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Mancano due settimane, Milan, Italy travel blog

Mancano due settimane

A travel blog entry by baldolino


Per Adesso ancora a casa. I preparativi fervono, ma sembra ancora tutto cosi' lontano. Per ora ho solo lo zaino e i biglietti d'aereo. Ma va bene cosi': nessuna aspettativa, nessuna attesa, solo l'inseguimento del futuro. A presto ...

Bruce's Pick of the Day, Rome, Italy travel blog

Bruce's Pick of the Day

A travel blog entry by 5wksineurope


Here are some special pics that Bruce has called 'pick' of the day !! some lovely pics of people picking orifices etc !! charming to be sure ...

Thursday and Friday, Rome, Italy travel blog

Thursday and Friday

A travel blog entry by bruceandpaula


Thursday: The Vatican museums are are truly overwhelming. And then you arrive at the Sistine Chapel. The ceiling is certainly awesome, but I found the Last Judgement on the wall behind the altar -- frescoed by Michaelangelo years after the ceiling ...

Bologna, 3/22/11, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna, 3/22/11

A travel blog entry by starlableu


Day 2 - Quiesa/Viareggio, Lucca/Quisa, Italy travel blog

Day 2 - Quiesa/Viareggio

A travel blog entry by laughingcow


... over fifty years. We'd arranged to meet her to ask about the family tree, and why our ancestors had emmigrated from Italy to Scotland. Have a spectacular bus journey through the winding Tuscan mountain roads. Greeted off the bus, and kissed on both ...

The First Leg of Kid Puggy's Road Trip, Padova, Italy travel blog

The First Leg of Kid Puggy's Road Trip

A travel blog entry by sethandholly


... the following day we walked the city with Daniele, Enrico, and their girlfriends Vicky and Barbara.  They showed us Italy's second oldest university (founded in the 1200's) and the world's second largest open square (Red Square being the ...

The Banana Mountain Experience, La Villa, Italy travel blog

The Banana Mountain Experience

A travel blog entry by sethandholly


After our tour of Padova, Daniele, Vicky, Enrico, Holly, and I dropped Barbara off at the train station.  She headed back to Bologna to continue her chemistry research at the university.  We drove north two and a half hours to the center of the ...

Walking along the coast, Manarola, Italy travel blog

Walking along the coast

A travel blog entry by canadianmom


We woke up naturally this morning.  I could hear birds singing and a chicken in the background which reminded me of home.  It was another absolutely lovely and at times brutally sunny day.    We took our showers, Mom had tea ...

Two days was enough., Venice, Italy travel blog

Two days was enough.

A travel blog entry by brandonandryan

... like it was too much. Keep in mind that we havebeen to or are going to a lot of the major museums in France and Italy so weweren’t really interested in seeing too many more. We did go to St Marco’sBasillica and it was stunning. Actually we ...

Day 4 - Losing ourselves in Rome, Rome, Italy travel blog

Day 4 - Losing ourselves in Rome

A travel blog entry by bruce-michele


Today we found ourselves in the Jewish Ghetto, where we had a wonderful lunch - roasted Artichokes, spaghetti (of course) and coffee (of course again).  We found amercing ourselves in another culture, ordering lunch without any English ...

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