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Last Day, Rome, Italy travel blog

Last Day

A travel blog entry by tanya.falknau


Not very happy that it is our last day. It was a huge three weeks and we have seen so much and definitely need some time to relax and recover but traveling and experiencing new things has been so much fun. First, we headed to Termini station and put our ...

Heaven on Earth, Rome, Italy travel blog

Heaven on Earth

A travel blog entry by annastelter


... Met lots of people had lots of fun and ended up lying next to the locked gates of the metro stop waiting for the trains to start running at 5am. Absolutely love Rome. Never want to leave. But alas, the time has  come and tomorrow were off to ...

Rome weekend, Rome, Italy travel blog

Rome weekend

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


Rome, Rome, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by kureas


... to instant coffee at the hostel!! I couldn't believe it, but it is actually more common than I thought it would/should be in Italy, but that is the price any country pays for living in the 21st Century I suppose. I was kind of rainy the whole time I was ...

BELLA ROMA!, Rome, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by becky23

... picnic in a shady area, and Erin and Wes fell asleep on the grass/dirt, and cassie was organizing pictures, so i went to Roam (haha... rome) the Roman Ruins. It was really weird. Not in a bad way... but in a crazy ancient way. Ive never seen the ruins of ...

Roma!, Rome, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by snystrom


... is made like that over here. No measuring...they just pour! We then left with another girl to catch a cab back...The cab metres start in italy right when you call them, so he came and it was already at 7 euro. We got back to the hostel, but only had 1 ...

Roma - The Eternal City, Rome, Italy travel blog

Roma - The Eternal City

A travel blog entry by bkksoul


... to have a scoop of gelato every single day of your stay in Italy. Lunch consists of a quick stop at a cafe for a parma ham ...

Dropping off Charlie in Roma (Rome), Rome, Italy travel blog

Dropping off Charlie in Roma (Rome)

A travel blog entry by travelinsara

Charlie is off to his next work camp and I'm off to meet Sophie in Naples - ciao ...

The Virgin in Drag , Rome, Italy travel blog

The Virgin in Drag

A travel blog entry by hammitt

... were on our own.  We stopped for lunch in Narni - a beautiful medieval town in the geographical center of Italy, before pushing on to Rome.  Which is when we realized that we didn't, accurately speaking, actually have a map of Rome.  We ...

Its almost Friday!, Rome, Italy travel blog

Its almost Friday!

A travel blog entry by jessica_caywood

... though we don't have class, we are taking a day trip to Pompeii, starting at 7:30am. A few of us just decided to stay in Rome for the weekend. We are hoping to relax, maybe go to the beach or something and get some homework done for once :) I think it ...

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