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Canals and Italianess!, Venice, Italy travel blog

Canals and Italianess!

A travel blog entry by jasndan

... ! Our old bus driver who we liked alot :)  We were loaded onto the bus, the air cooling us down and off across italy heading to Venice for the night. It was a 4 hour bus drive with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade played for us. Apparently we ...

Amazing Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog

Amazing Venice

A travel blog entry by cynthiahegerty

... canal, wouldn’t you try and make an effort not to pollute the canal if that is the reason most tourist come to Venice? Breakfast today cost almost as much as our normal lunches – 11 Euros for 2 coffees and 2 croissants.... they weren’t ...

VENICE, Venice, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by joann.hill12


... , when the climate is milder and there are less visitors!! Both of these factors made a HUGE difference in our perception of Venice. I should start with the positives...and there were many. First, it truly is a unique city and there is no place like it ...

Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by doodlebugs


2005-05-31 Venice (Dave) We spend the day in Venice. I wasn't excited at first but it really was something to see this city with no cars but water taxis. Piazza San Marco was not very crowded but I understand that in August it is packed. I was amazed ...

Final Day in Veniza, Venice, Italy travel blog

Final Day in Veniza

A travel blog entry by swiss3319


... not to stand at the bus stop but rather take a off for 36 Euros for a very short ride. Interesting point, the Venice taxi drivers start the meter from the moment they receive the call from the hotel. Rain, wind and cold could not deter our ...

Gelato For Dinner!, Venice, Italy travel blog

Gelato For Dinner!

A travel blog entry by mish_brendan


... and could only leave the palace and the city with writen permission!  The palace was where parliament was held when Venice was an independent state and also housed the court house where criminals were tried.  It is interestingly connected to ...

Venezia (Venice!), Venice, Italy travel blog

Venezia (Venice!)

A travel blog entry by rachelniewiada


... at night, I felt like my bed was floating on the water and let me tell you, I was not sleeping on a waterbed!! In Venice, we visited St. Mark's Basilica and it was beautiful with the mosaic tiles ALL around the church! I can't imagine how much time it ...

Italians, venezuelans, and The fall of an American, Venice, Italy travel blog

Italians, venezuelans, and The fall of an American

A travel blog entry by kbell6


... He was okay, and joined us shortly after at the glass store. The other incident happened when we were gathering to leave Venice.  One couple I haven't mentioned yet is a grandmother (from Venezuela), and her teenage grand daughter from the US.  They ...

Venice...., Venice, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by sarahcromack

... galato, the Italians really do make the best ice cream. Realised when i got back to where we were staying that Ziggy was staying in Venice too, so Zigs if you are reading this, i hope you had an amazing time and i am really gutted i missed you...! Will ...

Venice at carnival time, Venice, Italy travel blog

Venice at carnival time

A travel blog entry by beagui


... the city then. To arrive to Venice on time, we got up at 2am and took some trains (Pisa - Florence, Florence - Bologna, Bologna - Venice). The last train was full of people, but we could get to Venice without problems. When we arrived, there were a ...

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