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Chillin' on the Italian Riviera, Laigueglia, Italy travel blog

Chillin' on the Italian Riviera

A travel blog entry by darrenhough74

This is a top pick!

A short drive from Riva Ligure and we arrived at Laigueglia which is the start of the Italian Riveria.  This village not as touristy as its neighbours suited us fine and we felt even more welcome when we popped into a local cafe for a cupuccio and ...

Siena day trip, Siena, Italy travel blog

Siena day trip

A travel blog entry by richlum

Siena photos here: Thursday caught a bus to Siena with Nonie and Kerrin. The Duomo there is one of the best and most beautiful churches I've seen inside and out - and I've ...

More Sites to See in Milan, Milan, Italy travel blog

More Sites to See in Milan

A travel blog entry by dackland


... .  Over the next 200 years, the collection grew to take in some of the best Renaissance-era painting from northern Italy.  I really enjoyed the Canalettos - Venice Canal paintings, also the Francesco Hayez's "The Kiss".  The only Caravaggio ...

The Greatest Work of Art Ever?, Milan, Italy travel blog

The Greatest Work of Art Ever?

A travel blog entry by dackland


Despite another rainy day our excitement was not dampened as we were off to see the world's greatest masterpiece by arguably the greatest genius in history.  Like Leonardo da Vinci, his greatest painting was flawed from the beginning.  It took ...

Lovely scenery and pizza, Amalfi, Italy travel blog

Lovely scenery and pizza

A travel blog entry by beckandbill

Beck: Howdy all! Sorry about the briefness of the last entry, but this one might end up that way too since our hostel offers free internet but there's only one computer. Bugger. Anyway, the Amalfi coast is lovely. We've been taking it pretty damn easy ...

Bulls testicles and chocolate at Eataly, Rome, Italy travel blog

Bulls testicles and chocolate at Eataly

A travel blog entry by matandali


... Rome (Giolitti, which we will check out on Thursday) and a four-storey food hall called 'Eataly' where the best of Italy's produce is showcased in a combination of market stalls and restaurants. Waking early on Tuesday morning, we started the day with ...

Sorrentine Bliss, Sorrento, Italy travel blog

Sorrentine Bliss

A travel blog entry by davis2011


We slept. Our brains now work again.  Last night we forced ourselves to power through the sleepiness and stay up until a decent bedtime.  So, what's a better way to stay awake than having the best meal of your life in a fairytale town.  ...

Roaming the Empire, Rome, Italy travel blog

Roaming the Empire

A travel blog entry by travellingross


I must be one of the very few who wake up the day after a significant birthday without a hangover! Success! I was determined not to waste the last day in Istanbul with self-induced pain and my notorious post booze blues. So, Wed 11th started in Istanbul ...

Birthdays!, Prato, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by alyssa2012italy

We have had quite a few birthdays this week, betty turned 18 monday, bryce turned 19 tuesday, and travis turned 22 Wednesday! For travis's birthday we all went out to teatro, a few girls made shirts and signs - we sang and it was just a great time!  ...

Rome wasn't seen in a day (or 3) but we tried..., Rome, Italy travel blog

Rome wasn't seen in a day (or 3) but we tried...

A travel blog entry by einsinaminion


... mildly spicy sausage and mushrooms and I ate the mushrooms! Yes, I ATE the mushrooms! It was so good. The pizza was quite different in Italy than it is at home. It was easier to eat with a fork and knife than with your fingers. And the gelato!!!! We tried ...

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