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Minato, Tokyo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by amynp


* note the pictures from Asakusa are now all up. We all decided that today would be a good morning to start a little later which we did. We made it to our free buffet breakfast, which we had thoroughly enjoyed the day before, at about 9:30. After that we ...

First impressions of Japan, Kawaguchiko, Japan travel blog

First impressions of Japan

A travel blog entry by tom_s


... from halfway up Mount Fuji the day before) and a Finnish guy called Esko who was a writer looking for science fiction inspiration in Japan. Good choice! Since Esko wanted to climb Mount Fuji too we were making plans to go up there together, but he later ...

THE CURE!!!!!, Echigo Yuzawa, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by japanesewhisper

... here's something to make up for it; Here's a wee something on my trip to the Fuji Rock Festival in Echigo Yuzawa, Niigata, Japan. I am sitting here in my house watching The Cure: Trilogy trying to bring it all back 16 hours later and I'm still in ...

Thoughts on Japan, via Tokyo and Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan travel blog

Thoughts on Japan, via Tokyo and Kyoto

A travel blog entry by hatandtubbz


... was a complete surprise and actually, one of the greatest cities I have ever visited.     And so we leave Japan, an incredible country, a country that I cannot pick fault with: its people are the friendliest I have ever met, its transport ...

Muroran, Muroran, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by kenped


... have no idea when to sleep or how long.   Ken just sleeps all the time. [1> We were in Muroran, on Japan's northern most island, the day before Claire's accident.  There were tours offered to Sapporo, but they were quite long.  We ...

Kyoto to Nagano, Nagano, Japan travel blog

Kyoto to Nagano

A travel blog entry by kevinandjoan


Mainly travelling today. We ate breakfast in a Coffee House near our hotel and then caught a taxi to Kyoto Station.  From there we took the Hikari Shinkansen to Nagoya and then the Shinano express to Nagano.  On the way we passed through Ena ...

Japan 1, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Japan 1

A travel blog entry by thaidi007


... was suspected of smuggling IT equipment in her lip, or I was a potential Kamikaze pilot, but all passengers/tourists entering into Japan have to be fingerprinted and photographed, bad luck to any civil libertarians amongst you. It was so quick and easy ...

It's Time for Animaniacs, Shizuoka, Japan travel blog

It's Time for Animaniacs

A travel blog entry by calliroi


... characters, stuffed animals, dolls and the like play an unusually prominent role in various aspects of society. Foreigners living in Japan are well acquainted with this peculiar obsession. What do I mean by obsession? Well, I simply mean that ...

'The Wave' and a distinct lack of money!, Obuse, Japan travel blog

'The Wave' and a distinct lack of money!

A travel blog entry by markandchar

For our third day of the rail pass, we zoomed off to Obuse, near the Japanese alps, north west of Tokyo. This involved first getting the bullet train to Nagano, then getting a local train to Obuse, the smallest town in that area. It was a very attractive ...

A Tale of One too Many Sakes, Kobe, Japan travel blog

A Tale of One too Many Sakes

A travel blog entry by arleneandjavier


Yes, visitng sake distilleries sounded like a good idea at first but we did not count on a handful of factors slowing us down.  The breweries were far from public transportation, the heat was punishing, and the samples were nearly 20% ...

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