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Day 01: Thursday, 19 November 2009, Padang, Indonesia travel blog

Day 01: Thursday, 19 November 2009

A travel blog entry by opheliarising


... ). I'm a little behind on posting due to(1) lack of internet @ the base camp & (2) intermittent & unreliable electricity. Indonesia is undergoing one of the worst rolling blackouts in its history, according to local print media. Hope everyone is ...

Minangkabau Maimbau, Bukittinggi, Indonesia travel blog

Minangkabau Maimbau

A travel blog entry by bmw2002bkt

... Minang.. Warms Greeting from PT.BMW2002 Tours and Travel. We are PT.BMW2002 as a travel agent in Bukittinggi, West Sumatera - Indonesia. We want give information for dear all friends with family. So,,who need holiday to West Sumatera..we will help you.. ...

Heading out of Medan, Medan, Indonesia travel blog

Heading out of Medan

A travel blog entry by sherrenka


Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world, it has a population of 242 million. Indonesia has 17,500 islands. It became independent from Holland in 1945. Medan is not a nice city, we are pleased to be leaving. We are now on our way to Bukit ...

Claires gone so Toba here we come!, Lake Toba, Indonesia travel blog

Claires gone so Toba here we come!

A travel blog entry by ladykate


 Ok, no news here we spent a week and relaxed out of the tangled hair of ...

wir sind erreichbar, Padang, Indonesia travel blog

wir sind erreichbar

A travel blog entry by dela100


Hurra wir haben Internet und zwar die speed" Variante; na ja Schneckenspeed mit Hindernissen. Und ein Handy habe wir auch - wer uns mal anrufen will (wir sind 6 Stunden vor Euch) Indonesien Vorwahl ist 0062-81266728550 also eigentlich ist vor unsere ...

Trrfd, Medan, Indonesië travel blog


A travel blog entry by familiegoossen


The cheapest way to get to Bukit Lawang from Medan is to take the public bus ( from Pinang Baris Bus Station in Medan, get a becak/taxi from the airport to this bus station ).This option will take longer and the bus will stop a lot of times. If you will ...

nias island, Nias Island, Indonesia travel blog

nias island

A travel blog entry by mrjohn


trip to nias island ...

sibolga, Sibolga, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by mrjohn


pictures of sibolga ...

Don't stay near the mosque, Medan, Indonesia travel blog

Don't stay near the mosque

A travel blog entry by danandkate

We made our stop in Medan as short and sweet as possible after learning that my friends form my travels last year, Tom and Charlie, have to work this weekend. Although i had warned Dan about the anooying Mesjid Raja mosque situated very near the general ...

The weary traveler pushes onward..., Medan, Indonesia travel blog

The weary traveler pushes onward...

A travel blog entry by olindy3


... they could dig up. A man ran down the aisle collecting the coins. As they made announcements over the loudspeakers in Bahasa Indonesia (the local language), the entire cabin erupted in an uproar of laughter, cheers and applause. This went on for about 10 ...

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