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Jour 36 : Firenze sous toutes ses coutures, Florence, Italy travel blog

Jour 36 : Firenze sous toutes ses coutures

A travel blog entry by travellingjon


Une journée pas très compliquée aujourd'hui, mais quand même plutôt complète... Je me suis levé avec le coco en plastique qui me sert de réveil-matin ; le sommeil a été délicieux, j'en avais un réel besoin, et je dois avouer que les colocs ...

2 day recap, Florence, Italy travel blog

2 day recap

A travel blog entry by mattador


... " was. It was still a pretty good museum, though. ------------------------------------------- So anyway, we took the overnight train to Florence. We were awakened at quarter of six by one of the crew, who surprisingly gave us coffee and a little ...

Dancing and Hiking!, Florence, Italy travel blog

Dancing and Hiking!

A travel blog entry by bella0021


... nbsp; So we paid 125 Euro for the trip, which in dollars is around $190.  Not bad for round trip transportation from Florence,accomidation with breakfast included, and some guided tours of the city!  So that is going to be Feb 28 and we are very ...

Florence Day 3, Florence, Italy travel blog

Florence Day 3

A travel blog entry by johnnyg


... and came back into town to do the pubs/clubs...but...they only really kick off at 11:30 and the buses finish at 12. So... I'm sitting at an internet cafe instead writing this :) Moving on from Florence to Siena tomorrow. Should be good. Ciao, ...

Florence revised, Florence, Italy travel blog

Florence revised

A travel blog entry by marjorie


In retrospect, I think my first take on Florence was a bit harsh. Any city that withstands a few centuries of stampeding tourists is going to have a few battlescars. So, accentuating the positives...I crossed the Ponte Vecchio to see the other side with ...

Wonderful adventures in traveling..., Florence, Italy travel blog

Wonderful adventures in traveling...

A travel blog entry by gilliandonnelly


... and such. At least that's what I gathered based on the few words I understood because he was speaking in Dutch. Upon reaching Florence I was faced with the wonderful news that my luggage was not there with me and the airline didn't know where my bags ...

The beauty of Florence., Florence, Italy travel blog

The beauty of Florence.

A travel blog entry by debstew


Found the most awesome campsite in Florence. It is up by Michealangelo's statue on the hill above city with the best views. We are kind of blown away. It is really cheap, we got a free coffee, free internet and a great sleep amongst the Olive trees. ...

No Fava Beans, but a Nice Chianti!, Florence, Italy travel blog

No Fava Beans, but a Nice Chianti!

A travel blog entry by gojenngo


... first: It originally belonged to the Pazzi family (Pazzi = crazy in Italian) and the patriarch was the second most powerful banker in Florence - the Medici being the most powerful. Mr. Pazzi (Mr. Crazy - hahaha) did not like being #2 so he formed a plan ...

Il Latini, Florence, Italy travel blog

Il Latini

A travel blog entry by gojenngo


... able to make our way up in hopes of being pulled inside...Success! What followed was easily one of the best meals I have had in Florence so far; the company wasn´t bad either :) Family style meant no menus just a choice of one of three or four dishes ...

Beautiful Tuscany..., Florence, Italy travel blog

Beautiful Tuscany...

A travel blog entry by 2010trip


... seeing these.)  Next we spent an afternoon exploring Pitti Palace and Boboli gardens, enjoying yet more magnificent views of both Florence and the countryside.   One of our busiest days yet we visited Sienna, Pisa, and Lucca.  Sienna ...

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