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Day 49, 50 - Sad Goodbyes, Venice, Italy travel blog

Day 49, 50 - Sad Goodbyes

A travel blog entry by abs08


We had made it to Venice and immediately I felt a little more comfortable with signs and language being somewhat familiar. My minimal Spanish vocabulary helped me make sense of several Italian words and suddenly I felt very cultured and European! Eastern ...

Driving, Biking, and Climbing Tuscany, Pisa, Italy travel blog

Driving, Biking, and Climbing Tuscany

A travel blog entry by pomeroys


Today we had to say goodbye to our castle hotel and get on the road to Cinque Terre. On our way we stopped at Lucca and Pisa. At Lucca, we rented bikes and biked on top of the medieval wall that was built in the 1500's! It is about 40 ft wide and now a ...

They sin to be holy, Roma, Italy travel blog

They sin to be holy

A travel blog entry by karl_lesly


... something altogether different!!!  (Sinning to be holy).  As you can imagine, the folks from New Jersey, who were in Italy for the very first time, didn’t understand and were not impressed with this kind of behavior. Anyway, we finally ...

Exploring Florence, Florence, Italy travel blog

Exploring Florence

A travel blog entry by steveandkat


... had actually gotten. I have realized that there are different kinds of cold; back home we have a very dry and extreme cold, but here in Italy they have mild wet colds. I have no idea why, but for some reason, I can withstand a dry cold much better than a ...

A Wee Bit of Florence, Pisa and Lucca, , Pisa, , Italy travel blog

A Wee Bit of Florence, Pisa and Lucca,

A travel blog entry by benitalutz


... , in Florence. Enjoying a sunset by the river overlooking a bridge and the locals enjoying what is to be appricated here in Italy.. Salute! On Thursday September 24th another Aussie girl I met Leonie, was going to Pisa and Lucca, she had told me about the ...

Not a dead body in sight, Cortona, Italy travel blog

Not a dead body in sight

A travel blog entry by oclc


So Millo didn't go to school again today. Ahh the joy of a day filled with an ill, and thus whiney, three year old... Still, we made the best of it. I did so by spending the majority of the morning sniffing paint fumes (not entirely to escape Camillo. ...

Arrival, Catania, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by bj_oysterworld

Arrived today to find Catania baking in glorious sunshine after a fantastic jorney in the lap of BA luxury... I just may fly business class more often if I can possibly afford it! Free wine, champagne, good food... What more can you ask? And the ...

The leaning tower, Pisa, Italy travel blog

The leaning tower

A travel blog entry by colin_tameka


Hey all, Well today we left Venice and headed to Florence. After arriving at our Campsite we dumped our bags and headed to Pisa on the train. (yes we are camping, it is more like staying in camper trailer. Its a canvas tent with a hard floor and ...

"Ahh, Venice." -Indiana Jones

A travel blog entry by drzao

Coming ...

One order of penis pasta, please...., Positano, Italy travel blog

One order of penis pasta, please....

A travel blog entry by lindalequesne


... and winding their way around people as they went about their day.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of scooters in Italy.  This is a good thing, but they are incredibly noisy and it gets on one's nerves after awhile.   From ...

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