryoanji, Kyoto, Japan travel blog

Kinkakuji & Ryoanji

A travel blog entry by jorrr


... zijn, dan hoor ik het wel :).  Daarna zijn we naar Ryoanji gelopen, welke vlak bij Kinkakuji ligt. Ryoanji heeft een beroemde, in Japan althans, rotstuin. Deze is erg simpel; het is een tuin van 20 bij 15 meter met daarin 15 rotsen op wit gravel. De ...

Kiyomizudera & de rest!, Kyoto, Japan travel blog

Kiyomizudera & de rest!

A travel blog entry by jorrr


... kan genieten.  Het is intussen alweer laat geworden, dus we willen snel nog even Gion in, het beroemdste Geisha district van Japan. We hopen hier nog een Geisha te spotten, er zijn nog weinig Geisha's in Gion tegenwoordig, maar we hebben geen geluk. ...

Fushimi Inari & Uji, Kyoto, Japan travel blog

Fushimi Inari & Uji

A travel blog entry by jorrr


Het plan voor deze ochtend was het volgende; ik had erg veel zin om Fushimi Inari helemaal te bekijken, dus daar zou ik in de ochtend naar toe willen gaan. En wie zin had kon altijd mee gaan natuurlijk. Kimberley voelde er niet veel voor om weer een ...

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