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Day 23 - Rome 1st Full Day, Rome, Italy travel blog

Day 23 - Rome 1st Full Day

A travel blog entry by stevenordmark


... were in english from then on, but I enjoy saying "Grazie" and "Grazie mille" so much that I never say "thank you" in Italy anymore. Now an American family has sat down at a table, and the heavy set wife immediately tells him in some speedy english that ...

Exploring Rome, Rome, Italy travel blog

Exploring Rome

A travel blog entry by cullism


... was totally hidden by scaffolding in preparation for next year's jubilee celebrations. We found throughout our travels in Italy that virtually all cathedrals, monuments and other famous buildings were at least partly concealed by scaffolding which was a ...

Sunday in Sorrento, Sorrento, Italy travel blog

Sunday in Sorrento

A travel blog entry by davis2011


... us that the guests in this room before us did the same thing last week.  Moral of the story, don’t do laundry in Italy, you might have to spend some time on the terrace!  Love and hugs to everyone who is following us on the blog.  ...

The eternal city of crazy scooter drivers, Rome, Italy travel blog

The eternal city of crazy scooter drivers

A travel blog entry by vdevai

They say all roads lead to Rome, but I reckon all roads in Rome lead you in circles. I spent the first day doing just that - walking in circles - but it was fun being lost and aimless, for once. Crossing the busy roads in Rome, almost all of ...

Lunch in Verona!, Verona, Italy travel blog

Lunch in Verona!

A travel blog entry by momentsintime


Day 10 - afternoon Lunch was included today as part of our day's itinerary; gratuity of our tour company!   What can I say except "Grazie" or how nice of them!   We ate at the Maffei Restaurant situated in the spectacular Maffei ...

The house that Max built, Parco del Castello di Miramare, Italy travel blog

The house that Max built

A travel blog entry by gskp


Bright and early the next day, Marko took Teta Jože, Greg and me for a Sunday drive across the Slovenian/Italian border to the Gulf of Trieste to visit Parco del Castello di Miramare (Miramare Castle). The castle was built for Archduke Maximillian ...

Witnessing and studies, Padua, Italy travel blog

Witnessing and studies

A travel blog entry by greghahn


Padua, 24 degrees, overcast with sun periods Witnessing this morning. My second study with Blessed. He is happy to meet Dianne and Bianca as we have a study at the base of his building. He says he will come to meeting tomorrow and I will pick him up. A ...

Cinque Terre, Moneglia, Italy, Moneglia, Italy travel blog

Cinque Terre, Moneglia, Italy

A travel blog entry by lynnloparo


... has a beautiful little bay, then we made our way to Monterosso, with its wide curving beaches. I think I understand why this part of Italy is called the Italian Riviera. I had a raspberry gelato, then headed to the ocean to swim. While I didn’t go ...

Who's the fool, Rome, Italy travel blog

Who's the fool

A travel blog entry by dragonrider

Well it was our last day in Rome today and our last day with Megan and Nigel - sad face! Matt & I head off to Tuscany tomorrow and Megan and Nigel start their journey home to Aus. We really weren’t in any rush to do anything so it was nearly ...

DOMUS ROMANE DAY, Rome, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by linarogers


Not such a good night for Craig. Because I have a cold apparently I am snoring. Which means I must have spent some time sleeping in between the neighbours being noisy in the courtyard. That's unusual because it has been very quiet round here mainly. So ...

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