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Intro to Japan powder, Nozawaonsen-mura, Japan travel blog

Intro to Japan powder

A travel blog entry by sjswinger


Today was a great introduction to Japan skiing because it didn't snow yesterday- seems a little backwards? Snow storms around here drop several FEET of snow at a time, and I'm not sure I can ski that much snow!! This made for a good moderate warm up day. ...

Gold n Geishas, Kyoto, Japan travel blog

Gold n Geishas

A travel blog entry by rush


Photos ...

Day 5: Ninjas and the Luxor, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Day 5: Ninjas and the Luxor

A travel blog entry by strawberilolita


We had dinner at the Ninja Akasaka restaurant in Akasaka. It was easy to find, right across the street from the train station in a big building. We just had to walk down the street, cross the footbridge and there we were. We saw signs for ...

So I've made the Toyone Anthology..., Toyone-mura, Japan travel blog

So I've made the Toyone Anthology...

A travel blog entry by kawaiguy

... about Toyone JHS. So many to choose here goes. I suppose I could, and should, start with my most memorable experience in Japan so far: the ekiden. But I've already written an entry on this, and it would seem like bragging to just go on about how ...

Brilliant Realization #1, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Brilliant Realization #1

A travel blog entry by jmbs98

I am hoping that this will be the first in a long series of brilliant realizations that come to me throughout my trip: As many of you know, I am quite intrigued human nature (although often scared and appalled by it as well)--and I like nothing more, ...

Taunton Travels - Japan 3, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Taunton Travels - Japan 3

A travel blog entry by dickie-nee

... centre – though the short documentary they showed about Mount Fuji was interesting, we headed to the coffee shop. Japan has a fixation on vending machines, vending machines for everything and this coffee shop was ruled by an all powerful vending ...

Manhole Covers, Japan, Japan travel blog

Manhole Covers

A travel blog entry by rbfromnj


One of my discoveries in Japan is the pervasiveness of quality design.  Here are some examples from manhole ...

Birthday Week :) - Jan- 24 - 30, Sapporo, Japan travel blog

Birthday Week :) - Jan- 24 - 30

A travel blog entry by kaelan


Monday was nothing to special. First was classes with the Japanese kids were I just studied and then Japanese class. Adam, the new kid, came to the school and was introduced to us by Honda-san. He only stayed for a few minutes because today he is just ...

Haunted Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Haunted Tokyo

A travel blog entry by chiisairisu


For the benefit of some English speaking readers, this entry will be in ... well, English. The following I did not actually experience myself but it was related to me by the heroes of the story. I won't mention any names, but you know who you are... ...

Apr 23, 2010, Kurashiki, Japan travel blog

Apr 23, 2010

A travel blog entry by monchhichi


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