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On the rails again!, Rome, Italy travel blog

On the rails again!

A travel blog entry by yurgo56


So we say arriveducci to Cinque Terre. I have wanted to visit this place for many years as I had first heard about it from a guy at work; unfortunately he broke his wrist there but that's how it goes. Next others from work had been here and raved about ...

Rooman reissu osa2, Rome, Italy travel blog

Rooman reissu osa2

A travel blog entry by jomakah


Aamulla suihkun ja kahvipaikan kautta turistibussin pysäkille. Ei ihan ehditty ekaan bussiin, mutta seuraavasta saatiinkin sitten eturivin paikat. Kun kerran liput oli 24h, niin otettiin niistä kaikki irti ja ajeltiin kyseisellä bussilla Vatikaaniin. ...

When In Rome......, Rome, Italy travel blog

When In Rome......

A travel blog entry by sobby


We arrived fresh off the boat in one even checked our passports!! We hopped a train from Bali to Rome...and then we started saying "when in Rome" every chance we got. We found our way to our camping-hostel then the next day we hit the town. One ...

Roma wasn't built in a day, hay hay hay, Rome, Italy travel blog

Roma wasn't built in a day, hay hay hay

A travel blog entry by dkjohansen


... Rome was and the Emperors lived. After our tour we strolled down the old town past Romolus Temple (ever wondered why it's called Rome....after this guy killed his brother Remus) past some other temples, had a rest where Julius Ceasar's ashes are and then ...

Ciao, Roma, Rome, Italy travel blog

Ciao, Roma

A travel blog entry by emilycthomson


... helped. I did go out for a few hours in the afternoon though - it was a national holiday celebrating 150yrs of a united Italy, so I wanted to stroll around and see what celebrations there were. Unfortunately most things had been rained off, but down by ...

Back to Head Office, Rome, Italy travel blog

Back to Head Office

A travel blog entry by pasher


... back to the Metro via a few shops, markets and some gelati.  Home for a quick rest and then out for our last dinner in Italy.  The Grotto Azzura had a table on the sidewalk for us on another beautiful night and some great food and wine with some ...

Update so far... the Jetsetter..., Rome, Italy travel blog

Update so far... the Jetsetter...

A travel blog entry by dionne07


... food everywhere I have been. In Paris I had the most amazing steak and chips. Out of this world and cooked beautifully... In italy I had a divine Canaloni it was yummy! c) I have loved meeting travelers from all over the world. d) Traveling in Europe is ...

Nice parking ;-), Rome, Italy travel blog

Nice parking ;-)

A travel blog entry by broose09


Bates boys come to Rome, Rome, Italy travel blog

Bates boys come to Rome

A travel blog entry by tweeds315


... brother Remus and founded Rome in 753 BC. It then became ancient Rome's poshest neighborhood. The coliseum is my favorite place in rome after st peter's. the boys were blown away by the fact that it was here that gladiators met in mortal combat and ...

Naxos, Athens, Rome Oh My!, Rome, Italy travel blog

Naxos, Athens, Rome Oh My!

A travel blog entry by kscottho


... . Whenever going and leaving Poland we have to get stamped because it is still changing its policies about visas but when I went into Italy, because I was flying in from another E.U. 15 country, there was no need to even have a booth for passport control. ...

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