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Trippi etelaan, Padang, Indonesia travel blog

Trippi etelaan

A travel blog entry by 11kaks


Juuh... kaytiin vahan matkustelemassa. Annika kyllasty loikoilemaan tassa taydellisessa paikassa ja enhan ma viittiny sita yksin paastaa tonne matkustelemaan, niin lahdin sitten mukaan. Tarina siita, miten ei kannata tehda... Lauantai 24. tammikuuta ...

The beach is good, Sabang, Indonesia travel blog

The beach is good

A travel blog entry by griffig1

Got up and headed straight to the beach catching a motorcycle the 15km or so there. The ride was fantastic along deserted roads that hugged the land and offered views of bays and the sea. After getting dropped in Gabang I wandered along the beach which ...

Volcanoes stink of eggs and dirty rubbish., Berastagi, Indonesia travel blog

Volcanoes stink of eggs and dirty rubbish.

A travel blog entry by danandamy


... we are staying.  Our first night here the Kazakhstani team hosted a party for the other two teams - Malaysia and Indonesia which involved each team introducing themselves and singing a song from their country.  We were no exception and were ...

Welcome to the jungle, Sumatra, Indonesia travel blog

Welcome to the jungle

A travel blog entry by benandalesha


... . The first being on an island on Lake Toba and the second on a jungle trek near Katembe. Getting around Sumatra was not easy, nor pleasant. When people visit Indonesia they go to Bali (as we did the next week) because it caters to tourists with beautiful ...

Do canoes sink?, Medan, Indonesia travel blog

Do canoes sink?

A travel blog entry by yvan.huppe


We got up and had a nice breakfast and met up with Nick and Sofie at their hotel. We inquired as to the price of canoe rentals at our hotel, 10$ for a half day WHAT you say? Yea I know. We walked around for a long time and only found one other place ...

too little to go, Medan, Indonesia travel blog

too little to go

A travel blog entry by larasati.ega

i came to this city when i was in elementary school..poor me..i have nothing as a moment capture for ...

Wulkan to nasz nieostatni..., Berastagi, Indonesia travel blog

Wulkan to nasz nieostatni...

A travel blog entry by bzmot


Na wyspie ciut się spaliliśmy, bo nie było gdzie kupić kremu z filtrem (nasz był za duży na bagaż podręczny), a słońce się nie cackało. Z miłą chęcią więc ...

Padang, Padang, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by kel00

Padang - West ...

rauf auf den vulkan, Berastagi, Indonesia travel blog

rauf auf den vulkan

A travel blog entry by madstef55


Fishing and Relaxing..., Batam, Indonesia travel blog

Fishing and Relaxing...

A travel blog entry by zsiti

its like the upteenth time that i go to the Kelong and i only want to tag this place once for now...hahah links to click below: 1: 2: peace: ...

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