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Italy, Rome, Rome, Italy travel blog

Italy, Rome

A travel blog entry by simbah


Hi guys, Rome was beautiful & hot 35degrees! I went to explore the Ancient city of Rome, the Coloseum was amazing...the Palatine hill which calim to have had the 1st botanical gardens & zooalogical gardens in the world! & the Roman Forum which was also ...

Macaroni: Uncut, Rome, Italy travel blog

Macaroni: Uncut

A travel blog entry by kazntrsawsmadvn


... to have a somewhat relaxed attitude to which everything falls into place. This can now be officially put to bed... In Italy... They absolutely love queues!! Their trains (with the exception of the very last one we caught) run impeccably to the ...

Never trust Italian trains!, Rome, Italy travel blog

Never trust Italian trains!

A travel blog entry by rupz12

So after a stressful journey to rome: involving our train in Geneva being cancelled! Then arriving at Rome at about 12 at night and having to shout outside the hostel for some to wake up and let us in, we finally relaxed! On the next day we pretty much ...

Fight like a gladiator, love like Eros, Rome, Italy travel blog

Fight like a gladiator, love like Eros

A travel blog entry by weitalians


... the sound of bicycles tinkling in the grounds couldn’t relax us any more, we stepped out onto a glorious scene.  Seeing Rome from the street is captivating enough, but seeing it at sunset, in a panoramic view upon exiting the gardens is enough ...

Amsterdam, Rome and Sean's Birthday!, Rome, Italy travel blog

Amsterdam, Rome and Sean's Birthday!

A travel blog entry by allansineurope


... the building we were all dragging our feet from exaution. After the walk we quickly made our way around the streets of Rome to the Pantheon and surrounding fountains. For Sean' birthday dinner we dinned at a delicious restaurant introduced to us by the ...

Bones to Bernini, our second day in Rome, Rome, Italy travel blog

Bones to Bernini, our second day in Rome

A travel blog entry by coryandlaura


... before catching us up to the rest of the tour in the next room. We found this kind of kindness and helpfulness all over Italy and it always touched us to see that Italians really go out of their way to help you. In 1999 while visiting Rome ...

The Eternal City, Rome, Italy travel blog

The Eternal City

A travel blog entry by pugsly2002


... (also, the cgi team from "gladiator" helped with the mental picture part). Our final day in Rome was spent waiting in the ridiculously long line for the Vatican museum. It was totally worth it. ...

Rome, Italy, Rome, Italy travel blog

Rome, Italy

A travel blog entry by frhetoric

14 ...

Oops I Did It Again, Rome, Italy travel blog

Oops I Did It Again

A travel blog entry by jcdanovich

... went to a lawn by the menza to have dinner. Throughout the course of dinner we were introduced to other wines from various locations in Italy. The night became more and more fun for a lot of people (if you get the hint), and it was a night to ...

Athens -- the ruins, Rome, Italy travel blog

Athens -- the ruins

A travel blog entry by jkeurotrip


Today was pretty nuts! We went around Athens, and although the city is actually quite dirty, the ruins are amazing to see. We started with the Olympic stadium which was pretty cool, and wandered over to the temple of the Olympian Zeus, and then made the ...

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